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Weeks/Days along: 11w, 4d
Appointments: None imminent, only had initial u/s so far
Symptoms: NAUSEA & VOMMING every day since about week 5. This coupled with my food aversions and decreased appetite have resulted in me losing 15lbs since I confirmed. I've had some dizziness and also lots of fatigue in the past couple of weeks - sleeping 10 hrs and still needing an hr's nap in the afternoon? C'mon son!
Food: Well recently only bland foods were acceptable, or meal replacement type shakes. This week I've started to desire some 'real foods' to my surprise and delight, no more boiled potatoes!
Exercise: Who has energy for that??! Lol. Not me! Not yet anyway. I look forward to some gentle walking and beyond once the fatigue lets up.
Body changes and other milestones: Boobs are up one cup size (welcome change), but other than that there are no physical giveaways as to my 'delicate state'.
Thoughts: Thankful that DH has come around to the idea of us starting a family - his level of anxiety was rather disconcerting at first, due to our finances right now, but I believe that God will provide, as He's chosen to give us this blessing. Thankful for this board (first post whoo hoo) as I have not told any people and am in a new city.
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Originally Posted by Just1More View Post

Janelle- What about sucking on hard candy, or chewing gum?  Fulfills the "something in the mouth" thing, but with hardly any calories.  And water with lemon might help the need to have something besides water?

Very good ideas, butttt... I tried the hard candy, 2 kinds actually.  And for some weird reason, it made my tongue hurt!!  Like, I don't get it.  I tried jolly ranchers and the stuff from motherhood.  I have had jolly ranchers before and my tongue never hurt but maybe it's cuz I was sucking ont hem a lot more than normal?  My tongue would be sore the next day, it was the weirdest thing.


And I hate lemon water :(  I wish I didn't but I absolutely hate it, always have.

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Welcome Choco Mom!  Sorry to hear about the bad m/s.  I hope it gets better soon!

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Originally Posted by janellodyView Post



And I hate lemon water :(  I wish I didn't but I absolutely hate it, always have.


Yeah, me, too.  But, it was worth a shot. :)


Hi Choco Mom!


As for me...I am so. tired.  I think I say this every time I post.  Sorry.  Last night wound up being a 2 hour chunk, and a 1 hour chunk, with 3 constantly interrupted hours in the middle.  I was up late because dh had to work really late, and then wanted to chat when he got home.  This morning started at 6:30a.  Sigh.  I was reasonably nice to the kids all morning, but now 2 are watching a movie, one is reading, and the baby is asleep.  I'm laying down for a few minutes to try to get enough energy to get through the lunchtime routine.  Pacing.  It's all about pacing.  I remembered that yesterday when dh wasn't going to be home to help in the evening.  So, every now and then, I'd sneak off and lay down for 30 minutes or so to get a burst for the next few hours.  I have to say though, I'm actually pretty impressed with me.  I mean, I'm surviving on very little sleep, AND I'm almost 13 weeks pg.  That's saying something at least.


And, I just burned myself on our woodstove.  The top edge of it seared a line about 2 inches long across the top of my arm.  I've got it covered in mustard and guaze and it feels some better.  Yikes!


The day is good, though.  It's just life, you know?  And that's good.  The day in and day out is comforting in a way, and I know when I am old I will look back happily on these days.  Actually, I look back on the last few years happily already.  So, all this is just more memories. 


So, how's your day going?


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Name: Meredith

Weeks/Days along: 13 weeks 2 days

Appointments: Next one is 11-28

Symptoms: sleepy. I look terrible. Acne still, ugh! and my nipples have suddenly gotten really sore again. That was my first symptom, and then it went away, and now its back. 

Food: If it is sugary and loaded with calories, I want it! I did make pot roast last night though, which was awesome.

Exercise: I walk up and down the halls at work to pick up students. Does that count?

Body changes and other milestones: Huge preggo belly. Huge. Still jiggly, but I can easily achieve that round belly look with a supportive pair of maternity pants. 

Thoughts: I need new shoes. I always wear heels to work, but as I get bigger, I probably should switch to comfy flats. I just don't have any that I like. Time to go shopping I guess!

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Meredith - I just picked up some really cute flats from DSW which are by Dr Scholls, so they actually have some decent support. I realized walking home from work that all of my shoes just about kill me. 

They're these here, they were about $50 at DSW.

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KM, those are super cute! I love the button. They would be perfect for work too!

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Just1More- dehydrated. I think you nailed it. I've been realizing lately that I'm not drinking enough. I drink 2 bottles of water (equal to about 20 oz?),  a cup of coffee, and a cup of tea. That's not enough. Even before I got pregnant I was drinking 3-4 bottles of water plus extra in tea, etc. I'm just COLD all the time now so drinking cold anything is terrible and my herbal tea is too hot and then I forget about it and it's too cold so I warm it and it's too hot then I forget about it- repeat incessantly. I also need to pee a lot- every time I get a BH  I need to pee, and I'm feeling bladder pressure all the time. No urgency, just a sort of "I think i need to pee" feeling ALL the time. Makes it hard to guzzle back that extra bottle of water for some reason. Need to work on that.


And your day sounded... well, honestly, sounded wonderful! It sounded like a peaceful day, minus the burn (ouch!) Reading, naping, quiet time.... I'm probably reading it all wrong, though, right?


Choco- welcome! Glad to hear you're starting to feel some improvements :)


Jannelody- hurts how? Like you burned it, or like little bumps on your tongue? Or like you exercised too much and your muscles are just worn out? Burned it, for me = too many fake chemicals in the candy. Bumps on my tongue mean too much sugar in one go, or I'm eating too many of them. The last one... Uh... how hard are you sucking? Lol. I get that sometimes with certain foods that get stuck in my teeth a lot, my tongue gets all worn out, lol. I've been eating some candies from my work recently to help with metal-mouth (bleh!). They're made with organic cane syrup and brown rice syrup with natural food coloring and fruit juice flavors etc. I eat them sparingly to avoid the sugar overload but they don't hurt my tongue at all. I'm scared of Jolly Ranchers now- whenever I eat the green ones, I can't breath. Seriously can't breathe. So now I just avoid them altogether, not sure what's in them but it scares me! 


Meredith- I want pot roast! But I can't cook it to save my life. I've tried it a hundred different ways and it's always shoe leather. I give up. I could kill for some pot roast with tons of horseradish and thick, dark gravy. And seafood- which I normally hate- looks mouthwatering right now. Which is weird because my fish oil supplement is giving me fish-burps and it's super gross.


I think I really, actually, for real need maternity pants. The pants that used to fit me last week are now snug enough that my belly pushes them down, down, down and when I yank them up it hurts my stomach. Hrmph :/ Unfortunately, don't have any or any money for some or any time to buy thrift store pants to make my own so it'll have to do. Time for an elastic band, me thinks.








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Thanks shastalily!

Hey Just1More! If you have any aloe vera gel or a plant in the house, it'll help help your burn speedily also.

Today is the first day I've not worshipped at the porcelain throne ladies! Yayyyyy! smile.gif
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Thanks for the welcome Astraia!
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Astraia - it's kinda like I burned it and it's kinda bumpy, I think.  It's really weird.  The thing is I have had jolly ranchers many times in my life and never had this happen, so I am super confused.  Anyway as soon as I stopped it went away. 

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Name: maryam

Weeks/Days along: just about 15w

Appointments: midwives on monday

Symptoms: lots of hunger, still lots of acne, some hypersensitivity to smells still. nausea is gone.

Food: trying really hard to get vegetables in. life is pretty hectic right now and it's hard to cook. I'm not eating nearly as well as I was before pregnancy.

Exercise: not much at all. I think the lack of movement is making it hard to deal with stress.

Body changes and other milestones: belly is growing! it's still a pretty small bump. the other day I noticed that people were opening doors for me (even female undergraduates) and looking at my abdomen, so I guess I'm showing now. my breasts are actually getting bigger, which is scary. I've grown three cup sizes so far. I was looking at my old bras and old shirts and thinking how it's possible that I was that tiny just a few months ago (and I didn't feel small then). I haven't wanted to know my weight until the end, but I came across it in records of my OB prenatal visits and I haven't gained a pound. it's weird, because my thighs are a lot bigger too. maybe I'm just losing muscle.




my husband and I lost one of our dearest companion animals yesterday, and we're not doing so well. she was an important part of our family and it's hard to believe that I'll never see her again. I was so looking forward to introducing her to the new baby in May. it breaks my heart.


we're also moving tomorrow. I'm pretty stressed about this. my husband is mega stressed. I know we'll get through it, and this will be our last move for years and years, so we don't have to do it again anytime soon. we've moved five times in the last three years and it's just getting old. Nesting kicked in a couple days ago and I'm looking forward to having the space to do that.

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Maryamrose, I'm very sorry to hear about your little companion animal. I know how dear those little furry friends can be to us. Heal well...((Hugs))


Just1more - I worry about burning myself on our wood stove all the time. I am also worried about how to keep a baby away from it and safe when it is in use. We live in a 100 year old house and it is our only source of heat. I hope you feel better.


Janelleody - Hang in there. With my first M/S lasted until about 20 weeks and then disappeared. It was such a relief. The smell thing is strong through pregnancy but the nausea that follows the strong smells is not so pronounced by the time you  get further along - I think.


Midweek update for me haha -

Called the midwife on Monday, she is going to call me back next Monday to make an appointment for that week. So, I'll be 15 or 16 weeks and get to hear the heartbeat and have my first midwife appointment! LOL Kudos to me for not getting impatient in the last 6 weeks. Usually I would have rented a doppler by now. ;)

The BIG gender detection U/S appointment has been scheduled for November 30th  energy.gif


lol I am really excited - we are doing it through one of those strip mall u/s places like Fetal Fotos. It cost $50 and guarantees after 17 weeks they can detect the gender, so husband and I figured we'd go ahead and make a date of it. We have to make a 2 hour trip, so we'll take the kids, get the u/s, have lunch and rejoice. :)


For the record, I totally expect a boy.


In other news, we are now the proud grandparents of two bunny rabbits: Pooper and Mr. Cutie Patootie.



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I haven't posted here in a few weeks, mostly because I post from my iphone (the only internet I have at the moment) and it's a pain in the butt - but I've been reading!
Name: Lightheartedmom
Weeks/Days: 12w6days!! smile.gif
Appointments: next appt is Dec. 2 and then on the 7th I start group prenatal care.
I'm super excited about that. My mw group offers once-monthly 2 hr sessions for small groups
of moms all due in the same month. So it's like a due date club, but in real life,
with midwife care (dopplers, tests, etc) and mom friends. Over the last few years, almost
all my local friends have moved out of the area and so I'm really looking forward
to maybe making some friends and having a support group of other women. Plus,
I love the idea of group prenatal care. I've had two babies already and it seems like
it would be really cool to share experiences with other women and if even one first time
mom can hear from other moms like me that their first birth doesn't have to be a guinea
pig experience, that they can have an empowering, amazing, natural birth, I'm totally onboard
with that.
Symptoms: Mostly gone, which feels weird. I'm still super tired (and my kids have been so lovely, they decided now was a good time to start getting up at 7:30 instead of 8:30 every morning. Oh, and the 2 year old refuses to nap most days too!). When my bladder gets full (like five times a night) it is painful - it feels like my uterus is crushing it to the point that it might explode. Other than that, nausea is almost entirely gone unless I go for too long without food or am really tired. I finally got some new vitamins with iron and I think that's made  a big difference in my energy levels.
Food: My appetite has returned, but I still am mostly sugar-averse. Except for the pumpkin bread I've been making every few days with DD1. I am so in love with fall right now.
This baby was a strict vegetarian for weeks but now he/she is letting me eat a little meat. I have cravings for vegetables and dairy - especially sour cream, which I don't eat. Last night I had a dream about tomatoes.
Exercise: I've been trying to take longer walks with the girls at least every other day. As my energy levels improve, I'll start trying yoga maybe.
Milestones: I HEARD THE HEARTBEAT last Thursday and finally breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. It feels like the first twelve weeks of pregnancy almost didn't count because as much as I tried to push down the anxiety and be positive, I was so scared. And now that we're past the first trimester, it's finally setting in that we're actually having a baby.
My pants are getting hard to button and even though I lost 10lbs in the beginning and haven't put more than 1 lb back on (which makes me only 25lbs overweight instead of 35) my midsection is pretty puffy. We haven't told any family yet, including the relative with whom we currently live so I've been trying to keep the bump concealed but I think it's going to be pretty impossible in a matter of days. I saw her glancing at my belly a few times the other day so...ugh.
I ocassionally feel flutters that feel so much like baby movement, but I don't know yet.
Thoughts: SO many. Can't type them all up and they usually go through my head at such a rapid pace, it's hard to keep up. This pregnancy feels so different on so many levels. I feel more womanly than I ever did with the girls, I guess prettier...I'm SUPER emotional. ME! I'm the girl who can count on one hand how many times I've cried in the last seven years, I have been crying like every day. Especially...uh...after...with DH. It's been amazing lately (it's always been amazing, but lately...wow)...but...yeah...crying. Super romantic, right? I routinely have inappropriate dreams about men, which is especially strange because, it's not like I'm deprived in that department and...when I was pregnant with the girls, my inappropriate dreams were all about women. So, all those things together, I'm thinking this has to be a boy. Plus all the unusual food aversions/cravings, and especially the meat thing - I have NEVER been a vegetarian but for at least a month, I couldn't even think about meat.
We haven't told our families yet and I'm dreading that. I feel like this pregnancy is so special and sacred - especially after three losses (my family only knows about one of those losses and DH's family only knows about the first two) - I feel a strong need to protect the beauty of carrying this baby. And given that our families haven't been very helpful or supportive of us recently and our material circumstances are...lacking?..at the moment, I'm worried that all we'll get is disapproving looks and judgement and the gossip. I hate family gossip and it's already been running at full tilt lately. It's silly for me to walk around with a big belly and deny I'm pregnant (ahem...Jessica Simpson?) and I have no intention of doing so, which means we have to tell soon...but I wish I could just tune out all the Judgey McJudgersons or even...have the intestinal fortitude to tell them to shove it. :-)
For now, DH and I are treasuring this time. We haven't even told the girls (5 year olds have big mouths), so it's sort of just us (and a few of my girlfriends know) and that's special.

So...onward and upward, right? Cannot believe we're getting close to Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday and it will be small for us as usual, but I am excited about cooking and we have been having such magical fall weather - perfect for tea and pumpkin bread and knitting socks and wearing warm sweaters.
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lightheartedmom- I love long chatty posts!  Thanks for that!  I am feeling the same way about this baby and pregnancy.  I just want it to be me and my baby.  I don't want people telling me I can't lift stuff or whatever, or constantly asking me how I feel.  Lol.  Last time I started asking people if they were just making small talk, or if they really wanted to know.  :)  Also, I HATE people looking my body over all the time and commenting on whatever they see...I just want to say, "Hello...if I weren't pg, you wouldn't take such liberties with your eyeballs..."  But, whatever.  Here's to a few more days of just being.


Onemore-I was pretty worried about our woodstove with dd3 (who is 13mo), but it hasn't been a problem.  We have a gate thing we put in front of it, and then surround that with a few plastic tubs.  (Full of wood...dh uses them to carry it in, and it keeps the mess off the floor).  I guess part of it is that it is SO hot down there, she doesn't want anywhere near it.  None of us do.  Today it was 80 degrees at the top of the basement stairs.  (The woodstove is in the basement).  And..the fan that pushes the hot air up wasn't even on.  Whew.  I am wearing shorts and a tank top and feel perfectly comfortable.  And I am so tempted to do the fetal foto thing.  SO tempted.  Especially with the idea of this huge move, I'd love to know if I'm dealing with pink or blue.  Dh doesn't want to know at all though...


maryamrose-I'm so so sorry about your pet.  That hits really close to home for me, and I'll pray for you.


janellody-sometimes stuff bothers me in pg that doesn't other times.  One night, with my third baby, I went to Fuddruckers and had hamburger, onion rings, and a milkshake.  By the time I got home, I was throwing up repeatedly, my heart was racing, I had hives all over, and trouble breathing.  It was crazy.  My body spent about 20 minutes ejecting all that food in all the various unpleasant ways, and I was fine.  I felt pretty weak for the next 24 hours, but that was it.  Strange how your body becomes not your own. 


Astraia-Well, all that peaceful gentle stuff is what the KIDS were doing.  I was just trying to survive.  Today my 6yo said, "You must of gotten to sleep last night.  You aren't grumpy today."  Right...


And my burn is healing great!  Mustard is amazing.  I have a charred line still, but no pain at all.  (Thanks, ChocoMom...I really should keep some aloe around here.  Or plantain.)


Today is great.  I got a lot of Christmas presents sewn this morning, and have the inspiration to do a lot more.  We're trying to keep Christmas cheap this year, but it's tough.  We have a rather large family, well, and 4 kids of our own.  Yesterday the need for that upped a bit because all 3 of our vehicles need immediate work, and our dog needs eye surgery.  That means we are now down by...datada...$4000.  Ouch.  So, I'm raiding my stash of fabric and craft supplies and making stuff with what we already have. 

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Lighthearted- I also like long chatty posts :) It was nice to see all your updates! I also feel much differently about this pregnancy. I have no interest in knowing if baby is "healthy," don't really care at all about my ultrasound, don't want to talk about it too much I just want to enjoy it and relax into it and get all this baby bonding stuff figured out. I really feel like this pregnancy is a beautiful, perfect, wonderful thing and like talking it out and discussing my symptoms or how I'll cope with THREE WHOLE KIDS is almost... I don't know... tarnishing that? It feels/ sounds sort of stupid, even to me, but that's how I'm feeling (and I admit, sometimes I panic about the three kid thing, too!)


I'm also very emotional. Unfortunately whenever I feel sad/stressed/rushed/whatever I sort of automatically convert it into anger. Not sure why. So I got into work yesterday to find they'd moved my cubby- my memo box, not box, whatever you call it- and some new person I don't care about had my cubby and my new cubby was so high up I couldn't even reach into it (WTH?) And I started to cry a little bit (normal reaction these days) and then as soon as I felt tears start I just switched it into anger and went and complained to someone in management who gave me some lame excuse about alphabetizing. Wish I could figure out how to switch that anger off, because it definitely comes out on the kids as well, way too often :(


Just1- I ended up really irritated with someone at work who commented on my belly and also very irritated with people who tell me what i can/can't do or ask a thousand times if I'm REALLY sure I'm okay with dusting that shelf, it's not too much reaching? (for goodness sakes!)

And yes, kids being quiet is good. I'm sort of understanding now, because I'm again in the midst of my mid-afternoon slump. N is playing quietly with playmobile (just asked for more for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa, she loves it!) and O just woke up from his nap, and I was all like, "yeah, I'll get so much done!" Erm, no. Them sitting quietly makes me feel even more exhausted. Keeping my eyes open is about all I can manage.


I use egg white for burns. It's pretty amazing, I find! Never heard of using mustard...well, and I hate mustard so I never have it in the house!


Maryamrose- sorry about your furbaby. It must be so hard to deal with when you're also in the midst of moving, it's hard to grieve properly with a thousand things to get done.

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Name: Lindsay

Weeks/Days along: 13 Weeks 3 Days

Appointments: Next one at 15 weeks and 1 Day

Symptoms: Very little... lower back ache, constipation thanks to my new iron pills (which are brand new on the market and are supposed to be an exact replica of the brand that I LOVE), still tired but just a little bit more than normal "mom of 2 young kids" tired, mild nausea later at night. I am also peeing non stop. I thought that it was supposed to let up a bit. I am up peeing 4 times a night.

Food: I have an aversion to Nutella and that is making me sad. I am craving grilled cheese and tomato soup. I HATE grilled cheese... I am so craving mac and cheese which I also hate. I made chicken and dumplings other night. I have never had it before (not too common in Ontario Canada) but it was pretty darn good. Carbs and starches and warm and filling. I don't have a huge appetite right now and I am thankful for that. I gained 65 lbs with my other two pregnancies so I am not pigging out this time. I am still drinking a ton of ice water and I am loving grapes. I am starving at this very moment because it is 3:40pm and all I have eaten is a donut (after a long morning out at appointments with my other kids).

Exercise: hahahahaha. I am constantly moving... that seems to help a bit.

Body changes and other milestones: My boobs have shrunk a bit and my belly is getting bigger. In maternity pants, it is quite the nice round baby bump but when it's left hanging all alone, its still pretty soft. My skin has broken out... it was clearer than ever for a couple of weeks and now it's broken out again.

Thoughts: I am feeling pretty darn good and I am very thankful for that. I have noticed that I am being quite judgemental and negative lately. I am kind of bitchy. I am not being this way to my family at all but just in general about everything that I am seeing on tv or facebook etc... I am not liking that about myself right now. I want to know what the gender is so bad. I am not buying anything until I know the gender and I have trouble bonding with the baby until I know the gender. I think that I am feeling the odd movement now but maybe not... who knows? I felt my first at 18 weeks and she was fully kicking at that point. I felt my second around 17 weeks- I don't remember what his earliest movements felt like. I don't quite feel pregnant yet and I am at the place that I always get to around this time which is that I don't think that I am pregnant anymore. I hate this feeling. I am looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again at 15 weeks. My official guess is girl right now and my husband thinks it a boy- I just wanted to write that down officially:)

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Oh, crappy, now I know why I'm so tired....I had a can of coke about 2 hours ago <sigh> so this is just a MEGA sugar crash. Stupid, stupid, that's what I get!

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Maryam - So very sorry for your loss :(  That's not fun.


Onemore - Now I am jealous because my gender U/S appointment isn't until December 12 which seems WAY farther away than yours!!!  Very exciting for you though :)  I can't wait to find out what we are all having!!

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LinnieThree - I'm in that same weird place with this pregnancy.  I've even felt tiny flutters a few times but I'm just not feeling bonded with the baby yet.  I'm still in that weird phase of not feeling really pregnant, although I've had enough morning sickness to convince me.  lol  I don't usually start really bonding with the baby until I find out whether it's a boy or girl and see that everything is going well at the 20ish week ultrasound.  That and when they have stronger movements.  I bought a baby name book several weeks ago and haven't hardly cracked it open.  My mind just isn't there yet.  I have a neighbor that works in L&D at a nearby hospital and she has mentioned that she can do a quick u/s of the baby around 17 weeks to find out the gender if I want to, which is just in 2 weeks for me.  :-)  If it works out, I just may do that.  I'd like to start feeling more connected to baby.

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