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Is there still a "Mom of Many" Tribe?

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No joke, I have had 4 children in under 2 years (triplets followed by a singleton) add 1 beautiful 8 yr old and I went from being a mama of an only to being a Mom of Many very quickly.  As I manage this very busy household, I find myself wondering about the many different considerations for a large family: budgets, clothes organization, food management, menus, etc.  Is there still a moms of many tribe out there?  I have so much to learn.  Thank you.

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i miss it too help.gif

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I have 7 nut.gif.  We have lots of struggles and lots of joy.  Right now our biggest challenge is homeschooling when some of the kids have no interest whatsoever in academics.    We're very careful with money and save wherever we can.

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I don't wander to this forum much, but I know there are quite a few MoM around.

  We are going on 8 children. We definately live frugally and are pretty minimalist. I think homeschooling a group is my biggest challenge,too.I am finally(in the last few years) in a place of good organization and manage the home pretty well. The book Large Family Logistics states a lot of the same things I do(it was fun to read things I have been doing for awhile in a book.A weird validation.) I don't ascribe to all her thoughts, but it is a straightforward management book.

   I never really enjoyed meal planning, so I don't. I just keep a well stocked staple pantry and a filled deep freezer and make what I want each day.


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i liked reading large family logistics too. it's good to have ideas and not be able to make the excuse to myself that the writer doesn't know what it's like to have a larger family (only 6 here btw. we're small biggrinbounce.gif) i also read managers of their homes which gives good ideas.


we homeschool too and it is a challenge. i'm enjoying it with the little ones (9 and under) more and more, but the older 2, who are more interested in digging dirt holes when i want them to be studying, make me feel a bit praying.gif

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author on that book?  i'd like to find it at the lib.

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Thank you for the book recommendations.  Having 5 and hearing from people with 7, 8, 9 makes me feel better, although this 4 kids two years and under thing is pretty much kicking my ass.

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maybe the MsOM are too busy! lol

going on our 4th now so can I join as a prospective MOM member? I think I need to have at least 5 before becoming a card carrying member. smile.gif

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I miss the Moms of Many thread too! The suggestions for day to day life plus the shares made it so wonderful!!!

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I am finally getting back into my groove now that my littlest man is 3 months. Phew. Just in time to start the next year of school(homeschool). Trinity is starting 9th grade, Christian 8th,Gavin 6-7th,Logan 5th, Griffon 2nd, Jubilee and Pippi are doing K work together.Thankfully I am super confidant in our curriculum choices this year and am mostly trying to plan the timing of it rather than figuring out what will work per kid. I have been on top of the laundry for a while now, doing 2 loads a day every day but Sunday keeps us with a half load in the basket at any given time. I am still trying to keep the van clean...it hasn't been working so well. Jubilee and Pippi like to toss socks every time they are in their carseats. I try to stick with nice sandals but the socks are still appearing. Along with water bottles that don't ever seem to stay in the recycle bag, but roll around between the rows.The big kids like to clean it for me for $.50  so that helps.I just want it to look nicer. Maybe not like a big ole white van with 8 kids in it lol.

How is everyone else doing?

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I'm just lurking for ideas and suggestions for later whenever I have a big family in stow...


But for now, I'm just praying for more kids. praying.gif

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Keeping the car clean seems downright impossible with just my 4! I think my biggest problem is that we are always, always, always on the go. Down time is rare. It is hop in the car right now, with arm fills of gear, then when we finally get home, the baby is screaming, or older kids are getting ready to start eating the seats they are so hungry. I shovel it out once a week and that will take 2-3 laundry baskets at least. 

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I'm lurking too. My three have me pretty busy right now, but we are planning on more someday.

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Well... *ahem* I guess the kids are keeping them busy then. lol. lol.gif

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'is there still a moms of many tribe??? I need to pick  another mom's brain :D

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My favorite message board is at MOMYS.com - "Mothers of Many Young Siblings". It is a Christian site, full of awesome, helpful moms of many. Lots of new posts everyday. :)


A fun site to get sucked into is this one, where blogs belonging to Mega Families (with 7 - 54 children) are posted:

Mega-Family Blogs

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thank you zjande!

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Im a MoM wannabe. I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 month old. I am learning that I have less and less control over my "life plans" and im gaining more confidence that we can handle whatever happens and it actually is giving me enough confidence to accept however many children I am given. Do you other MoM plan your child spacing?
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We haven't, but that's because we discovered that our babies are sent just about every 2 yrs which is good for us. If I became fertile 6 weeks PP, I'd definitely practice child spacing. wink1.gif
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