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I am having four bio-children and three of my co-wife. They all range between 3+ to 8+ years. Both I and co-wife keep quite busy in minding and bringing them up. DH plans to have one each baby from us by the next year or so.. We will have to comply with his wishes. Insha Allah all would go well.


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If all of you MoM would like to have your own group I can set one up for you. It will give you forum benefits in that you can create different threads within your group rather than posting to one single thread, a listing in the Groups index, group image, sticky for resources, info, roll call etc. 


Let me know if you want to get one started. thumb.gif

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If you create one, I would join. smile.gif
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I want one, Cynthia!
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If it gets set up can you please put the link here? Thx.

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Anyone willing to volunteer to serve as a leader of the group? love.gif

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What exactly would a "leader" do and approximately how much time should it take?


I don't know how hoppin' our forum would be as there don't seem to be a tremendous number of us posting here, upsidedown.gif but I'd certainly join!

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Pretty simple. Here's the text I send leader volunteers.


Thank you for volunteering to serve as group leader. You will share the responsibilities of the group moderation with your co-leader. Should your co-leader leave the group for any reason you will need to find another group leader to take her place.


As a leader you would keep an eye on the posts and behavior of members to make sure things stay nice. If you have a problem with a member that cannot be resolved directly you have the ability to remove that member from the group. You can also take on the role of initiating discussions to keep things lively. Again, this need not be a focused task but just a bit of encouragement here and there to get discussions going, especially when your group is brand new and whenever you see activity is slow.


We may also work with you to create contests and swaps to increase participation and help make the group a fun place to be a member. :)


Another role you serve is to invite others to join. It need not be a focused task but rather as you come across members around the forums you think might be interested in joining you can let them know about the group. 


Once you join the group I will set you as group leader. Please select an image to represent the group and place it on your group landing page.


if you have any questions or problems you can contact me or AdinaL for assistance.


All the best and good luck with your group!


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I would love to join and am happy to co-lead with someone if needed..... smile.gif
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Thanks momtoafireteam! 


zjande - are you willing to serve as a coleader with momofafireteam?

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Sure, I suppose I could do that. smile.gif
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Yay! Thanks so much to both of you. smile.gif


The new Moms of Many group is here: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/52/moms-of-many


As a mom of many myself I can't wait to see it grow into a wonderful support group. love.gif

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Thanks Cynthia! :) 

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I'm curious how we go about "selecting an image" to represent our group. I've cruised around Google images a bit and have found plenty of possibilities- but what am I allowed to use?? Can I just steal a cute picture right off Google images?





Okay that last on is obviously a picture of a mouse pad, LOL.


There are plenty more fitting images but I am not computer savvie enough to figure out how to paste them here.


ANYWAY. :p Just wondering where we should be searching for an image?

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Those r all super cute pictures!
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if you have concerns about the right to use an image you find you can always contact the pic owner to ask for permission to use. Most everyone is fine with it.  smile.gif

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Hi Cynthia

I think it would be a good idea to have such a group. Being a bio-mom of 4 children and three of my co-wife women like me would have a lot to share and ask. I am sure that there would be a number of members interested in having such a forum. Can count on me to participate.


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