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RRL Tea and other tinctures

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Anyone already or planning to brew your own pregnancy tea or tinctures. Last pregnancy I brewed Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Dandelion Root and Spearmint...yummy. I would brew a pot at night enjoy one mug warm and then a glass the next day cold. In the third trimester I would finish the whole pitcher the next day cold. 


I absolutely loved it and believe it prevented PUPPS which I had in my first pregnancy. 


I've been doing the same brew randomly so far. I plan to add a few more herbs when I run out of what I have, and have to re-order.


I also want to try tinctures this time around. What do you brew? Any suggestions?

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i just brew tea. i always brew tea anyway. it is pretty much the only beverage left for me to drink. lol. 



i like rrl. i plan on picking up some nettle leaf, alfalfa and oatstraw today if they have it. i blend it all then use 3/4 cup and brew it in a gallon with boiling water. i let it steep for an hour or more. at the end of the pregnancy i will let it steep overnight. then i drink it cold from the fridge. in the first trimester i try to limit it and brew it weak. 


i also make a homemade lemon lime ade. i juice 2 lemons and 2 limes. use 1/4 tsp of pure stevia, 14 tbsp dextrose, 1/4 tsp salt, and a tbsp fruit fresh and a gallon of water. it is so yummy. i make this for our fructose intolerance and EDS. we need extra vit c but cant drink or eat fruit except lemons and limes. with the salt and dextrose it makes a gaotrade which i am finding invaluable with all the puking i have been doing.

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I will just buy the packets from the natural food section of the redrasberry leaf tea and have that starting around 20 weeks.  I am a believer of that suff.  There is another tincture I used that is a vitK drop but I don't remember what it was called.

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I buy loose nettles and RRL and make my own infusions. I have only been doing nettles so far but will add RRL after the 1st trimester. I've also been drinking a lot of hibiscus & rosehip tea with honey. I am thinking about dandelion root because I'm starting to get itchy and it was pretty bad in the 3rd trimester last pregnancy.

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you can get RRL for pretty cheap from amazon. im planning on just making my own tea later

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