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Humidifier for possible asthma

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So dd may or may not have asthma, but she has had a cough for over a month now and we can't seem to get it to go away.  The first step was allergy medication, the next step is albuterol, and then steroids.  Well, according to her ped anyway.  So we would like to get a humidifier to see if that might help before jumping to a bunch more meds, but we are unsure what to get. 


Cool mist?  Warm mist?  Any particular brands/models quieter and easier to keep clean?  I recall hating our old humidifier (that we gave away) b/c you had to soak the filter in vinegar like every week and it was so loud I couldn't sleep through it.


Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if your dd has a dust mite allergy, but if that is a possibility, I would stay away from a humidifier.

What we have done that seems to really work is putting a sodium chloride solution in my DS nebulizer. You can buy it over the counter at most pharmacies and our doc said it was a great idea for a cough (we only do it with a cough and will add in the asthma meds if needed).

Good luck, I know how frustrating it is!


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Thanks mamefati...  We did end up getting cheap warm mist humidifier to see how it worked.  The first night she didn't cough at all and didn't cough in the morning either!  The next two nights she did cough a bit in the night, but I'd say her cough has improved during the day.  So I guess it could be helping!  Our son got sick a few days ago and we bought a second one for him (they were on sale!) and I can't tell if it helps him or not, but his congestion isn't too bad considering how bad mine still is with the same cold.

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