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Funny but painful story II

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Following Chilichiki's lead here:

I'm 30 weeks along now, but HUGE as I'm carrying 3 babies -- much bigger than I was with my dd at 41 weeks -- and my belly button has popped (see pic in the Ladies who took a little bit longer to get pregnant thread). My tank tops ride up, leaving half the belly exposed all day, but I have one zipper fleece that still zips up over my girth in case I get cold or have company (not leaving the house much these days). Problem is, the belly grows on a daily basis, and one day (day-before-yesterday, to be exact, after a very early Thanksgiving celebration) the zipper didn't quite clear the outie-belly-button. You can imagine what happened. Think the first part of Something About Mary. Wow, now I know why boys prefer button flies. Before you cringe too much, I should tell you that it really was just a graze, but still enough to draw a little blood and a blood-curdling scream. Watch out for those popping belly buttons, ladies!

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GAH!  Oh god, ow ow ow ow!!!  I've got such a sensitive belly button already...  I'm hoping I get lucky and not have my belly button pop.  It didn't last pregnancy.  Here's to hoping even more, now that I heard about your story!  OW!

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I've never had a popping belly button either.  I remember desperately wanting one for my first kid and being sadly disappointed!

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Mine hasn't popped either, and after reading your story I'm beginning to think it's a good thing!  :) 

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Holy moly, that sounds very painful!!  Ouch!!  I'm really sorry that happened to you, but very glad it was just a graze!

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Ouch, ouch, ouch.

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*shudder* I'm putting a bandaid over mine if it pops out! (almost there)

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Oh no!! How awful...


My belly button didn't pop with the last one, and it doesn't look like it will with this one either. I was sort of sad to miss that part of pregnancy, but not after hearing that story!


I imagine you are overly aware of your navel now :o)

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Emaya, I popped early around 24 wks or so and now I'm smooth again. I think.


I hear you about the shirts riding up. I wear a lot of polos from the "big woman" department. Their sizes provide a lot of coverage. I sleep in my recliner because it's easier to get up rather than rolling out of bed. And plus the bed is flat and the sides of my butt and hips were getting sore. I also love sleeping on my back. 6 more weeks. I'm trying not to rush it and rather enjoy this time of peace but everyday I'm like 2 lbs heavier.

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Same here - as far as trying to enjoy the quiet and the time to read, eat, and take care of myself. Every time I find myself getting the slightest bit bored, I try to refocus and remind myself that I'll be kicking myselft for the next 5 years for not enjoying every minute of the silence and me time!

I've got 4 weeks left (until 36 weeks gestation), and I'm a side sleeper. Big body pillow and it works for about 1.5 hours until hip starts to kill. Then a painful roll over (due to PDS or PSD or whatever it's called) or up and use the bathroom, and another 1.5 hours. It works. Two naps a day help. Thank goodness I don't need to work and that my daughter loves her preschool! I can't imagine how this must have been back in the day when I would have needed to get out and milk some cows or pick some cotton or something despite being crazy triple pregnant...

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