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Getting yeast out of diapers?

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We're starting our 18-month-old on cream to clear up his yeast infection rash, but I don't know how to wash the diapers to ensure that he doesn't get reinfected from the next round of diapers. He's very sensitive and doesn't react well to bleach. Our current diaper-washing regimen is cold rinse, hot wash with detergent and white vinegar, cold rinse. Any advice is appreciated!

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I battled thrush for 2/3rd of the 30 months that I breastfed and vinegar was the key. The yeast was living on my bras, cloth pads, etc. (even after washing). Once I washed all of those in hot water and vinegar (while also on a course of medication), it was the end of the yeast infection.


My DD did not develop thrush, but my recommendation would be that you wash your DS's cloth diapers *and* if you're breastfeeding (or pumping and providing breastmilk via bottle) anything that comes into contact with your breasts in hot water and vinegar. (You probably do not need medication if you are not having symptoms yourself, but you could be passing it to your DS even if you're asymptotic.)


I also strongly recommend washing with vinegar again for a few times after the rash has cleared up just to make sure the infection/rash doesn’t restart.


I’ll be thinking of you!

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I actually just wrote a guest blog post on this. :) 




You don't necessarily have to follow all the steps, but I would go ahead and do the full protocol to make sure you get rid of it. 

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Awesome, thank you! I think we've won the battle this time, but always good to have more info on hand. Now if only I could get rid of MY yeast infection (recurring due to pregnancy), I'd be all set. :) 

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