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Faint test line

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Third test and my line is still very very faint. Second test was a little darker, but this one actually looks lighter than before. Its a different test, so maybe thats it?


Im just so paranoid...i know. But my two miscarriages were very early so until I get a nice dark line I will just keep testing!


I havent even shared the news with my husband! I want a darker line before I tell him because I know how hurt we both were by the last miscarriage. But part of me also doesnt want to miscarry and THEN tell him. Ughh.


Maybe I am testing too early?

I am a nursing momma to a 13 month old. My cycles are always 26-27 days. But maybe my ovulation was off and thats why?


Tell me something to ease my mind....



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What kind of tests are you using? The test I took (First Response Early Result) specifically says in the instructions that it doesn't matter if the line is light. And I've read in many other sources that the darkness of the line is not necessarily an indicator of hormone levels.


I had a miscarriage about two months ago, and my doctor had me monitor at  home using cheap pregnancy tests to make sure the hormone level disappeared from my body. Every day I would analyze the results -- is the line lighter than yesterday? Is the hormone leaving? One day it would be darker, the next lighter, etc. Until one day, it was gone. It didn't slowly disappear, it was there and then it wasn't.


So. If you are getting BFPs you are definitely PG, and I would not stress about the color of the dye on the test! :)

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I agree with Lindy.  A line is a line at this point and it seems like it varies more by brand than by DPO.  Good luck on a sticky July baby!  sticky.gif



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Even though this is my first time around, I think that this part of pregnancy is so hard because the only seemingly reliable gauge of what's going on inside are those tests and they can vary so much! I agree with the two ladies about, a line's a line so try not to worry about how faint or dark it is and relax (ha!) as much as possible. 


I'm so impressed that you've been able to keep this to yourself so far, but totally understand why if you think it's best for your partner. Do you think you would tell him if you miscarried? I guess it's just a matter of how you think he'd take knowing after the case, and if you'd like the support through it. I'm glad we can all be here for you to share in your excitement though!

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If the pregnancy doesn't stick around (hate all the woman-blaming terms for that!), you might consider that you'll need support from your husband. I would tell him if it were me--same reason I don't keep things under wraps for long; if it were to end, I would be devastated &need support from as many people as possible. Don't take this all on yourself, k?


Now...a line is a line is a line. Also, if you're using a different type/brand/batch/lot of tests, then the line darkness from one to another is COMPLETELY meaningless. otoh, if you want to obsessively poas, get several tests from the same batch and lot, then use fmu each day for a certain # of days and see if the line darkens. that's what I did to make sure there was an increasing amt of hCG because I can't afford ANOTHER blood test--had one to check my early progesterone level & am scared to get that bill.


So Congratulations! Now find a fun way to tell dh... :)

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I have taken 5 cheapie tests, the first one is the darkest and the last is the lightest and the middle ones vary. I just took a First Response Rapid Result and its not super dark either. I agree that a line is a line is a line...I think there are just too many variables to depend on the color of your line. :)


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I would say a line is a line and congrats! Maybe go to a clinic or your dr and hear the good news from someone else, I know that helps me to make it real. You can even get the prenatal bood work done.
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