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Do you have a baby carrier you love?

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I have always used the Moby with my little babies and it's worked great. But despite trying it every day, Luke is not warming up to it. He only tolerates it if I vacuum, and then he will fall asleep in there. :) But that doesn't help me for outings, I'd love to be able to pop him in the Moby to go in to stores or out for a walk, but he isn't happy in there when he's awake.


Do any of you have any other carriers that are working for you for this purpose? I also have a ring sling which I have liked more for wearing the baby on one hip (when they're much bigger) and a soft structured carrier which feels too big for Luke at this age, better for when their legs can stick out the sides. Somewhere I saw that someone really liked their Mei Tai and that is one I don't know much about.

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I have a Moby, a few ring slings, and an Ergo. I used the Moby for a few weeks, but lately I have been using a ring sling all the time. My daughter is getting pretty big now, and the ring sling is not comfortable for long periods anymore. I lent my Ergo to my sister, so I might have to get it back soon! That was my favorite carrier with my son.


I never tried a mei tai, but I think I would really like one. Like I really need another carrier! winky.gif

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How do you position your baby in the ring sling, and do you nurse him/her in there?  Being able to nurse easily in the carrier would be a bonus for when Luke decides he's ready to nurse, because nothing else will soothe him when that happens! :)

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I'm with bignerpie and my list of carriers.  Let see, I have 2 pouches, a bjorn style (yuck!), 2 stretchy wraps similar to the Moby, and a Mei Tai and I want a woven wrap some day.  I've heard lots of great things about the Ergo and I really love it, but I'm quite small and found it very bulky on my frame.  I've heard the Beco is better for smaller people but I just opted for the Mei Tai instead.  I love the pouches for when they're a bit older, you can put them in a hip carry and quickly get in and out of stores that way.  I love the closeness and comfort of the stretchy wraps, you tie them on so well that the weight is distributed all over, hence why I'd like a woven wrap some day, one mom said she once carried her 7 year old daughter in a woven wrap after she sprained her ankle on a hike.  The Mei Tai is a lot quicker and easier than the wrap and more structured than the pouch so I can put her in it even now.  I just have to watch when I've got her bundled up she doesn't sit as low in the Mei Tai so the head support isn't as good, but that's something I have to figure out how to do. 


Here we have a store that specializes in carriers and they even have several that you can rent to try out before buying.  They also offer classes on how to use all the different carriers and the different carries and ties and such.  My advice would be to see if there's a store like that near you and go try them out for yourself, I think everyone prefers something different so you really need to make sure it's the right one for you.

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How do you position your baby in the ring sling, and do you nurse him/her in there?  Being able to nurse easily in the carrier would be a bonus for when Luke decides he's ready to nurse, because nothing else will soothe him when that happens! :)

My babies like to be upright. I was able to nurse my son in the ring sling in a cradle hold (I guess that's what it's called?) a few times, but I'm short and large chested, and my babies are big, so it's not very easy for me. I have a hard time getting them in the right position. shrug.gif

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Nursing my little guy in a sling right now! It's getting uncomfortable because he's 13 pounds and getting bigger by the day. I put him in by putting him facing me on the opposite shoulder of where the sling is and easing him into it, it's a modified ring sling by balboa baby. Then I sorta adjust him until he feels comfy. He moves around too. Took mostly practice more than anything else--it's not natural at all like the moby wrap.

Important! To make him cozier and prop up my breast for feeding I stick an unfolded blanket in the sling with him. I am an H cup and need lots of propping! I move it to prop up my breast so my nipple's at the right height as relates to his head.

He's usually semi-upright because he breathes noisily in a laying down position and it makes me nervous.

He hangs his head out of the top of it and I adjust so it supports his neck but he can still lean his head back and it still bounces a little when I walk. He loves that! A hat on him, a big button up sweater on me that wraps around him, too, and we're ready to go! With that plus the blanket he doesn't need more than his regular cotton onesies/leggings.

Good luck, hope this makes sense!
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I mostly use my BabyHawk mei tei, I love it.  It's so comfy.  I used ring slings with my other two, but I am not very good at using one of those until babe has head control.  I also have a pouch style sling, but I haven't figured out how to use it comfortably yet.  I would definitely recommend a mei tei, and Sydney seems to really like it too.

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I LOVE my Moby. Now, having said that, I do not love having to keep Kai calm while I get it on, or while I get him settled into it. Also, there are days he is flat mad that his hands are restricted, and he screams bloody murder. Also, for the life of me I cannot figure out how to bf in the damn thing, so if he starts head bopping to the boob, I have to take him out, nurse him, and try to adjust him into it when he's done. BUT...the handful of times he has ridden in it happily, fallen asleep, and I got to use my hands...priceless, which is why I do not begrudge the $50 price tag or all of the effort we need to use it!
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thanks for all your replies!  I am going to keep trying the moby a few times a day and see if I can get Luke more used to it. He likes to push himself away from my chest with his hands and then his head goes way back and he gets mad. Hard to get him to just chill. :)  I have to figure out something soon so I can do the grocery shopping!!!


Unfortunately we don't have a shop that sells baby carriers that's close (and Luke is a carseat hater so I am not driving to Denver! ha) but I do have a friend who makes carriers, who lives close by. She is selling her Freehand mei tai so I am going to talk to her about newborn carriers and see if the Freehand might be a good investment for newborn and beyond, when the Moby isn't the best choice anymore.

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Love love love my Angel Pack!

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I have an angel pack from my daughter and tried Luke in it...he HATED it!!! Poor guy was so distressed. I know he will like it more once he can sit in the seat and stick his legs out. He didn't like having one or both legs tucked in. I have been putting him in the Moby more often and I *think* (fingers crossed) he is getting used to it and liking it more. He's having some nice quiet alert time in there, just starts to fuss when he gets tired. If he could just drop off to sleep in there that would be great but hey, this is good progress.


I used that Angel Pack almost every day with my daughter until she was about 2 or so, but I didn't get it until she was maybe 6 mos old. We both LOVED it.


I am also going to try out a friend's Freehand mei tai and see how we like that, although it seems really similar to the angel pack in structure.

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I LOVE both my Maya wrap ring sling and Beco Gemini!!! The sling was better when he was a newborn and I only use it now for short periods of time (he is now 14 1/2 lbs @ 7 weeks). The Beco Gemini is nice for long walks & he loves to sleep in both. My husband also likes the Beco better right now, Sage can either put his legs tucked in or hanging out because its gets smaller. I got a Moby as a gift and just can not figure out how to use it... I also got a Ergo as a gift that I plan to use when he's a bit bigger too. I have ben able to nurse in both. Sometimes Sage fusses a bit when I first put him in, moving around right away helps or nursing him in it (nursing him in a carrier usually puts him right to sleep). I also youtube searched nursing in baby carriers and got tons of helpful tips!! 



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I like my stretchy pouch sling for quick trips but he is getting heavy.   I use a beco right now because the infant insert lets him sit higher.  My favorite is the Ergo and can't wait to use it more regularly.  I usually have to use a paci for a minute or so when putting him in and then he calms right down...

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I think we're getting the hang of the Moby! I have started nursing him a bit before putting him in, then when he's in there he is milk drunk and passes out. :) Yesterday he slept the whole time we were in the grocery store because I nursed him in the front seat of the car in the parking lot, so I "only" had to deal with my 6 year old and my 3.5 year old, each pushing mini shopping carts. :) It was so nice to be able to relax and not race around the store! Then today I nursed him and put him in before going for a walk with my daughter, and she played at the playground for a long time while he slept. Great exercise for us too and got some sun. Yay!!!!


And Nicole, those pictures are so gorgeous! Love them. Love your little chubby boy!!

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I have been trying the sleepy wrap -- same as the moby -- with Cassidy.  She doesn't mind being in there, but only if her arms come out over the top.  I would imagine if we did that for too long of a time, her armpits would start to hurt.  She HATES having her arms tucked in down or tucked in bent.  Also, has any one else noticed with this type of wrap, spitting up? Cass spits up every time I put her in there.  am i wrapping her too closely to me?  

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