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How do you stay motivated??

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I have such a hard time staying motivated to exercise.  Arggg....


What keeps you going??  How do you stay motivated?? 


Inspire me!!  (Please!)

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The short answer is that I really only do exercise that I love and that I look forward to.


I have always loved dancing, and my time in the studio is a much-guarded and looked forward to time in my week. At this point, it's not enough to really keep me in shape (I'm going to a 2-hour jam once a week, but it usually only involves about 60-75 minutes of really active dancing). But I love every minute of it, and I keep looking for ways to build more into my life. Luckily my partner is really on board with supporting me in that.


I really enjoy dancing with my DD, too. We just put on music and dance in her room. I'm not sure it really keeps me in shape, but it can't hurt!


Commuting by bike has become a passion, and that's the thing that really keeps me in shape. It's great because I have to go where I have to go...so if I'm tired after 20 minutes, but it's a 30 minute ride, well, I just have to push through. I love getting fresh air everyday, seeing & feeling & smelling the seasonal changes, etc. And I've watched my body get stronger, I can go faster, hills are easier, etc. And I've lost lots of weight, though that has plateaued. (I am not very disciplined when it comes to food!).


As DD gets older & if/when my work life settles down (?!) I look forward to signing up for a yoga class, getting out into nature for more walks/hikes, and getting to the Y to swim more often. But for now, I'm just trying to enjoy what I can fit in, whether it's a few minutes or an hour.


Good luck!

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I sign up for running races regularly.  If I do a couple half marathons per year, I don't have to worry about watching what I eat.  When I train I mix it up with running, swimming, lifting weights, and on occasion I'll throw in a couple of videos I have at home.  When I don't have a race scheduled, I have absolutely zero motivation to workout, despite loving it once I start and once I'm done.  It's been the only way I  stay motivated. 

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If I don't work out by 8am, it aint happening! I have gotten myself into the habit of getting up at 5 am to workout (in my basement) so I can have that time to myself, listening to music I love undisturbed until my kids get up (about 7-7:30).  It gives me enough time to workout, shower and get breakfast going for the family by the time they are getting out of bed. It rejuvenates me and makes me feel I have so much more to offer my kids and the world. It's my prozac. kwim??

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I don't. I worked really hard to make it a habit. Now when I walk in the door of the gym I am immediately "in the mood" to workout & always get it done.


Anytime I am tempted to miss a workout I remember how hard it was to get into decent condition & know I don't want to repeat that experience.

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