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DTap and 3 yr old's past rxn

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Hello Dr. Sears,


Thank you for having this forum. I've read your Vaccine Book many times. When my daughter was 2 months old I started her on a modification of your modified vaccine schedule, by getting her the first DTap vaccine. She did great, no reactions. At 3 months, she received the first PC and Hib shots, and that night she reacted with hours and hours of crying. I feel there is also a connection to her sleep falling apart about 2-3 weeks after those shots (prior to that she had normal-baby sleep, with a few wakings per night; after she cried for hours to fall asleep and woke very very frequently all night). After her reaction the night of the shots, I *swore* I would never vax her again, because it scared me so much.


Now, however, I'm starting to consider doing the DTap series, primarily for the protection of any infants we may come in to contact with. I have several questions for you.


1-with her history of having a reaction to PC and Hib, do you think it is unsafe for me to get her DTap? Especially knowing that it is generally subsequent shots that cause bigger and bigger reactions...

2-does that first shot at 2 months old count towards the series still, or are we starting over? (She is currently 3 years + 3 months old)

3-Do you know of any specific things we can do before she gets a shot to help lessen the chance of reaction? (I think I've heard of administering vitamin c, but my memory is vague on that)


Thank you for your time!

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The bad reaction to HIB and PC only creates a slight risk of a similar reaction to DTaP. Not enough risk to avoid DTaP altogether. Such reactions are usually specific to a particular vaccine, NOT to vaccines in general. The 2 month dose DOES count toward the total in the series. IF you do the vaccine, I'd suggest one dose now, another dose in a few months, then take a break for a while, then do a booster around age 5. That would be 4 doses total, and that's all you need (since you'd delayed this for so long).

You can read about how to decrease reactions in the book - Vit A and C

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