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July 2012 check-ins!

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I thought it might be fun to have a get to know you thread! Want to play? We'll have more people joining us soon, too!


Why don't we all share:

1. Due date

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) (homebirth, birth center, unassisted, hospital delivery, scheduled C-section, etc.)

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you!

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I'll go first!



1. July 15th


2. This is baby #5. I have sons that are 10 and 8 and daughters that are 6 and 4. I thought we were done, but I guess not!


3. We plan to have a homebirth, after one hospital birth and three in a freestanding birth center. It's time!


4. We homeschool one of our children, two go to public school, and one is in private. Yes, it's a lot of driving in the AM. :) Obviously, there is no one size fits all when it comes to education!


Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Due Date: July 9th

Baby#: 3   Baylin (son age 5.5) Evangélina (daughter age 13 months)

Birth plans: Homebirth, unassisted (attended by a CPM, but my husband and I deliver) My last birth was a VBAC at home, so i am excited to do this again!

Interesting thing about me: I am Vice President of Maryland Families for Safe Birth, a non profit org working to pass a bill to legalize CPMs in the state of Maryland :)

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1. July 6th

2. Baby # 1 

3. Homebirth with our amazing naturopath/midwife

4. My husband and I are working on the plans to have a small homestead so we can nourish our growing family with real food--and eventually teach this little one how to get her hands dirty!

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1. Due July 12th

2. Hopefully baby #5, oldest a son 10yrs followed by 3 girls 7,4,3

3. Planning another homebirth (this would be #2 homebirth) 

4. This is my 8th pregnancy (lots of early losses), my 1st was a c-section followed by 3 amazing VBAC's with the last one being at home and was a wonderful life changing experience. Eventually I would love to venture into the world of widwivery

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Due: July 10

Baby # 3

Birth Plans: don't know.  I had an OB who was natural birth friendly who I loved and trusted, but he is no longer delivering babies.  So might go with a midwife this time, mostly planning to wait a while before deciding about this.

Interesting about me: I dunno.  I am a compulsive maker, and sew most every day, so I will probably be making lots of baby things while I wait for this little baby (or babies).


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Due: July 9
Baby #3. #1 is 5.5 #2 is 3
Plans: Hospital VBAC. New hospital, new ob/midwife practice. Had unmedicated hospital birth & c for breech.
My close friend is pregnant with her 3rd and if this all sticks, babies will be 5 months apart like my 2nd & her 1st.
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1. July 11th


2. Baby #3 - My daughters are 5 and 3.


3. Either another homebirth (weird to be in a new state and not have my midwife I used with both the girls though) or a birthing center.


4. At almost 30 years old, I decided to finally take violin lessons - something I've wanted to do for 15 years.  And I love it!

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Do you all want to make this our official roster thread?


Due June 30 (I think)

Baby #3 - DS1 2 yo, DS2 - 7 months. (We're also FP, so you'll hear about other little ones going in and out of our home) 

Would love to try for a VCA2C, but we'll see...

I was pregnant with twins last time, but lost one at 10 weeks, so I'm really....idk...excited, nervous, anxious...to see what I have this time :) 

And I really, Really, REALLY want a girl!!!


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1. EDD: July 4th 

2. Baby # 1... Wow! 

3. Home birth 


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Due: July 3rd

One son, Bowie, will be 4 in December

Homebirth, if I can talk DH into it.

I play roller derby. Well, obviously not for a while!

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1. Due date: July 12

2. Baby #3- I have a son who is almost 9 and a daughter who is 4.  We do medical foster care too so we have 3 foster daughters- 15, 4, and 17 months (and like a pp, they're always coming and going!)  We also adopted one of our foster daughters who is 8 now (she came to us at 4 days old, so she's "ours" ;)  She and my son are only 2 months apart and they were like little twinsies!  <3  So, technically this baby will be the 7th child in the house.  :)

3. Homebirth

4. I love gardening, cooking, and eating.  ;)

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1. Due date - July 2nd

2. Baby #1! 

3. Homebirth if possible. We're in New Zealand so July would be right in the middle of winter for us and I'd love to be able to have the fire roaring in the background!

4. I teach sex-ed to 13-15yr olds.....oh the stories I could tell.

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July 12

#3 (DS1 is 6.5yo; DS2 is 3.5yo)

home birth (our 2nd; DS1 was born at a freestanding birth center)

I am gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg(yolk)-free...and a bunch of other stuff. I can technically eat pork, but since DH is Muslim, I don't even though I'm an atheist; I love him that much, lol. We are a secularly homeschooling family.

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1. Due date: July 4th

2. Baby #: 1 - this is our first!  So our family includes me, my boyfriend/best friend of three years, a fluffy dog who runs the welcome committee, and a tiny cat who runs the place.  And soon a baby! joy.gif

3. Current birth plans: If all goes well, I'll be choosing between a home birth and a birth center.

4. One interesting thing:  I'm into traditional foods, and I'm trying to make this a healthy pregnancy and baby.  Luckily for me, I'm craving raw milk and chicken soup.  I could live off them 24/7.

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Hi mamas!


1. July 10

2. Hyatt Clark - almost 11 m/o

3. Homebirth #2 with our same midwife - who helps me be the strong, peaceful, pregnant and laboring mama that I want to be

4. Constantly reading... we have 80 acres that had just cows on it when I moved in with my husband. Now we have meat chickens, pigs, egg chickens, ducks - all free-range. (and of course our Border Collie and barn cats) I'm still hoping I can convince him to get a goat and cow for milk! (Have not had to buy meat in 3 years now!) I'm learning about traditional eating - but love cooking, gardening and canning... and really love the waldorf mentality of a home and child development. We love being outside... DS cries every time we take him in.

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Hi July mamas!


1. Due date: July 9th

2. Baby #: First baby for us YAY

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course): We are planning a in hospital birthing center birth with a midwife.  My goal is to go drug free with the help of meditation and yoga.

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you! I am an avid knitter who if given the choice would live on a working farm.  Since that doesn't look to be in our future we'll continue on with free range/grass fed meat; local dairy and produce and cloth diapering.  We're lucky to have the support of our families and are looking forward to our first baby!

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Estimated Due Date: July 15th

Baby #: This is our FIRST baby!!:)

Current Birth Plans: Still deciding, but most likely in a hospital with a midwife and doula.

Interesting fact: I am the owner of an elementary tutoring company and teach yoga.


Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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Hi mamas!


1. July 18th (my dh's bday)
2. I have 4 children and 3 babies in heaven.
3. I will have a homebirth as I have with all my babies except my 1st which was a csection.

4. We live a crazy life. We have crazy business' with crazy schedules. We also homeschool.

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Hi everyone!


1. Due date: July 12, 2012

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have: Baby #1, 2 kitties aged 7 months... they're pretty little, I guess cat.gif smile.gif

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) (homebirth, birth center, unassisted, hospital delivery, scheduled C-section, etc.): Hospital birth in a birthing center. I am under the care of a midwife affiliated with the hospital. At least that's what I'm planning on...

4. One interesting thing we might not know about you!: I'm 35, married for over 13 years, and thought for a long time that I didn't want kids. My DH always did, so I am excited about the pregnancy for both of us but especially for him. It's a little surreal to be here, but I appreciate the company of other women who will be having similar experiences, and it's comforting to know that many of you have been through this before. 'Cause I may have a lot of questions! lol.gif

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