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Congrats on the twins, Kinza!


And Belia, I had preterm labor with #1, and a perfectly "textbook" pregnancy with #2.  It could completely differnet this time around.  HTH.  :)


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1. Due mid July. Not exactly sure of a date yet b/c this was a rather big surprise!!  I have an ultrasound scheduled for Dec 31st and my first midwife appt on Dec 19. 


2. 17 month old, Paul  and almost 4 year old, Dante


3. Free-standing birth center with a midwife. Same place I delivered Paul. 


4. I'm currently working full-time as a paraeducator in sp ed and taking classes to get my Masters in Severe Disabilities from Johns Hopkins. Life is really BUSY right now but we're excited to welcome a new little one!!

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Hi ladies! 


1. Due July 21st-ish. 


2.  2 1/2 year old son


3. Hospital VBAC!  I had pre-eclampsia with my DS and after a 2 1/2 day induction, and a pattern of late decels culminating in three really bad ones I ended up with a c-section.  My amazing midwife was there with me the whole time (literally, she was with us the whole time and just took one short nap and a couple short breaks to eat).   She herself had a VBAC and fought so, so hard to make sure I had every chance to avoid a c-section.  Unfortunately, circumstances didn't cooperate.


4. My mom had 2 c-sections then 4 VBACs and was an ICAN member.  At least I'm well educated on VBACs. ;)

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Just found out this morning that we are having identical twins!

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Originally Posted by deborahbgkelly View Post

Just found out this morning that we are having identical twins!

Congratulations!  How exciting!


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Finally joining in now that this pregnancy is starting to feel real!



1. Guess date is July 22, based on conception/ovulation, so my "window" is mid-July to early August.

2. Baby #2 for us~our son will be 3 years and a couple of months when this babe is (hopefully) born.

3. Planning another home birth, hopefully in the same house and with the same midwife we had for DS, but we're currently living 1500 miles away so it'll be a very busy pregnancy. We're planning to move back sometime in the spring (during second trimester) to be near family again.

4. An interesting thing about me... I'm planning to become a midwife, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot from my own pregnancy this time around. The first time was magical, of course, and everything was new--this time, I hope to be a bit more analytical and even more proactive in my prenatal care than I was the first time around.

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Originally Posted by DecemberSun View Post


And Belia, I had preterm labor with #1, and a perfectly "textbook" pregnancy with #2.  It could completely differnet this time around.  HTH.  :)


Oh December..... from your lips to god's ears..... PLEASE.  praying.gif

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Originally Posted by Belia View Post

Oh December..... from your lips to god's ears..... PLEASE.  praying.gif

it's really common to have that happen.

My first was a terrible pregnancy, a month after losing a baby I get pregnant again so I'm terrified of losing him, get HG so bad I was nearly hospitalized because drugs didn't work, hospitalized at 17 weeks for placental abruption after nearly hitting a deer, on bedrest the entire second half of the pregnancy and induced due to an NST that worried my doctor (and she's a very natural minded doctor, the one who talked me into homebirthing, so I trusted if she was worried, it was necessary to induce) Had him at 40w4d

My second, I was only sick every few days, I worked throughout the pregnancy up until a month before my due date when I actually quit my job, not because it hurt me or anything but because I wanted to just relax my last month before I became a mommy of 2 and I wasn't planning on going back. Had her at 38 weeks, all natural in the hospital.


My third, I got sick, nowhere near HG but bad, about 12 weeks I started getting symptoms of SPD that progressed pretty badly but ended up being my worst complication of the entire pregnancy, had a bit of spotting at 26 weeks because I hadn't seen my fiance in about 22 weeks and we had a lot more sex than I was used to lol... ultrasound showed everything was fine but I was on "rest" for the week between the spotting and when I got home to see the doctor (I was getting married in Michigan but my insurance was only good in Illinois, we weren't too worried over it but I rested the whole time to be careful) She was born at 42 weeks, all natural at home.


Every pregnancy is different, even in the same woman. You could go with a totally uneventful pregnancy this time!

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Everyone has been added to the "Official July Roster" up to here! Contrats mamas!!


Holy Twins!! 3 sets now! :)


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1. Due date July 29

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have 3rd baby -- two boys 11 and 13 already.

3. Current birth plans -- hospital birth -- I might end up high risk because of my age (41) and high blood pressure and asthma.  I had the other two at the same hospital and it worked out fine, so hopefully everything will go well this time also.

4. One interesting thing we might not know about you! -- I work part-time as a librarian, we homeschool and this baby will be coming about 2 weeks before our 20th wedding anniversary.

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Hi everyone!
1- due date is July 7th
2-this will be baby #3 physically, but I have a stepson from my previous marriage, and will have one from my upcoming marriage, so this will be number 5 in my heart. Ages 16, 13, 5, and 2.
3- my oldest daughter was a crappy hospital birth, my youngest a life-affirming homebirth with a wonderful midwife.This one will also be a homebirth, and I haven't decided if I want outside care this time or not. I am another future midwife, and feel pretty assured of the care I can give myself. Will decide more later.
4- I love to write,  and work in the music industry.

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1. Due July 23rd


2. Due with baby #3 and I have a 5 year old son and a 3 year old


3. I plan to deliver in a hospital with no drugs. Home is not an option for health reasons, but my daughter I had without drugs (they actually placed the epidural, but it didn't have time to take effect).  Wished I'd trusted myself more and can't wait to go the next time on my own. 


4. My kids attend a montessori school.  We constantly go on "adventures" hence the name.  We love hikes, streams, mud, exploring, etc.  I live for summers now that they are in school.  Can't wait for another baby to run around.  I think my olders will be amazing siblings and the timing couldn't be more perfect.  Fingers crossed.  I love to craft when I have the time (knitting and sewing).

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1. Due date: July 20th

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have: baby #7 we have 2 angels and a 14, 13, 2 1/2 and a 1 yo all boys

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) (homebirth, birth center, unassisted, hospital delivery, scheduled C-section, etc.) hospital delivery w/doula

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you! love to sew and do many crafts

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We got to hear/see the baby today! I took a tumble and tore a ligament and sprained my knee, and since I also fell on my tummy they did an ultrasound. So in love already! DP and I were in tears. Yay for strong little heartbeats!

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Congrats tatangel19! I have my last ultrasound with the RE today. I will "graduate" to my OB and have my first appointment with him on 1/4. I am also planning to have a doula at my birth (hadn't decided for sure on that until recently).

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Ultrasound went very well! Babies each have a heartbeat of 180 and are growing right on track. We also found a membrane, so our risk just went way down!

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Also, my progesterone and estradiol levels are still good!

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^ Awesome!
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Thanks Lactomom! I forgot to post the pics :-)


9 week ultrasound.jpeg

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