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1. Due date  Mid July

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have #4  I have 3 older children, ages 8, 6 and 3. 

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) (homebirth, birth center, unassisted, hospital delivery, scheduled C-section, etc.)  Not sure yet.  My last was a very emergent c-section under general anesthesia (placental abruption).  I can't get a hospital VBAC unless I travel 2+ hours and at the moment I'm not comfortable with the idea of a homebirth because of my history.

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you!  I'm a homeschooler, a major bookworm,  and a hobbyist photographer  I'm almost 35 and have been married almost 14 years.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone here :)

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Hi all! Looking forward to getting to know you. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the chat.

1. Mid July

2. Baby 2. We lost our first at 17 weeks pregnant and my daughter is 2 and a half. I am thinking this one will be a surprise. Want to focus on the child and not the gender. I found out with our DD but got all swamped with planning and buying stuff, most of which we didn't need and I sold! So this time I think I just want to do it the old fashioned way and have a lovely surprise after the birth.

3. Planning an HBAC after an "emergency" c section with DD. Starting to look for a midwife now and want to meet a few before I decide. Had a midwife last time (that is normal in New Zealand) but wasn't happy with her.

4. I teach teen mums and am training to be a child birth educator

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1. EDD is July 4th

2. This is baby #3 for me and my husband's 1st. My children are ages 11 (ds) and 9 (dd). We co-parent them 50/50 with their father.

3. Planning a home water birth. Both of my children were born in the water at a hospital. Really looking forward to doing it at home this time.

4. I have had three miscarriages over the past year and waver between being hopeful and hopeless for this one. I am perfectly healthy, as is my dh and I never expected having a baby would be this hard. I've had to leave three ddc, so I am a little timid about stepping in here, but I need a place to chat (and whine about nausea).

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This is actually my first time posting here...eeek.


1. Due Date: July 13, 2012

2. No human children but 1 furbaby (dog) who is 1.5 yearsdog2.gif

3. Current birthplans: Not sure yet :/ This is all new to me. I do live overseas so I will be getting a midwife...very, very soon. 

4. One interesting about me?: I live in Barbados!! Hubby's work has us traveling all over the world, so this is one stop of many to come. 


Glad to find a place I can share and learn ...H&H 9!!!!

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1. Due date July 18th

2. Baby #1 pregnancy #2- we lost our first in Sept at 18 weeks.:(  Can not tell you how happy I am that I got a BFP after we got the green light to TTC again.

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) hospital birth in a birthing center

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you! met my true love late in life at age 36 (married at 39) through a mutual hobby we share, racing cars. :) won't be doing that for a while now.

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Hi Everyone...nice to 'meet' all of the July Mommas!


1.  July 16th

2.  Baby #2...our first is a two year old little girl

3.  Wanted a homebirth, but we live too far away from the town centre, so are having a hospital delivery.  (Unless I can convince my mother to let me have the baby at her house!!)

4.  I have a farm, with several horses, donkeys and chickens.  LOVE the outdoors, hence my name.... 

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1. July 5

2. This is #7 (5 at home and a SIDS baby in Heaven)

3. My last 2 were amazing homebirths, but this time I'm not in the best of health, so I'm not sure.

4. I enjoy building things with wood and would love to learn to carve too. 

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1. Due date - Sometime in early July or late June. I don't get regular periods so still trying to figure this one out. 

2. Baby #3, I have 2 daughters, 18mo and almost 3 1/2.

3. Current birth plans- I am leaning towards my first homebirth! I had a c/s, then vbac with midwives so I think to bring this full circle I will birth at home. 

4. I am a birth doula and have not previously used one for my births so I am excited to use one for this one!

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Due Date: Early July- Calculator says the 10th

Baby # 3- I've got 2 boys, 11 years and 14 months

Birth plan is still up in the air. Both were hospital. First Vaginal, second c-section because of medical condition.

I just became vegan about 3 months ago and am finding it interesting trying to relearn how to cook with the nausea. Love my green smoothies though!

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Tenatively joining...


1. My due date is July 19th when calculated from ovulation

2. Assuming all goes will, this will be our second living child.  My first pregnancy resulted in a blighted ovum, and my third was twins that were born 10 days apart at 16 and 17 weeks.  Baby A had a chorio infection, and the placentas were fused, so Baby B got infected as well. 

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course): I had a wonderful, intervention-free hospital birth with DS.  I'm using the same midwife, and plan the same thing this time around.  I have toyed with the idea of a home birth...

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you! I'm a "homesteader" on our little half-acre lot.  We have chickens, an ever-expanding garden, and I can and freeze my own produce.


Hi maxnmaizy!!  wave.gif


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1. Due date: 7/7/12

2. Baby #, 6.  Others are 7, 6, 5, 3, and 1. So far we have 4 girls and a boy.

3. Current birth plans: Will be planning my sixth c/s.

4. Almost done with our certification to be NFP (Sympto-Thermal Method) teachers!! And no NFP has not failed us! We TTC for 3 years before our first was born and were told we would never have biological kids. Boy were they wrong!!!

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Hello all - very first post here!  :)  It's great to meet you all, I am excited to have a place to share experiences as we grow these lil' ones!



1. July 9th

2. This will be my FIRST baby and pregnancy- ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, this is crazy!  lol

3. I hope to birth at a freestanding birth center in Hurst, Texas.  Never mind that it's 2.5 hours away from where we live!  There are so few places in Oklahoma that are supportive of natural birth, and I was stood up for my first appointment by the only midwife I would possibly trust in the area.  Plus, my family lives in Fort Worth.  So to Texas we will go if all goes well!  :)

4. I used to be both a cake decorator and a maker of handmade bath products on the side.  Now I am a boring old Executive Assistant, but I love my job!  I work with some of the nation's best Lupus researchers, which is awesome because my mother has lupus.  


I look forward to getting to know everyone!  :-D

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pos.gif  bigeyes.gif  dizzy.gif


I just got a BFP and am in shock! Didn't think it would ever happen. So thrilled to be here with you all!


1. July 20


2. Baby #3; my other two are almost 6 and 3.5


3. Planning another homebirth for sure. Excited to be in a state where MWs can attend HBs and my insurance will actually pay for some of it!


4. Interesting...hmm. I'm not very interesting. I'm from South Africa originally, where my family still lives. Now live in Portland, OR, where I'm an English professor.

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1. 7/4 or so

2. #3, DD 9/08 and DS 6/10

3. Plain old hospital birth. No MWs deliver in hospitals here, and I'd risk out of a HB (BP issues with both other pregnancies). No birthing centers nearby.

4. I had a breast reduction in 2005, 3 years before getting pg for the first time. It's been a big struggle nursing/pumping/supplementing my two kids. I'm now pretty educated in low-supply issues, if anyone needs any help smile.gif


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Hi everybody!


I just joined the Club an am very happy! I look forward sharing with you all the joy (and also the rest winky.gif) we´re expecting in the next months.


What a great idea to let answer everybody the same questions!


So I affiliate:


1. Due date

- 14th of July

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have

- #2, our son turns 6 in January (he doesn´t know yet)

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) (homebirth, birth center, unassisted, hospital delivery, scheduled C-section, etc.)

- I´m planning a Home Birth, but don´t know yet enough about the circumstances here, where we live. My last pregnancy and birth was in England and unfortunately it ended up by a Cesarean (although I was SO perfectly prepared to give birth even by myself! - after reading Ina May Gaskin)

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you!

- Oh yes: We moved from Germany to USA in January and although we once lived for one year in England, my English is a MESS! So, I hope, it won´t be too difficult for me to settle down and to show everybody of you enough about my kind-to-be orngbiggrin.gif - because, of course, you´re a little more shy than normal when you don´t understand everything what´s talking about.

My husband is traveling a lot. At the moment he is in Africa and so I´m by myself with this pregnancy... - but some of my friends already know. I HAD to share!!! (Hubby knows, too, of course!)

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Well... I just found out I belong here... I had my husband check the test first so he knew for sure before I did. 

So uh... baby #4, pregnancy #5 and due July 11th (originally thought 20th but miscalculated)


DS is almost 9, DD1 will be 7 a month before I'm due, DD2 just turned 1.


DD2 was a homebirth, DH is very much for making this one be a homebirth as well. Which is awesome. He's extremely supportive and when I told him for our last that I wanted a homebirth he thought for a moment and said "well that's not something you, of all people, would come up with without a whole lot of research into the safety issues, so I'll trust that it is the right choice. I still want to talk with the midwives about it." ...which he did and was only more reassured about it.


I've felt sick for about a week, this morning my mom sent me a facebook chat that said "I'm getting that feeling again... is it you?" as I discussed going to get a test with my husband. She has told me I was pregnant before I knew for every single one of my 5 pregnancies now.

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Maeryn Pearl--My MIL knows when people around her are pregnant. She knew before we told her, too; hers come to her in dreams. I think she said she usually dreams she's nursing the person who is pregnant, but this time, my younger son was nursing *her,* and it took a little bit before she figured it out because it was unusual. :D

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1. Due date July 26

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have Baby number three. My other kiddos are 4 and 2. 

3. Current birth plans (subject to change, of course) (homebirth, birth center, unassisted, hospital delivery, scheduled C-section, etc.) I'm planning my second homebirth 

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you! I'm a SAHM and part time photographer. I homeschool my kids.

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1. Due date: Not sure -- early to mid July.

2. Baby #, and ages of other little ones you might have: This is #1, if you don't count my little cat! ;)

3. Current birth plans: I have NO idea. It will be either a hospital birth or midwife homebirth, depending on costs, what we are able to do as far as insurance, etc.

4. One interesting thing we might now know about you! I'm an optician by trade, and a voracious reader, poet, and cook by hobby.

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1. Due Date: July 18

2. Baby # and ages: This is Baby #2.  #1 just turned 1!

3. Current birth plans: We used a midwife group for our first one.  We needed the OB at the end for a vacuum extraction.  But we'll go back to the midwives.  Much more autonomy there and I think I can push this one out without the assist. (now that I know what I'm doing!!)

4. One thing you might not know about me.  I'm a surgeon but believe that childbearing is a natural process not a disease state that requires medical intervention!  too many mamas get c-sect in this country!!

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