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Homebirth in Rental home??

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OK so my 4th child was a homebirth in a home that we owned. Well this go around we are in a new state and in a house we are renting and will be renting if all goes well with this pregnancy at due date time. 

What are eveyone's thoughts on birthing in a rental home? For some reason it just feels different, I guess I cause its not my home?!? Maybe this is very irrational thinking, cause the bank "technically" owned the home we were making mortgage payments to. 

Any thoughts? I had such an amazing experience with our last birth I would love a repeat...

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My homebirth with my daughter was in a rental. Doesnt matter if you own or rent. Home is what you make it. Its not a Home-you-own-birth :) If you feel that the place you call  home is a place you feel safe and comfortable and warm and filled with lots of love and bursting at the seams with warm and fuzzy family feelings....then thats where you deliver :)

We will be delivering in a rental again. But still....its home <3



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I agree, it depends on if it feels like home and if you're comfortable.  By the time I get to my due date (if all goes well), I'll be living in a rental apartment, and I'm waiting to see how I feel about the place before I decide between a home birth and a birth center.  IMO, it's a comfort thing, not a matter of who owns the place.

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I think the point about what feels most comfortable makes the most sense. For some reason, it doesn't take me very long to become familiar when I go places so I really have no issues with birthing in a "friendly" hospital. In fact, I think it might make me more comfortable to be somewhere other than home. Our home layout is not very spacious the way the l&d room where I delivered my son was. Also, we have lots of windows so it feels more like a fish bowl. (If you close all the windows shades during the day, it feels very dark.)

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My homebirths were in rentals and if this one is born at home, it will be in our rental home too (different one from last times). It's still home. If you're comfortable there, go for it. 

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Thanks ladies...I guess I was a lil irrational about thinking it would be different...afterall the bank "technically" owed our home since we had a mortgage! A homebirth it shall be, now to find a midwife in a new state?!? hmmm

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I birthed my last baby in a rental house  too. It was home. We didnt tell our landlord, none of his business.. :)

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Yes,  Two homebirths in our rental, and expecting to do a third.  

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Same here :) We've been delaying buying while our business has grown. We wanted to see where we were headed and what type of set up we would need (warehouse on our property or off-site, etc.). Also have known for sometime that we want to leave this part of the country but haven't been sure where to go. So this baby will also be born in our rental house which is fine. As much as I'd love to have our baby in our forever home, that won't happen. We are planning to move and buy property, etc. late next summer after this little bean arrives.

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We only rent because the military moves us so much. With luck, though, despite being a rental home it will be the location of birth for our sweet Mae AND now little Rowan or Riley come July.


Had no issues with it at all. When it comes down to it, this is the most "my home" house I've had since I moved out of my mothers house, the first place that I actually feel like I'm home when I pull into the driveway, rather than "I'm at my house."

I think that makes more of a difference in how I feel about doing a homebirth here than whether or not I own it.

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this one will be born in a rental home, I think home is defintely the place you call "home" whether rented or owned. As long as it's the place I feel comfortable and at ease I don't mind. My last homebirth was in a home we owned and it was pretty tough leaving the home my daughter was born in and so I expect this will be the same as we will also leave this place someday too. 

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