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Love all the baby bumps!  I need to post another photo, well I actually need to take one.  With my first I took a photo every week, and they are all developed and in a photo album!  This baby...hmmm, one a 8 weeks, one at 12 weeks, and...?  I am 16 weeks now, so I suppose I'm on the every 4 weeks plan.  :)  I'll try and post later tonight.

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18 weeks 1 day

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18 Weeks (tomorrow)

18 weeks2.JPG

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Beautiful bellies ladies :) I love this thread!

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I love LOVE looking at these photos too.  I'm so glad to see everyone's growing bellies!!!

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Well...I'm 20w2d, so I figured I better post a "half way" photo! Forgive the dirty mirror...you know how it goes with kids in the house! ACK!


photobucket-5797-1326809638820.jpg  photobucket-7552-1326809607360.jpg photobucket-5851-1326809579625.jpg 




Here's this week compared with 15 weeks....see any difference??


photobucket-7501-1326809542475.jpg photobucket-23312-1324052228951.jpg



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I feel like I'm growing really slow this time!

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Oh, I can see a difference mama, no worries.  What a great baby bump you have!!!

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Posting my first pics here. I am huge but this is normal for me lol I'm 5' 2'' with very long legs so my babies are always all out in front :-) 

This is me at 16wks

And here I am yesterday at 17wks after my 3yo decorated my belly <3

17wk sticker belly.JPG

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LUCKY!!! That's an AWESOME belly!!


Yeah, I'm a couple inches shy of six feet, so my babies have SO much room to grow UP before they have to pop OUT!

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18 weeks 4 days


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Everyone looks beautiful!


16 weeks:




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Love seeing all the bumps.  I'm quite short-torsoed and 5'2", but apparently have a TARDIS for a womb, because I'm still not showing.  I've felt the babe for a few weeks now, but no bump.  Hah!  I didn't have even a tiny bump with DS until 23w.  At 20w+ right now.

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beautiful bellies mamas. :)


I'm 5'2 also, and I feel like I'm really "out" this time, too. Esp. with #3.


everyone looks dazzling!

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I'm 5'2" too & baby has nowhere to go but straight OUT! haha.

Everybody looks wonderful! I'll get a pic up in the next week or so. I'm trying to stick to pics only every 4 weeks so I don't obsess so much about belly growth, lol.
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Hi there, the bellies are soooo pretty... congrads everyone.  I'm 22weeks and technically due June 5th but am thinking more along the lines of middle May if my other two babies are anything to go by!  here my belly...

Pregnant belly 20 weeks.JPG

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Here's me again... 16 w 4 d (a few day's ago)




Everyone's looking great!

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Here's me at 16 weeks and some days.  I'm 17 weeks now.

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So many beautiful bellies ladies!!!  I really have to get my camera out...

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