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Alice, I LOVE that photo! You look stunning!
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Beautiful Ladies!

Katididder- so awesome to have that photo during the eclipse.  The light was so cool.  I wanted to look at the sun, but we had no welding mask and sunglasses were not enough. 

Alice-this is a wonderful picture- you look like an earth goddess in this one for sure- it is a good "frameable memory"

Thank you! I love outdoor maternity pics for that reason--everyone looks so Earth Goddess/Madonna-like!


I've loved looking at everyone's pictures. I sometimes wish I had taken more progress pics but I honestly just haven't had the inclination/time/energy this time around. Second pregnancies are so different! I took belly photos at least once a month wtih my daughter.

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You women are all looking so beautiful...wow, we have come SO far!!  I loved the progression!

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I haven't posted a pic on this discussion yet, but also want to share - all of the previous pics are so cute! Loving looking at them.


Here's me at 34w last weekend.



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me at 34 weeks! 


34 weeks.jpg

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37 weeks.jpg37 weeks today...


And just for fun- Me at 37 weeks with my last pregnancy... quite a difference!!

37 weeks Jude.jpg

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You all look wonderful! I love seeing our progression, too, and all the different shapes and sizes of us makes me feel a lot better - otherwise I walk around feeling "planetary" (love that - such a perfect description!). 


So here's me at 34 weeks and some days. photo (2).JPG.


Although, tomorrow I will be 35 weeks, and just yesterday baby flipped from right posterior/transverse to anterior (I think/hope). I'm MUCH pointier today - so much so that DH noticed. And - sorry if it's TMI - I'm just positive its because of DTD last night (FINALLY, for heavens sake orngbiggrin.gif). Too funny!

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Here's me trying to be artsy...at 35 weeks.



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LOVE all the belly pics!!! I'm SO grateful to have teamed up with a local photographer to create an online photo journal of my 1st pregnancy... here's our most recent one:


Vancouver Maternity Photographer: Vairdy Photography www.vairdy.com


Photography Credit: www.vairdy.com


You can see all the photos here.


38 Weeks now! Getting really excited!!

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36 weeks now. Just hit the 9 month mark! Wow, is it getting filled up in there. He feels like he's all elbows and knees these days!

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Prenatal Coach & Redbird---------I LOVE your photos! You both look just beautiful.

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38 weeks....we take these before work so no pretty backdrops for me....


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Lovely photos ladies!!!  Kjourdan you belly is SO Cute!!!!

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my 36 week bump last week



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Here I am at 36 weeks with baby number 6! 



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One of my favs from my maternity shoot @ 35wks (sorry so small)



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Baby is still very much chillin' on the inside at 40+2 weeks.  My sweet friend totally helped me to find the celebration in STILL having a bump at this point...I love it so much!

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mudhugger - that looks absolutley amazing!!!  hope you get to meet your little one really soon.

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Haven't done one of these yet, so here we are at almost 39 weeks- haven't really gotten any bigger in the last week or so.  

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I guess this was a week or two ago?  39 weeks tomorrow, so maybe at just shy of 38?





At the end of last week...



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