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Cute bellies ladies!

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Originally Posted by katiedidder View Post

Wow! I'm kind of jealous that you ladies have bellies already :)  I'm at 11 (almost 12) weeks and there is nothing going on down there.  But, it's also my first pregnancy so I'm not expecting anything noticeable for awhile.  Any first-timers showing yet?

I'm a first timer and would say I'm showing already.  I'll try and get a picture up in the next few days.  I'm pretty tall too, about 5'7 so I feel like it's really early for me.  I'm trying eat healthy but I am SO HUNGRY all time.  And eating constantly was the only thing that kept my nausea manageable from weeks 4-9 or so.

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this is my first and im definitely showing at 10 weeks, 3 days, but it wouldn't be noticeable to any one else. i can see an obvious bulge between my pubic bone and my belly button that was not there before. DP can feel it too, it's kind of firm. he will not shut up about it being twins. every day he asks me how the twins are doing, or says "you're eating for three, you know". kinda freaks me out, cause my mom was a twin :o

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This is my first baby and I'm showing a lot!  I've gained 2lbs and i'm at 10w2d.  My due date was moved up a week, I feel like I really should be 11 weeks!!

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You are showing a lot, Lite!!!  I don't think I was showing until about 14-16 weeks with my first.

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baby #4 10 weeks, of course everyone thinks im having twins lol  i highly doubt it



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12 weeks! I'm still down 2 pounds but definitely showing a lot!

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Becoming, you look adorable!!  I'm not down any more so I look just like that too.  I'm not ready to look pregnant though and wish it would still be flat.  Haha

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I haven't been taking any bare belly pics, hasn't crossed my mind. But here's me, taken on Friday at 11 weeks.



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You look great, KS! I think all of us who have posted pics are so similar right now!

I don't do bare belly pics, but I'm going to wear the same shirt through the whole pregnancy for all my pics smile.gif
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Here's a photo from just a moment ago at 11w3d.  I'm also going to try and wear the same thing in each picture, but the shirt is a small NON maternity shirt so we'll see how long that lasts LOL

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Tenk, becoming and KSdoula---you all look so Beautiful!


Tenk, I think we are 2 days apart in EDD (I'm 12 weeks on Tues.) Still NADA for me (just slight thickening)--what's up with that!

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Aww, Tenk, I can see the beginnings of a bump for you! How exciting! I love growing while pregnant... until it gets to the point where you get the lovely swollen face & hands. But we have a long time before we have to worry about that!
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Sraplayas, well, hum, I have no idea why bellies develop the way they do.  Maybe it's just how stretched our muscles are from having babies and maybe yours were super tight after delivering your last?  I was really hoping to not show so soon.  I don't mind looking pregnant, of course, but I hate the in between stage where I just look pudgy and random ppl just think I'm over weight or have a belly.  Since I don't look pregnant to others (only us LOL)


Thanks for the vote of confidence Becoming.  It gets overwhelming when I struggle to get dressed and want to stay in sweats constantly.

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Here I am at 12 weeks.  Humbling because I looked through my belly pics from my first pregnancy and this looks like I did at 17 weeks last time!  But as my MW says, "your uterus knows what to do more immediately when it's getting the same hormone messages it did last time!"

It's also a little deceiving because of how my shirt is bunched up...it sticks out more if you can see my narrowest point.  And it's enough that I broke out a pair of maternity pants this week.


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Wow, a lot of you ladies all look super tiny to me!  Although I know I had a lot of extra fat to begin with. :) 


Here's me at 10 weeks:




I'm only wearing a (too small) sports bra, looks a little funny.

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Alright, I just scrolled up and saw Sharlla and Lite, now I don't feel like I'm the only one looking pretty pregnant.  My sister keeps trying to tell me it's twins, but I highly doubt it.  We have absolutely zero history of twins on both sides of the family. 

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yeah im in the "omg im such a fatass stage" but then this other mama on the natural birth facebook group is just as big and it's her first kid so i feel so much better

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I am REALLY going to try not to compare myself with others & worry about looking bigger than other women at my stage of pregnancy. Our bodies are all so different, and I have learned after three other pregnancies that it really doesn't matter what you gain or don't gain while pregnant, the end result is pretty much the same unless you go waaaay overboard. So I'm just trying to enjoy what will most likely be my last pregnancy without stressing over what I look like. If anyone ridicules the size of my 12-week tummy, I'll tell them I'm having quadruplets. winky.gif
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Yeah, I'm not comparing for the sake of "oh no" or something.  I just find it fascinating how different our bodies are and how different they react to pregnancy.   I like looking this pregnant, although I do think it seems really early for it.

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