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cloth diapers

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A friend recently gave me a huge pile of cloth diapers, all fitted, requiring covers.

Half of them are kushies, and the other half are Amway brand. These diapers are really weird...they sort of crunch when you feel them, because they have a layer of plastic in the diaper, between the fabric. The tag says that the plastic is a layer of pvc..

Has anyone used these before...and do they work?
I'm pretty satisfied with my simple prefolds, flats and covers method..but some AIO type dipes would be nice for day trips and babysitters etc. I might try the kushie fitteds.

I haven't used any fitted or aio diapers other than the newborn kushies AIO (which surprisingly worked really well...go figure-they don't have great reviews) and motherease fitteds with covers.


I suppose my reluctance with the Amway diapers is A: I don't want to mess with something that is going to cause a mess, and B: the PVC part. I don't know if that's something that's safe or not. I know it's between fabric layers...but still. I also have no clue how to launder them...there are no instructions on the tags.



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I've found fitted nice to contain poop. I use gmd workhorse.
Can't find anything on the away fitted, which doesn't speak well, but I would del give them a try. I like to keep back up diapers in m car, so a so-so diaper would be perfect
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The only think I know about PUL and PVC is you cannot wash with hot water or do a strip with boiling water. Other then that I do not know much. I did not want to deal with diapers that had plastic between the layers because if the diaper does not breath my girls get a rash. I agree with chel maybe keep them in the car or the diaper bag as a back up?

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I wash my PUL in hot water all the time. I had some PVC backed bibs that I washed in with our clothes (on cold or warm).


What type of fabric is around the PVC? my only concerns would be leaking and rashes. Leaking if you leave the diaper on too long or if the fabric inner and outer are made of cotton. 


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Just thought that i'd follow up-these have turned out to be terrific diapers with no leaks, really absorbent, and they dry much more quickly than I thought they would, even on a clothes line!

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corrabelle- how are you getting on?


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Good! I tried to join our ddc group that everyone moved to but haven't been approved yet..(I dont think?) I'll have to go check. How have you been? I want to see everyone's babes!!

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