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Crib tent?

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Anyone have any experience with crib tents?


I have a 2yo and 10mo old sharing a room and the 2yo has taken to crawling out of his crib.  Now, I'd deal with that if it weren't for the fact that he climbs into the baby's crib and brings in toys and such and he can be rough with him at times.


Any advice?

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We ended up using a crib tent when we discovered our son could get out - maybe 20?months. We let him watch us put it on and showed him how "cool" it was he was a big enough boy to have it...!  


Introduced it on a Friday night, after keeping him up LATE so he was really tired and didn't have any 'fight' in him, and the darkness helped too. Then, at nap time in the afternoon, talked about it again with him,calling it a "tunnel" cause he liked tunnels at that age.


He really was fine with it and enjoyed giving one last kiss before the last 10inches :-)   And giving smoootchies through the mesh in the morning.


It gave us such peace of mind, we'll definitely start to put ours on the baby's crib when he/she is 4mths old (before they're really aware of their surroundings).  Our son was really 'athletic/coordinated', but our second baby may not be and could really get hurt.


VERY IMPORTANT:  If you're child is able to take off their pants/PJs, and even MIGHT have an affinity to painting with their poo - no 2 piece PJs!!  Our son quickly received the nickname: Poo-casso!  If it happens, CLOSE the velcro tabs before washing it in the washer ;-)  


Hope that helps!


In your case, if the goal is to keep the toddler out of the baby's crib, it might be easier to use the tent on the baby's crib instead. (Maybe that's what you meant in the first place and I misunderstood...sorry)   



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Crib tents make me cringe.  They are like jail.  Move your toddler out of his crib instead to keep him from getting hurt crawling out.  That should actually help with keeping him from bothering the baby because he will have a sense of independence and will be less likely to act out.  

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I did end up getting a crib tent.  With the 2yo's personality and all he's been through moving him to a bed wasn't helping.  He and his little brother are staying with us, and I can't afford to let him continue due to a safety concern with the baby.


He loves his brother but he's just 2 so isn't always as gentle as he should be, and he's taken his diaper off before after crawling in the crib with the baby!  Ack!


I'm hoping this is the right move as safety is my number one priority at the moment.  He was very excited about the tent, as we have an actual tent set up outside that the boys play in.

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He sounds happy with it so who cares what it seems like to a grown-up who doesn't even sleep there! Sounds like you made a good choice.
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