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i started babywearing bc my babies wouldnt let me put them down anyway. i have ehlers-danlos and carrying them on hip caused me pain. i had to have my hands free to keep the other kids our of harms way. you just cant do that while holding a baby or pushing a stroller. i also love having my babies close to me and being able to breastfeed on the go. i am expecting another little miracle in june. I will definitely be babywearing again! it makes my life easier!

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I wanted to be able to keep my little one close without wearing out my arms. Within months of my child's birth, I began learning about all the amazing health benefits of babywearing for mother and baby. I really love it and so does my little one!

I liked boba on facebook.

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My son decided that he wouldn't sleep by himself, ever. So I carried him and held him for naps. 

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i don't remember making a distinct choice to babywear. i started shopping for baby carriers while i was pregnant and we (me, daddy, and baby) all love babywearing! if i could afford it, i would give a boba or wrap to every new parent i know :)

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Both of us baby-wore our daughter from infancy through toddlerhood (even now)!  It has always made her happy, kept her close, and let us keep our hands free to do other things.  We absolutely plan to baby-wear our baby that's due in February, which is why we'd love to win! 

(i liked Boba on Facebook as well)

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I decided to be a baby carrying mama when I started to think about anxiety. I am a highly anxious person, and I do not want my baby to be hardwired for stress! If I am wearing my baby, she may get startled or scared by loud noises or overstimulating surroundings, but she snuggles up and is reminded right away that she is safe. Every time I wear the baby on my chest, I feel like I'm sending her the message that I will always protect her and there is nothing to worry about!!!

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There are a myriad of biological and developmental reasons to babywear, but for me Its plain and simple--I waited a long time to become a mama and I want to keep my baby close!  

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Baby wearing is best for baby.  With twins that turned 1 just today and an 18 day old newborn it's also a necessity!!!thumbsup.gif

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I wore DD1 because I just always wanted to hold her and be close. Now, having a new one, I love baby wearing even more because I can be hands free and still play with dolls, and color and even make sandwiches! :)

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Hello! I liked Boba on my facebook page. I have 2 children. Sure would love a Boba!

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I came to know about babywearing somewhat by chance. I loved the idea of having my little ones close to me, and was frustrated with the cheap ineffective carriers I had tried. I went from researching, to babywearing constantly, to teaching other parents to wear their little ones.

I work as a doula, and also as a babywearing instructor helping other parents learn the benefits of babywearing. I loan out my carriers to new parents to try, and would LOVE to add a BOBA to my collection! I am an especially big advocate of wearing older children, and love that the BOBA can be used for such a long time. The importance of being close to mama and daddy doesn't stop just because a child can walk, and in fact wearing older children can help resolve many "behavior" issues parents are struggling with.

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We were babywearers from day one. It just didn't feel right to have the baby away from us and short of carrying him everywhere we had to find a way to make it work. I was fortunate to have a moby, then I made a Mai tei, Then recently bought our first Boba. I really would love the pack or the new boba. I can't believe how much more comfortable and easy the Boba is compared to my Mai Tei. I was put off initially by the cost, but sitting the baby in a stroller felt so distant and wrong. Also, babywearing has become such a great parenting tool for us now with a toddler. It gives me time while allowing life to get done, cuts down on tantrums and I think recenters us all.


I get so sad seeing babies in strollers now, baby wearing just makes so much more sense to us.

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My 2 year old daughter and I are very attached to eachother. And I know that should seem obvious since I'm a mama and I love my little one, but I cannot get enough of snuggling and being close to her, and much of the time she feels the same way. Since the day she was born she voiced her discomfort and despair at not being near me. I had a hospital birth - which I didn't want, but I was uneducated regarding home-births and midwives and just did what I thought I was "supposed" to do. I was so tired - no exhausted - that I let the nurses keep taking Maya back to the nursery, instead of trying to put her in bed with (or at least very near to) me to see if it would soothe her.


Once we discovered that keeping her close to us so that she could smell our scent and touch our skin actually quieted her and made her feel secure, we found the peace and ability to function (mostly) that we had been desperately seeking for months! I began babywearing very soon after that and loved it - and so did Maya. I managed to get housework and grocery shopping done, we could take walks without putting her in a stroller, and when it was time to nurse it was so convenient to have her right there at breast-level!


We have since outgrown the carrier we did have, and Maya and I still love to be close to one another. And we still nurse often enough that a new carrier would be extremely helpful and much loved! Not only that, but my husband likes to be close to her too, and after sustaining a severe back injury a few years ago, he finds it hard to use "less-ergonomic" carriers that pull down on his shoulders and puts strain on his back. I think the Boba could be perfect for all of our needs (plus they're beautiful to boot)!   

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It felt the most natural and safe. Plus I loved having them close, feeling our breathing together:)

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It felt natural and safe. Plus I loved having them so close and feeling our breathing together. Also great for nursing:)

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I am going to tell you that I am a bit worried because I am not an amazing writer as some of these creative mothers are. I will just begin by telling you that it just feels...natural. I have 4 children and have always carried them. It have pleased both mother and child to be so close. There are vast paybacks for wearing your child.


I discovered many immediate benefits like accessible nursing, not having to tote around a stroller, bonding with Daddy, providing a gentle transport and creating a happier and healthier baby who cries less. Not to mention being able to do housework!! :)


Through out these past 16 years I have also found out by wearing my children that it has even more important long-term benefits. I believe it has helped my child trust me. By wearing them for several years I have met their needs with out fail time and time again with having them close by. With this trust and nurturing a sling or carrier has helped me created a bond like no other. With that I believe my children have learned to be responsive and sensitive to others. I can remember when my oldest were little how they imitated wearing a baby. It warmed my heart to see how by being a good example I have helped alter the next generations social norms. It will be how it was and should be by doing what feels natural.


Thank you Boba and Mothering for helping me remember why it is so important.


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My little guy had a traumatic birth that ended up with his head completely bruised.  He couldn't even lay his head down without screaming (yes it was screaming - not regular crying).  The poor little guy would only sleep up and down with his lips holding his head up.  He would wake up instantly when put down even from a deep sleep.


Baby-wearing was my saving grace.  It allowed me  to give my son what he needed which was closeness and comfort and sleep, and allowed me to have free hands to do what I needed to do. 


My son is now 15 months old and he still prefers to be held and carried than put in a stroller or car seat.  Baby wearing has allowed me to do that even though he's now almost 28lbs (and I have a bad back!).  We also use our carrier as a great way to get him to sleep for nap times. 


Baby wearing has helped me to bond with my child while still feeling free enough to do things I needed to do.  It's been great for vacations, day to day outings, and everything in between.  I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Keeping my baby close!

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Before I had my son, I was pretty oblivious to natural parenting (babywearing, breastfeeding past 6 months, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, etc) and AP, though I had been introduced VERY briefly to some of the ideas in my natural birthing class. I had purchased a Moby Wrap (because that seems to be most everyone's first carrier wink1.gif) prior to giving birth and thought, "okay, well I'll give it a try." Then having gone through a traumatic birth experience where I was separated from my son for several hours, unable to breastfeed him for nearly two days and basically having the opposite experience I had wanted, the only thing I wanted was to have my son close to me whenever possible. It was also a way for my husband to bond with our son. Since I was breastfeeding, my husband would look forward to when I was done nursing so he could put our son in a carrier and keep him close to his chest. He also took a lot of pride in being a "Baby Wearing Daddy." smile.gif There was nothing more enjoyable than taking a walk with my other babywearing momma friends with my baby sound asleep, snuggled close in my carrier. My son took to the carrier immediately and it seemed to be the only thing that calmed him during the first few months. Babywearing opened my eyes to the natural parenting community and what I perceive the best way to raise my child (and children to come).

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Baby wearing just made sense to me. keep baby close, and keep baby happy :) I saw this with other baby wearing moms and knew I would do it too.

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