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I love to carry my little ones  because it helps bonding, and keeps wandering strangers hands OFF the baby! =)

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I baby wear because I would rather carry my baby than a car seat or push a stroller. I love having both hands free with the ability to do other things while my baby is safe in snug and close!

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Baby wearing helps me get in more cuddling in our days and Mama and Baby both love that. 

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Several reasons really ... the snuggle factor, the hands-free factor, the no-bulky-stroller factor,  the don't-touch-my-newborn factor, the discrete-breastfeeding factor, the less-crying-babe factor and last but not least the quicker lose-those-pregnancy-pounds factor.

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My daughter had to have emergency surgery when she was a week old and for the following 5 days she had to be in a open-air crib with very little contact to let the surgical incision heal properly and so that the nurses and doctors had easy access to her.  Being so close and not being able to hold her for very long was absolute torture.  All my mommy instincts begged me to pick her up but I knew I couldn't, so I wrapped myself around her crib by her head and stayed there for the 5 days of recovery.  


When my daughter was allowed to come home, I wouldn't even entertain the thought of being away from her (even for a nap!) and kept her right by me to either hold or cuddle with.  That sentiment continues to this day, a year later, as I babywear her on a daily basis so we can be as close together as possible and so we can interact, cuddle, kiss and I can make sure she is warm enough/cool enough/and shaded from the Sun.  


I love being a babywearing momma and I love having her near me always!  



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A classmate showed up during orientation in my first year of university with her 9 week old nestled into a soft stretchy wrap, and I fell in love. We didn't have any children at that point, but a newborn snuggled into a wrap quickly became one of my primary images of myself as a mother. The first things I bought when I was finally pregnant three years later were a simple first sleeper and a wrap. We never really looked back! Two kids, three years, multiple different carriers later, and we're still wearing our kids all over the place. I've never tried a Boba, but would absolutely love to!

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I became a babywearer out of need while minding children. I noticed a sharp increase of anxiety if not held consistently while there parents were away during the day, this led me to turning to babywearing as a tool to help me "parent" as mindfully as possible. As the months wore on, it was less for emotional security and more for any and every outing and adventure. Minding 3 childen 3 and under and taking public transit daily - I highly valued by carriers.


The time ticks along and we are still not parents - but I'm an advocate for babywearing and a babywearing educator. I organize private and group classes, carry cards with me everywhere, and am in the middle of setting up a free class for teen mamas, at the end they'll each receive a free carrier that I've collected and sized to them. 


So while I'm not a PARENT, I do believe I'm help to teach valueable parenting skills to those in my community and online.


Good luck everyone!

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I decided to babywear while I was educating myself during pregnancy. I read a lot of positive information on babywearing (example Dr. Sears Attachment Parenting book) and am a type A on the go person and the hands free while having my baby close at the same time really appealed to me!

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I babywear for so MANY reasons!  My initial reason was survival. My son in on the Autism Spectrum  and has Sensory Processing Disorder. As a baby we didn't know this, but we did know he needed to be with me 24 hours a day. If he wasn't touching me, being held, he was unable to cope. Added to this was a husband that had severe health issues, so I had to be mom while also doing the shopping, cleaning, and general life activities. The only way to do this AND give my son the security he needed was to baby wear. I continued to wear him until he was about 3 years old.  Now I have another child, and babywearing is the best way to meet her needs while keeping up with my son, who is now 12. Babywearing allows me to keep the baby safe so I can attend homeschool field trips, co-op days, and more with my son. Both kids get time with me that way. I can't imagine how we would function otherwise. Now, however, I have to give back the carrier that I borrowed from a friend, and I have no idea how we will afford to buy one. I'm really hoping to win a Boba carrier so I can keep wearing my toddler while being an involved parent to my son. 

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Four years ago when I was pregnant with my first child I bought a Baby Bjorn simply to use when carrying my newborn around the grocery store. I now wear my baby for so many other reasons like wanting my baby to participate in life with my family, wanting to hold my baby close for bonding, wanting my baby near me at all times to meet his/her needs immediately, easier breastfeeding when on the go, and as a parent to more than one child I also wear my baby for convenience:)

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Because I always hated seeing people lugging their poor babies around in their car seats! Those poor little heads swinging around, strapped into that seat. Not for us!
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Babywearing just makes sense.  I could let my baby cry and rush around trying to get things done, or, I can just strap said baby to my back and let her chill out and happily take it all in while I attend to other kiddos or tasks.  Babywearing moms are the ultimate multi-taskers:  Creating a secure bond while doing everything else.  

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My parents carried all 11 of my brothers and sisters and I. Rarely did they use the car seat for any other purpose then what it was intended for. So for me it was natural to keep my babies close to me and having 3 kids under the age of 6 it is a necessity to have my hands free! My youngest is currently teething and is never happy unless right up next to momma, so winning a Boba carrier would be an answer to prayer for me!
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We had heard the phrase "in arms phase" and took it seriously- we wanted to hold, carry or snuggle our little man until he could crawl. We loved the idea of "hands free" carrying. At 18 mo we still have not felt the need to buy a stroller, and the carrier is not just hands free but wheels free- giving us the freedom to explore our new city by subway. The freedom and connection of baby wearing can not be beat!

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I want to hold my baby as much as possible!

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Why wouldn't I want to carry my sweet baby close to me....they are right there....and usually sleep well when next to you! Haha!smile.gif
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Why wouldn't I want to carry my sweet baby close to me....they are right there....and usually sleep well when next to you! Haha!smile.gif
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I love the closeness to my girls. It feels safer in so many ways... and just adds to the attachment!

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I baby wear because I have a very active 3yr old as well as my LO!!!
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I started baby wearing with my oldest. He's now 4 and still our " back pack" boy! I used all kinds of carriers but haven't been able to afford a Boba. =(  My son was my little monkey, he was always on me sleeping or cuddling. Those car seats that people lug around were so cold and not something we wanted to do. So my boy snuggled next to me all day everyday. 2 children later and we are a full baby wearing family! My son and daughter ( 3) have their own slings for their " babies" and my hubby as a custom made MT to wear our big kids! Our youngest has been warn since he was 2 days old. =)

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