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I decided to become a baby-wearing parent because why wouldn't you? After my baby girl was born, I knew I wanted to keep her close to me most of the time but I also knew that I couldn't just hold her in my arms all the time. Not just cause my arms would hurt, which I'm sure they would have, but cause I would need my hands for basic every-day things like cooking, eating, going to the bathroom (ever tried to pull up your pants holding a baby? hard stuff. But with a wrap? no problemo!) and gesticulating when I talk (I tend to do that). Also, I'm a single mom, so 90% of her first 8 months of life we were practically alone with each other and I needed to cook, clean and shop for ourselves. Then after baby-wearing her for a while I realized that she would calm down immediately after putting her in the carrier and that no matter how grueling the situation was (airplane traveling, standing in line at the bank or supermarket), if she was hanging on to me, she could deal with anything. Plus be in a good mood. Sometimes she also even breastfeeds while on the sling when we are shopping or walking which took some getting over my own personal inhibitions but I'm so very glad that I did. And so I've been carrying her for a year now and I plan to keep doing it till I can't anymore. A Boba would be a fantastic addition to my Moby!

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Somewhere in the back of my mind, I always imagined myself using some kind of sling for carrying a baby. So when I saw slings advertised while I was pregnant, it was a no-brainer (it'd been in my heart all along).

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I became a babywearer in 2006 when my first son was born. He was born with a birth defect (that we didn't know about until his birth) that prevented him from being able to breastfeed greensad.gif
Completely devastated that I could not feed my child the way nature intended, I was determined to find another way to bond so closely to him, as breastfeeding would have provided..
Born at 4lbs, I never wanted to set my fragile little boy down so we spent a lot of time in front of the computer. One day when he was a couple weeks old I found myself searching the baby carriers section of eBay. I bid on (and won!!) an old school Maya ring sling! It was old and faded and not so pretty but it was heaven the minute I tucked my little peanut inside next to my heart!! <3
The rest is history joy.gif
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Babywearing helps keep my hand free so I can keep 3 month old happy and also play with my three year old at the same time :)


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Before my daughter was born, I learned the value of babywearing.  After she was born, she nursed all of the time due to an issue with tongue-tie.  Babywearing was my way of saying that I loved her and I wanted to be with her.  She was so pleased to be "worn."

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Baby wearing for me established a sense of peace that my child could be close to where he and she came from (the womb).  It brought a sense of certainty to me that my babies were safe and secure (physically and emotionally).  I also loved knowing that I could hold them, feel them, smell them.  I knew that one day would come that they would grow out of baby wearing, but because of it, today I have children who still want me close as much as possible. I miss it so much!  But trying again and cannot wait for those moments again.  

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What's not to love? We are expecting baby #5 in April orngbiggrin.gif... and while all our babies have been worn, my preferences have changed over the years. Still at the end of the day the most important thing is the closeness and bonding and even healing properties. Baby #4 was having trouble regulating temp and that closeness fixed it every time. Still makes her feel better when she's sick. Would love a new wrap for the new babe smile.gifjoy.gif
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The second I laid eyes on my first daughter I knew why those crazy baby-wearing, breastfeeding co-sleeping mamas do what they do!  I immediately knew that I wanted to keep my baby connected to me as much as possible and give her the best start that I could.  At that moment I became a crazy baby-wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping mama  :)   I would say it was the best decision I ever made, but it wasn't a "decision"....it just came natural.  Nothing is better than having your baby close to your heart for as long as you possibly can, and having a Boba makes that possible. 

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Picking beans, digging carrots, bunching kale, and filling CSA boxes are all in a days work.  Wearing my baby helps me mother while I work.  It makes for a happy momma, and an even happier baby, who gets giddy when I pop a ripe, juicy raspberry in her mouth.  Babywearing is natural and all part of life on the farm.

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People often comment on what a contented baby my son is when we are out in public and they are also surprised that he enjoys being worn in a carrier for hours. He is now 11 months and I am convinced that his easy-going personality is due in large part to being worn nearly every day for the first six months of his life. My son had a rough start in life and spent some time in the NICU due to a traumatic delivery followed by seizures. I wasn't able to hold him until he was 4 days old. The skin-to-skin contact was so important to me after we brought him home and was instrumental in our healing process as a family. My go-to gift for expecting parents is a baby carrier. I deal with chronic back pain as well and I have found that the right carrier along with wearing it correctly can actually help with the back pain. Plus, I love it that I can be hands free while taking a walk, cooking, cleaning, mingling... whatever. 

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I have made the recent choice to become a babywearing parent (better later than never, right?!).  I have a 2 year old who I wore occasionally in a stretchy wrap, but now I have a 2 month old as well and recently purchased my first ring sling.  Life is blessed, but much more difficult with two.  Babywearing allows me to get things done around the house and run errands without feeling like I'm losing precious time bonding with my baby.  I love the feeling of Parker snuggling close to me, and he is happiest when he's being worn.  But beyond convenience, I've educated myself on all the many benefits that babywearing can provide-- happy and calm babies, increased cognitive development, and even a linguistic edge since they're interacted with more at eye-level instead of stuck down in a stroller or carseat all the time.  Even though I only have two carriers, I'm hoping to invest in more in the future because this is truly a lifestyle I want to pursue for myself and become an advocate for.

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Several years ago (now that I think of it, it was on the day my husband proposed!!!), I saw a mother using a wrap for her baby. I had never seen any such, and was quite fascinated. When it came time for my own, I got a Bjorn as a gift. Moved to a Beco afterwards because my tendonitis wouldn't let me use wraps without extreme discomfort. I found out about Boba from a friend. And had a bad case of carrier envy. Would love to win a Boba!


But what made me keep going was the fact that we live in such a cold place, and along with my Kinder Coat, could take my little one out in the coldest temperature that I would dare to venture out in. It is a no-brainer win-win really. DD gets to be close to me. I know that she is warm. I get to step out to have some mommy-baby adventures. What more could I ask of a system? Best of all? No wrestling baby into N layers before stepping out. Baby in carrier? Check! Wear own jacket (babywearing one, or one large enough to accomodate both mom and baby), and go. What's not to love??!!


Even more, what made it all worth it a thousand times more? I was on a bus to a mom and baby class. I was sitting, gazing at my then 8-9 month old's face, and saw the satisfaction in her eyes, while gazing back at me. No way can a stroller match this experience!

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I used it with my first because child I liked being close to her and because It allowed me to be hands free. It is a must when you have two little ones! I can not imagine not having a carrier now. I can be close to my second child (7months) but still free to be there for my first child (now 2 and half). <3

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After my baby was born with a congenital heart defect and spent the first three weeks of her life in the hospital, I decided to baby-wear as much as possible to strengthen our bonding once she was out of the hospital.

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I wanted to babywear from day 1. I knew how iportant it was for the baby to be close to Mom. Babywearing lets me keep my baby on me while I do other tasks.

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We were young parents. Really young. And after a pretty typical first pregnancy and birth, we met with a Lactation Consultant for a free breastfeeding support group she offered. We learned so much in that first day! We walked out with a Moby Wrap we'd purchased from her, and did it all wrong (even though she patiently showed us how- twice!), but we got the hang of it, and haven't looked back since. Later several friends pooled their money and gifted me with an Ergo (which I had been drooling over for months) and I was thrilled! It was such a touching gift. Fast forward 5 years and here I am, an IBCLC inspired by that initial experience, and an avid babywearing mom of two (Well, I usually only wear the 2 year old!), and a huge supporter of babywearing. I could gush on, but for brevity's sake, I'll end here! We'd love to give the Boba a shot and let our beat up old Ergo have a laundry ("spa") day! 


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I decided to be a babywearing momma years before I had children when I first learned about attachment parenting. It seemed wonderful to be able to hold my baby all the time. Once I finally had one of my own, that sealed the deal. I couldn't bear to put her down and walk away from her. It just felt right having her against my heart where she belonged.

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We started babywearing my 1st when we were going camping and trying to figure out what to do with our barely-crawling kiddo in the middle of the woods. I do it with my 2nd kid because I have a first kid who demands things and is on the go, and my 2nd needs to be right with me. When she was having reflux/sleep issues, I did it to gain some sanity because she'd sleep brief periods in the carrier.

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we love babywearing. it means way more snuggles for everyone. a happier baby and life easier for us since i could be mobile and active while keeping baby safe and happy. with the arrival of baby 2, we need a new carrier :

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What made me decide to be a baby wearing parent?: What better way to stay heart to heart with a new little life! Plus it helps a mom maintain a sense of freedom in doing other things and being close to baby at the same time!


My babies were both great easy breezy babies, but that being said they were worn or nursing most of the first six months. I have tried and even made several carriers and they each had their place, but I would love to win a boba carrier!

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