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I wanted to be able to hold my baby despite my back and shoulder problems, so I was interested in carriers when I was pregnant back around 2004.  Now my little ones are older and I try to share about babywearing as often as possible!   -Jessica

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Yes!! I've just discovered Boba from a new (and very dear!) doula friend who does babywearing classes. She loves her Boba.. and I love hers too. ;D


We decided to become babywearing parents for so many reasons.. the contact/closeness, the mobility (I could still cook AND comfort my babe!.. being a chef, this was priority), being able to maneuver around the farmers market with him strapped on.. going places where a stroller could never go (boldly or otherwise). Also, a major.. very key point.. was that I knew I wanted to walk home from the hospital after having this baby... and we did! First ones to EVER leave without a carseat. :D  *grin*.

Thank you so much for this giveaway! I know that whoever receives any of the prizes will just adore them!

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As a busy mommy to four, I couldn't do it without wearing my baby.  It is so wonderful to be able to hold my baby and still have my hands free to do what I need to do.  I love how content and snuggly my little guy is in my wrap.  And I love how connected I feel with him!   Babywearing is the best!!

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I started babywearing when my first child was only a couple of days old! I loved how snuggly it was, not to mention convenient. For baby number 2, it was actually a necessity. I'm not sure how anyone could chase a toddler while lugging a carseat around!

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Well, I figure that my chest hair isn't long enough for my little monkey to hold onto so I have to compensate with a carrier!  One of the drawbacks of evolution, I suppose!

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I loved the idea of being hands free and having my baby close to me ALL the time. I'm one of those moms who had difficulty conceiving and there was not a time that I wanted to be with out my baby. So babywearing was an obvious choice. I could kiss them. Hold them. See them. And protect them
While still being able to function around the house, grocery store, playground etc. I am a huge fan of babywearing and of the Boba. I have 5 different carriers and the Boba was my most recent purchase. I got it for my husband specifically because he REFUSED to wear the boys. But he's doing it now. Yay!!! I steal it too because it's so easy , quick and comfortable! My other carriers aren't getting much use now and my husband doesn't use the stroller any more. Yay!
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I decided to wear my daughter before she was born. I had read several books and a very good friend of mine was also a babywearer. It wasn't until after she was born that I was hooked. There's nothing that comes close to joy of having my daughter wrapped and snuggled close to my heart. I converted my husband and my babysitter! 

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I decided to wear my daughter before she was born. I had read several books and a very good friend of mine was also a babywearer. It wasn't until after she was born that I was hooked. There's nothing that comes close to joy of having my daughter wrapped and snuggled close to my heart. I converted my husband and my babysitter! 

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What made me want to babywear was my baby. I wanted to be close to him at all times. I loved how he would fall asleep on my chest while I wore him around and now how he holds my hand.  It has created such a strong bond between us.  I am so glad I started babywearing!

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instincts made me a baby wearing mom it just made sense to keep baby close

don"t mind my lack of?wrong punctuation my keyboard seems to have gone nuts!

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I've liked Boba and am a member of the Mothering community.

We've babywear-ed since baby#1 for ease and for his enjoyment.  When #2 came, it was so nice to be hands free to help the toddler.  And for #3, he was a higher needs baby who loved swinging motions.

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I liked Boba on facebook... I decided to do babywearing when we had our second baby I loved the idea of having him close to me for as much time as possible, not to mention the amount of things I could accomplish around the house while still having my baby near me. He had to get surgery when he was 3mos.. so this helped with him feeling secure even in uncertain times. Now I still babywear daily with our 3rd baby.. He is growing fast and I would love to have this carrier as a new addition to our home. It would help me accomplish my daily activites as well as spending time with my baby at the same time.

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Babywearing has allowed my husband and I to keep our 3 little ones safe, fed, and snuggled when we are out and about.  We LOVE having our girls close enough to kiss!


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We choose to live without a car and baby wearing naturally fit into our lifestyle.  Wearing our baby is warmer in the winter and easier on crowded buses.  But the best thing about baby wearing is that it meets the needs of our baby.  He loves to be close and to have a great view of everything and it supports his personhood.  As soon as he could support his head well he travelled facing out, except in the most blustery weather.  In the wintertime we zip our parkas around him.  Only his eyes show (an adult scarf works best).  Twenty months later we still give him the choice to be carried.  And it's soooo important to have a supportive carrier to protect the mama's and papa's backs and hips!

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I like Boba on fb! One of the reasons I first looked into baby wearing was I was expecting my 3rd which would be only 16 months after my second. I was nervous about how to handle so many small children all under 4! Also with breastfeeding I wanted to have a hands free way to do that so I can still tend to my others. I eneded up loving the thought of keeping my baby clsoe and the bond it develops.

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Our daughter had reflux and would only sleep on one of us as we bounced on a yoga ball for hours or  walked. Babywearing saved our sanity, we could even go to parties as logn as we kept moving and she was in a carrier, she's sleep. Then she hated strollers too so we wore her on our front, then our back as she got bigger. she enjoyed taking in all the action and i couldn't have carreid ehr in my arms that much!

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When my first daughter was born, she was 3 weeks early. The nurses took her from me after only 3 minutes and tried to put an iv in her. I called the nursery once I was in the recovery room and they said she would be in my arms in 15 minutes. They did not bring her to me for 8 hours! I kept calling and calling; they just kept saying that they were going to have her to me in 15 minutes... When the doctor came in- I hadn't seen her in 8 hours and I reported not having seen my baby; she turned right around and went to get her. Their excuse was that they wanted her to have an iv; she refused to allow them and they didn't want her to leave the nursery without one. The doctor said that if she was fine, then there was no need for one; and that the baby was going to her mommy that minute. My baby was so sweet and I wasn't permitted to hold her... so my hubby started kangaroo care with her and she greatly improved and we knew that traditions such as strollers were just wrong for carying kids and taking care of them. It was clear as day that she needed us and we needed her. We carry all of our children now and they are so much more secure and loving than other children we now that aren't carried. We wouldn't change a thing about carrying our kids; we love it just as much as they do.

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Baby wearing, for me and my husband, wasn't exactly a choice. Much like cloth diapering and undisturbed labor, we have a lifestyle philosophy that clarifies our path of natural parenting, or attachment parenting. Our goals of sustainability and homesteading are based in simplicity and flow, and baby wearing allows an ease of movement and security that is unmatched. I know I was able to bond better and adjust to the postpartum hormone drop and stresses because my baby was always close, could be soothed and/or breastfed easily, and I was able to venture out again. My husband was always full of pride to carry our child, especially when she was lulled to sleep. Later, after some research, I learned many health and developmental benefits of a good safe sling. It's really one of the best infant and toddler parenting tools there is, and it is easy, safe and fun to baby wear!

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I  became a babywear-er for sanity and love's sake. I wanted to be able to be on the go and still love and comfort my child in a caring way. We are so thankful for babycarriers!

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Gosh, there are so many reasons that I am a baby wearing mama.  Honestly I didn't know much about it before having my daughter in February.  I didn't know much about anything actually and I did very little research.  I've kind of been learning as I go the entire time.  I registered for a ring sling from Etsy and my sister-in-law bought it before baby was born.  Immediately after giving birth I was overwhelmed with the numerous positive reasons for wearing my baby.  I'm an active person and I was able to get things done at home and run errands while keeping my baby close instead of keeping her confined to a little seat or swing.  My daughter was extremely alert from day and was not the least bit content to be sitting or laying somewhere.. baby wearing allowed her the opportunity to be mobile and to be learning all day long.  I have loved having her so close and she loves it, too.  Wearing her was such a necessity for a few months when she was colicy.  Movement and closeness was what she was craving.  We've learned to nurse in the sling and it led to her first experiences with food because it was so easy to share being so close.  :)  I also love wearing my baby because I love to tell everyone about it!  We get many comments and questions while we're out and about.  :)  We still spend a great deal of time together using the ring sling but as she grows it's weighing on my back and more and more.  We really need something that distributes her weight more evenly but it's just not in the budget.  I'm sure I'm missing many things.. but we love baby wearing and have so many reasons to continue it with this baby and with our future children!  :)

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