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I ended up babywearing because it made life with a baby easier and more fun.  I found out about it through a friend (and wore her son before my first was born).  It is easy to get around, the baby enjoys it, and who doesn't love baby snuggles?



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Why do I babywear?  For the freedom!

I started with a simple pocket sling when my oldest was about 8 months.  It was aout the time he was getting big/heavy enough that I could no longer carry him around in one arm, and he was really a voracious nursling.  I found that the sling gave me an extra arm, allowed me to nurse more discreetly anywhere we went, and prevented me from having to stay behind when he needed a nap. Now my oldest is 6 and my baby is 16 months, and my favorite invention of all time is the soft-structured carrier.  My son will go get it and thrust it at me when he's feeling overstimulated or sleepy while I'm  busy about the house.  I never worry about forgetting the stroller or going someplace the stroller wasn't meant to go, or having to stop our walk/shopping/adventure to nurse or because the baby is tired.  I just wrap him up and keep on moving.  I babywear because it's what's best for baby, best for me, and because it makes sense. 

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I recently had my first child and from the very beginning I wanted to try out a sling and see what it was all about. I received a couple carriers from family and decided to begin wearing baby around the house for cleaning and such, After I received my sling in the mail I love having him close to me, and he loves the closeness. Its so much easier to take him just about anywhere from the grocery store to even mini golf. (he loved mini golf at 3 months old BTW ) My sister wants me to always have a carrier of some sort so she can wear her nephew too... Its so versatile that even his dad has caught on to it. :)

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I decided to become a babywearing mama while I was pregnant with my second child. I knew I'd be running around after my toddler after the little one came, and strapping him to me just made sense. I love it. I don't know what I'd do without my carrier.

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Iwould LOVE to have a BOBA for baby #3! We loved babywearing with our first two. Such a natural way to parent - snuggling close to baby all the time, anywhere! :)

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Well I'd like to try one, becuase it's hard to get things done around the house when my baby is crying wanting me. Than when I walk down to his grand parents I could use this instead of dragging his big bulk stroller out. It would also be good for shopping trips. I would really like to win this.



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Babywearing was something that I just fell into when my first baby was a very high needs, spirited baby that couldn't sleep unless he was in physical contact with an adult's warm body and would fuss and cry unless someone was holding him while he was awake. I've struggled with it a lot as a mom with Systemic Lupus; through kind donations by friends, I was able to try both padded and ring slings, but I could never use either for long - too much pressure on one shoulder caused me intense pain. I've tried the gamut of carriers that I can find at rock bottom discounts or that friends will loan to me, but I have yet to find THE carrier. And now we're expecting baby #2 in four months, and I'm wondering if I'm going to have a second hold-me-all-the-time infant. I'd LOVE to have a Boba - I've heard wonderful things about them, and I LOVE that they evenly distribute the weight of the baby.

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I'm a babywearing aunt.  In my child development studies, I knew that the best way for babies to develop and gain confidence is to be held.  This is why I decided to look into babywearing 6 years ago.  I have happy, healthy, confident young nieces now who wear their own baby dolls.  I love that they enjoyed being carried so much that they want to carry their dolls too.

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I don't know how people get anything done around the house without babywearing smile.gif Certainly, we'd have no clean dishes or laundry without it smile.gif I'd love to win a Boba wrap!
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Babywearing seemed like a very natural progression to me. I carried my baby in my womb for 9 months so of course I will continue to carry her after she is born. Using the moby and now the boba has allowed me to extend the bond of constant mother-baby contact far beyond our pregnancy. I choose to babywear for the same reason that my baby was born at home and is exclusively breastfed. Because it just makes sense that it would be the best possible thing for both my baby and myself!

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DS was born a Preemie we spent many hours doing Kangaroo care at the hospital it seemed natural to continue that closeness while he grew and developed.  Baby wearing soothes when he is overwhelmed and allows to enjoy so many more things.  

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I liked Boba on FB. I became a babywearing mama so that we could enjoy getting out of the house for more than two hours (between newborn naps). And, I just LOVE to wear my now-toddler son on my back now that he is too big for the front. I LOVE my Boba. It goes everywhere with me. I'd love to gift one to a friend who is expecting soon.

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Babywearing always seemed like a great idea, and it turned into a necessity with my colicky son! While I was wearing him, he would easily fall asleep and be completely content. I love babywearing, even now that he's a toddler. It helps us reconnect since he is so active when he's not being worn.

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I'm new to mothering, though my wife has been a member for years!


Both my wife and I were deep in the throes of graduate school when our son was born.  As long as he was cuddled close to one of us, he was a content little guy.  I spent many late nights at my computer, baby in the wrap, bouncing on the birth ball, writing my thesis.  When my wife and I had classes at the same time, we would take turns wearing him to class!  I don't know how either of us could have finished our degrees without our well-loved wraps and carriers.


I live in a part of the country where babywearing is not the norm, especially babywearing by fathers.  I certainly caught the attention of many students and faculty members in my department!  I hope that my son and I might have made enough of an impression on the students who saw us that they might think to try out babywearing when they begin their own families.  I now have a sweet daughter who also loves being worn.  We use the same wraps and bounce on the same ball, but, now that I've graduated, I can watch a movie with her snuggled close rather than work through yet another revision of my thesis!


I would like to use a Boba carrier with my daughter.  I think a solid color Boba could inspire some of the dads I know who seem turned off by the "complicated" wraps and slings I use with my kids (which they believe look too feminine for them... insert eye roll here...) to give babywearing a go.

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I originally started BWing because I needed to be able to bond with my DS.  It seemed so counterintuitive to put him in a stroller.  Over time, he decided he didn't care much for it, and then he got too big and heavy for my carriers.  Now that he's outgrown the stroller (and most strollers) by weight, I'm looking at wearing him again because at 2 he's not ready to be doing the walking for himself.  But being pregnant, I can't make my old carriers work for my back, so I was actually looking into Bobas, since they were recommended both for a tall toddler and for a pregnant mama.  Seems I've come full circle here. 

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Almost 20 years ago I wore my first child in a hard framed pack on my back and LOVED it! She would fall asleep while I was doing household duties and a variety of other tasks. 15 years ago I learned about the ring sling and enjoyed having my sweet little so close to my heart and breast for easy breastfeeding. My hands were free for caring for my older one as well. 12 years ago I enjoyed wearing out 3rd child in ring slings as well. Having three children was much easier while wearing them! When we were expecting out 4th child 5 years ago, the baby wearing scene had exploded with tons of options!! We loved wearing a wrap with our wee little one because it felt so good to be so close constantly. Breastfeeding was easy too. I also loved the soft Mei Tie for long outings, while preferring the sling for quick trips ina nd out of the grocery store. The Mei Tie was a favorite for DH and DD's to help carry their little brother around too. We are expecting our 5th child in late winter 2012 and will be babywearing as well. It feels so right to be so close. 

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Why I wear My Baby: My Story


My story is a little different from average.  I am not a first time mom.  I didn't always know that it was right for me and my baby.  And, an illness, or injury (either me or my baby) didn't persuade me to want or need to baby wear.  In fact, I am a mom with experience!  I AM a mom of SIX.  I previously carried my babies in their heavy car seats, pushed a stroller and even used a double stroller religiously.  I didn't understand why anyone would spend as much money on a baby carrier as a stroller.   I thought that was absolutely crazy!  I did try a ring sling with my third child and could never "get it".  I HATED it, didn't understand why anyone would prefer wearing their baby to pushing him in a stroller.  With my fourth child, I purchased a baby carrier from a baby resale shop owner.  I trusted her opinion;  after all, she was only selling it because she had upgraded to a newer version.  However, it was VERY uncomfortable. (I later found out it is not highly recommended by many baby wearers.)  When my son was little, I could wear him comfortably but only for short periods of time.  As he grew, it became nearly unbearable to wear my son.  And, I only wore him facing out and only for special outings like going to the farm and never for long term at all.  So, I never had the joy or understanding of wearing a baby.  There was definitely no snuggling involved!

Before my sixth child was born, my sister lent me a carrier she had used with her preemie.  She said she really loved it and it was very comfortable.  I thought it was a strange carrier.  But, when my oldest son had a severe injury and my baby was only five weeks old, I decided to try my sister's carrier out at the hospital.  At the time, there was a lot of negative press about baby wearing due to baby's losing their lives in certain types of carriers.  At the hospital ER for my older son, I remember thinking, as I anxiously tied my newborn on for the first time, "I hope they don't turn me into CPS for wearing him."  I didn't really know what I was doing but my baby seemed to like it and relaxed in it which is exactly what we needed.  When I saw my sister next, I asked her to show me how to wear the sling again.  I found out it was called a mei tai and then did a lot of research.  I didn't like how she had made hers so I looked up numerous patterns and did a lot more of my own research.  I made my first mei tai with my grandmother's help.  I have since made revisions/improvements to my first carrier and have made numerous carriers, even matching for attending my college team's football game and even a wedding.  I believe they are my clothing and wore a flowery gauze wrap with my son nestled inside to my nephew's Bar Mitzvah.  :)

I fell in love with babywearing for so many reasons!!  My baby is SO content.  The benefits are so numerous!  He can go with me wherever I go!  He is safe and sound.  I can shop easily and he still is close and comfortable.  He sleeps when he needs to and nurses easily.  My baby can choose to talk to people or hide if he doesn't want to socialize or he doesn't like them as my 7 year old says. ;)  I have worn him so many places! 


Wearing him has enabled him to sleep peacefully through so many things!  I am an educator and have taught classes while he sleeps.  I have been a student and he was able to sleep or nurse through most of the class which was for two solid days!  He even slept while I ran a 5K while wearing him!  When he was just a few months old, I attended youth camp with him and he fell asleep while I was wearing him in a sling in the water!  He has slept through loud concerts intended for youth and screaming fans while attending a college football game. (I actually felt sorry for all the parents lugging their tired children around.)  I was even able to take him with me when I voted because I was wearing him.

He has been able to go on many adventures because I wore him in a carrier.  It has become a way of life for us.  My husband would often ask if I wanted him to pack the stroller and I always replied, "Of course not!  It takes up too much space! I'm going to be wearing him!"  And my kids ask me to please wear him when he gets fussy.  He has attended field trips, celebrations, funerals, weddings, classes, camp, swimming, concerts, church, craft fairs, exercise, the bathroom ;) and even a 5K and more.  It is good for all of us!

Another benefit is the relationship we have.  I I feel like I know my son better and our bond is stronger.  Our communication is better.  We understand each other in a way I never have communicated before.  We play games together that only we understand.  It doesn't matter if anyone is watching.  It's like we are the only ones around.  I know his cues.  I can feel his whole body go limp as he falls asleep.   Wearing him makes him affectionate too.  Socially he has benefited as well.  He watches how I relate with others and copies what he has seen.  He says,"Hi!" to nearly everyone he meets and is very friendly.  It is amazing how much he learns from observing how I relate with others.  Our closeness has given us things that I never thought he would gain just from wearing him.  Now that he is a toddler he sometimes fights me to get in the carrier, but riding in the cart lasts only minutes and he wants me to carry him again.  He relaxes as he gets near me and can hear my heart, my voice that he knows so well.  Shopping is much easier than I ever remember with my previous babies.

I have become a baby wearing advocate!  I believe there is a right carrier for each caregiver and his/her baby.  My biggest regret is that I did not enjoy wearing my five previous babies.  But, I am so thankful that I discovered the joy of wearing my baby this [sixth] time.  Life is much easier and filled with joy, love, and snuggles because I wear my child.  The whole family benefits. And, none of us will ever be the same! <3 joy.gif



Crossing the 5K Finish Line! Pictured with my 4 year old too!



Attending his first College Football Game!

Aggie Game Day 026.JPG


Going to Vote: (Note the sticker that says, "I voted." )

Oct 2010 045.JPG

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Babywearing saved my life- literally. After working towards, dreaming of, and planing for a natural/ low-intervention birth, my faith and trust in both my body and God was severely tested when I ended up w/ a very traumatic cesarean and PPD. I tried to smile; I tried to be grateful; I tried to love my son, but I was so weak and mentally clouded that I just felt alone, guilty, and ashamed... I mean, what mother should not have automatic feelings of joy and bonding over her new child? I wanted so badly to bond with him, but I just didn't know how... I felt like I had failed him.


One day, I opened up my carrier that I had received as a shower gift and tried it on. I put my DS in and it felt like we were one again- he was part of me. Slowly, the guilt I had been feeling over his birth and failed breastfeeding attempts begin to  peel away as I watched him peacefully sleep on my chest- finally some aspect of mothering felt natural. It was my first step towards truly bonding with him and working through the despair. From then on, I've been sold on babywearing and have worn both him and his brother, I have a third on he way in Jan., and would love to have something from the Boba family to help keep the tradition going. 



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Honestly?  I babywear my 20 month so I can give him his "boo"  While I use my arms for other things.  :blush:


I decided 4 baby's ago that baby wearing just made sense since baby co-slept and was used to mommy's warmth and as she grew, I tried many different ways to carry her.  She was happy and I was able to love my baby and still participate in the older kid's activities. 

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I am a long standing member but I want to protect the privacy of the child that I am writing about so I started a new account love.gif


My first experience with baby/child wearing (and the one that truly brought me into the world of babywearing) was with a child who is not my own but I have known since he was born.  We were always friends.  His mom became very ill when he was 2.  Most of the time she could not pick him up due to her pain and weakness.  Her son longed for physical closeness.  One day at the beach I figured out that I could zip him into my jacket and go splash in the waves.  When I did this, he turned into a little ball of love and cuddles.  He was no longer struggling to feel that connection because he was connected.  He loved it so much and would ask to be zipped into my jacket whenever we were together.  But he was growing and the zipper on my jacket was not.  One day I decided to look up a carrier pattern and found a mei tai pattern.  It was easy to sew and looked simple enough to use.  I decided to surprise him.  He was old enough at this time to understand and he was thrilled.  He wanted to go for a walk right away.  He immediately snuggled in and fell asleep.  As his mom got sicker, I was spending more and more time caring for him.  I slept with him at his house and he would often wake up screaming with nightmares.  When he couldn't be soothed I would strap him on my back and walk him around the block, looking at the stars and the moon.  It usually only took one circle for him to be calm and relaxed.  As he got more verbal, he was able to tell me when he needed that physical connection and I would put him in the carrier and could feel him immediately relax.  After his mom died, his need for physical connection was very strong.  I would hold him when I could, and when I had to do something else, I would put him in the carrier.  We both got a great deal of comfort from the physical contact and closeness. 

He is getting bigger and bigger now, and still loved to be held... (and I understand that boba is great for bigger kids!!!) and I sill love to carry him.  There's no way that I could sum up the reasons that I babywear in a sentence because I don't know if there are even words that could describe some of the reasons.  I do it because it feel right, it makes us happy and because it is an expression of my love.  And that's why I became a babywearing mama.

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