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Once upon a time, in my single and childless days, I worked in a position that allowed me to meet and interact with people on a daily basis.  One of the absolute favorite aspects of my job was to see little babies facing the world while strapped to the chest of a proud father.  My heart would melt.  I looked forward to the days when my future husband and I would babywear.  During my first pregnancy, I researched babywearing options.  I learned that the style of carriers I was initially so enamored with were actually harmful to the baby's hips and spine.  I was amazed at all of the new options available, like the Boba, which support the baby's body while also making the parent comfortable and protecting the back.


I also came to appreciate babywearing not as merely a method of prematurely forcing a baby to "face the world" and interact at a young age, but more importantly, to face mama/papa and develop a strong and loving attachment during the formative months and years.  This was a whole new perspective on babywearing that made me even more eager to engage in the practice.


My daughter ended up being born in, shall I say, a "less-than-ideal" fashion and suffered some unexpected consequences.  She was unable to latch and nurse successfully for the first four months of her life.  I learned several bonding techniques from the fine women on MDC and incorporated skin-to-skin babywearing into my daily routine.  Babywearing supported the mother-baby bond while we worked through the nursing struggles.  It was a lifesaver when I was having to use my hands to pump and feed an SNS properly! When my daughter finally mastered the latch, I proudly nursed her in her sling and onbuhimo as she snuggled close to me. Her sister took over the sling two years later and I now have a little guy that loves piggy back rides in carriers.


Although my eldest daughter is nearly six years old today, she still very attached to me.  I truly believe that babywearing establishes a life-long attachment if it is continually nourished.  In fact, I noticed today that she is the only student in her class who is not satisfied with a "blown kiss" as she heads into kindergarten;  she insists on a physical hug AND kiss.  How awesome is that?

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We decided to Babywear because it was the best way to bond with our babies. My babes love to snuggle in close, it keeps them from crying as much and we both love being so close! With baby #3 on the way babywearing will be a life saver so that I can be hands free to wrangle my other two! :)

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I decided to babywear because it seemed like the most natural thing for me to do.  Then I read about the benefits of touch and close relationship it perpetuates.  My toddler loves to be worn.  

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I love baby wearing.  The baby is close to you comfortable and they don't fuss, as oppossed to placing them on a carrier or a stroller.  You can also nurse them while in the carrier.  I also like the fact that good carriers are very easy to wear, light and easy to bring along wherever you go.  They are also helpful during nap time, you can let the older kids play or you run errands while the baby still gets a quality nap.  Helps to keep your kids safe and helps you to be available to interact with your older kids in public places since you have both hands free.  I am sure here is alot more.  Thank you for the chance to share.


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I never really considered NOT babywearing but as a first time mom with multiple sclerosis I knew it would come in handy.  I cannot fathom having to grocery shop or cook while holding a baby or infant car seat.  I have issues with weakness and balance so baby wearing has been a god send for me as I simply do not have the muscle strength to hold her for very long.  I know that she is safe and sound while strapped to my back and it distributes the weight in such a way that my body can handle it.


I've been eying the Boba 3G and would love to try it out.

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I'm not sure how  I "discovered" babywearing, but I bought a stretchy wrap before DS1 was born and practiced with a teddy bear. It was love at first use! The first time DS fell asleep snuggled up on my chest I knew it was going to be an addicting love affair (not to mention a very helpful tool). I can't wait for our new squishy, so that I can wear 2!

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I started babywearing when my daughter was about 4 weeks old.  She wanted to be held all the time and if she wasn't in my arms, she was crying!  I used a wrap for awhile and started exploring other options as she got bigger.  Now babywearing has turned into my favorite way to get errands done without worrying about a toddler running around everywhere.  Plus she loves snuggling up to Mommy! 

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I love babywearing.  It is one of the most wonderful things.  It can really make a lot of activities easier plus I love being close to my babies. :)


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I decided to babywear because when I had my son I decided I was going to rely on my instincts. Babywearing has to be the most natural thing I have some as a parent. I can't imagine not having him close to me. I think it strengthens our bond because he can hear me feel me smell me all day long. My son in turn is learning that his mom will always keep him close and safe.
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We started babywearing when my daughter was two weeks old. I had never heard of the term before, but I had heard of a local store that carried a variety of baby carriers. I knew I had to have something, since my two week old refused to let me put her down; it certainly didn't feel right leaving her to cry, yet I had to get things done around the house. Babywearing was just the thing for both of us! We were both happy, and because I knew my little one was content, I felt content as well. Even though she's four now, I still occasionally wear my daughter if we're out and about and she's feeling sleepy, or if we're going to be on a hike that's much too long for her. I also lead a group called Bluegrass Babywears in Lexington, Kentucky. We host monthly meetings and outings, and teach mamas (and papas...and grandparents) in our community about all of the various baby carriers available, and how to safely use them, as well as help them choose the one that best suits their needs. We are fortunate enough to host our meetings in a facility that connects to our local natural parenting store, which coincidentally exclusively carries Boba carriers and wraps! I love babywearing and I love that life has given me the opportunity to teach others about it as well!

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I enjoyed sharing the world with my infant daughter at my level as opposed to her experiencing it through the view of a stroller or car seat outside of the car. She attended concerts, shopping outings, strolls and housework before she knew what any of those things were. Hope to have another (sooner than later) and plan to do the same. Babysitter-schmabysitter! I wear my kids and do most things I did before children with them along for the ride.
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My decision to wear my baby is based on a strong belief that babies are meant to be close to their mothers. Just because our babies have left the womb does not mean that they no longer find comfort in the sound of of our hearts beating, our warmth, and the gentle swaying of our bodies.  I just can't think of a better way to soothe a baby than to wear her with me through out the day!

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Love to cuddle the babes and love the convenience..and it just felt right!

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We wear our son because we felt it was the right thing to do for our family!
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I knew It felt right to keep my baby close to me at all times, so I wore my first baby from day 1 and still wear her at every opportunity at 2.5 years. Babywearing has now become even more crucial now that I also have a 4 month old. He can nurse and sleep or look around at the world while I take care of his big sister. I love babywearing, I hate to imagine what my life would be like without it.
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My husband and I decided to become a baby wearing parents for many reasons. The main being closeness to baby is of high importance during the early days. Baby needs nothing more but to feel love and nurtured by mom and dad. This along with co-sleeping and breastfeeding will aid in forming a strong bond between the three of us. Another reason is we hope baby will learn more by being close to us. We plan to point out and label everyday objects and talk to baby a lot. This will foster rich language development. There are many other reasons, but basically I just want my child to feel loved and to build a trusting relationship with us.

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We ultimately decided to babywear because our daughter had severe acid reflux and was a million time more happy when she was upright.  I still had chores that I needed to achieve around the house so babywearing is what made most sense to us.  To this day my daughter (2.5) LOVES to be worn, I would wear her on my back while cleaning toilets (WHAT A WORKOUT), and just general tasks around the house.  I am now pregnant with our 2nd and I think my key to survival  while parenting 2 children alone is going to be babywearing.  Babywearing makes me feel like I can do anything!!!

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I wear my babies because it is important to stay close to them. I love that I can get things done and still hold my baby! I "liked" Boba

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When I had my first child he was a very happy, mellow baby, as long as he was being held:). I had a padded ring sling that was given to me and used that but found it challenging. I finally came upon other baby carrier options that worked and I was able to get things done while bonding and being close to my babe. When ds2 was born babywearing went from being something I enjoyed to an abslolute necessity!!! He had sensory issues and needed to be held tightly against me (even then he still cried a bit but it made it much better). It was at that time with a 22 month old and an extremely fussy infant that I learned that it is not necessary to have a baby carrier but at the very least 2. I have not had the opportunity to try a boba but would love to have one for my "collection". I have found that different children have differents likes and needs for different stages of their life and now with an infant and a 2 yr old it is great to have the ability to wear one on the front and one on the back. I am a proud baby wearing mom and talk highly of my favorite carriers. I hope to get the opportunity to make Boba one of those.

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I wore my first baby in 1996. My sling was a gift from a friend who is now a mid wife. My son is now 15 and a kind gentle example of attachment parenting. Baby 2 came along in 2002 and it was nothing short of natural to wear her as well, while I chased around after her brother. 9 years later I am the mom of 3 with baby girl at 8 weeks old and yet another little bird perched lovingly in her sling or wrap. Baby wearing has always been a part of my life and where ever I go someone stops me and asks me about my carrier. I hope along the way I've inspired a parent or two to invest in a carrier and an opportunity to keep your baby safe and sound, close to your heart where they can learn what they live!
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