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It just felt right for us - I never wanted to have my daughters in those little seats or left alone in a stroller and thanks to the various carriers we've tried, I never had to!  For our next (due in May), I am dying to try a Boba!  This is a great giveaway :o)

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I was given a hand-me-down New Native Pouch from my aunt when I was pregnant and then I met some ladies at LLL who showed me all the other types.

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It was easy and it works!  When my son was little, wearing him helped with fussy evenings.  As he has grown older, it is a great way for him to see everything and let mommy manage a squirmy toddler.  And I love seeing the big smile when I ask if he wants to ride on mommy's back. 

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It just makes sense! I feel like a baby should still be taken care of almost as if she were still in the womb. She's been attached to me for over 9 months and it just doesn't make sense to suddenly snatch that from her. And since I have 3 children I need 2 hands free for sure! I wear my baby from about 9 in the morning to 8 at night. I LOVE having my hands free all day. She can nurse and sleep whenever she wants. It's awesome! I must say I would love to try something with padded shoulders! haha She comes out for car rides and diaper changes. lol And this is why I see a chiropractor regularly. ;)

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I knew I wanted to wear my baby from the start :) I lived in Germany and the norm is a deluxe and bulky stroller. That came in handy when we made the long walk to town for groceries, but for traveling Europe, getting around on the subway, and making my way through crowded markets baby wearing is the way to go. When my second child was born the wrap became even more useful as it kept my hands free to care for my toddler while still keeping my baby close.

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I am a young mother of a gorgeous three month old girl. We are stationed in south korea with my husband and the us army. Being so far away from family and community support and often being left alone for weeks at a time I started baby wearing out of necessity, simply to get things done around the house, grocery shop, etc. Bulky strollers are also not really an option on the uneven narrow roadways of rural korea; ) babywearing has since become so much more than a necessary act. I love having her so
close to me and she feels safe and comfortable in her carrier. All we have is each other and that bond is nurtured through babywearing: )
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I decided to wear my babies for many reasons, one of the foremost being that I come from a babywearing family. My mom set a great example for me and my sisters by finding a way to do what she intuitively knew was right for her babies, even if it was out of the ordinary for the time. She found Mothering magazines and a group of like minded women to join her on her mothering adventure. This led to me growing up feeling that it is normal and an integral part of parenting to wear your babies close to you body, snuggled next  to your heart. 

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My little guy decided I would baby wear, although I was for it before he decided.  :)  He would scream if he was away from me for more than 15 minutes (like not physically touching me) until he was 8-9 weeks old.  I called his first 3 months my 4th trimester because I walked around with him wrapped to my chest where he could hear my heartbeat for the first 3 months.  He was happy and never complained as long as I had him next to my heart.  :)  I also have a 3 yr old, and baby wearing was a necessity to be able to stay active with my oldest child while caring for the baby.  Life definitely doesn't have to come to a halt when you have a new baby in the house if you've got a good carrier.  :)

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I love to be able to hold my babies all the time, I don't ever want to put them down. With my son I just carried him in my arms all the time but it was hard to ever get anything done. With my daughter I started wearing her using a baby carrier and found out that I can both hold my baby all the time and get things done at the same time. She loves being involved in everything I am doing and I love having her cuddled up with me all the time. She also sleeps so much more peacefully at naptime nestled close to my heart. Baby wearing made my kids calmer and let them experience so much more than they would have in a carseat or stroller, which in turn helps them to be more educated about the world. I would be lost without my baby carrier!
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Been wearing babies for years! Love every part of it.

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I started babywearing with my first DD when she was a few weeks old, and I found it was the only way to calm her down and get her to nap.  BWing with my new little man has been a lifesaver.  Having an almost 2 year old and newborn means I constantly need a free hand :)

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With my first, I wore her because it was fun, and I liked being close to her.  With the second, I wore him out of necessity!! 

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I love the benefits of babywearing...and it goes along with everything that "feels right"! 

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I heard that the time after birth is really a 4th trimester and having baby close to the heart outside the body is a part of the process to nurture baby into the world. By carrying him/her close to their bodies, Mommy and Daddy both are forming that bond with their lil love as well as the lil one feels safe and cozy! 

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I wore my daughter because I loved her more than anything in the world and wanted her in my arms as much as possible - simple decision.  After multiple miscarriages, I really treasured my baby.  Babywearing soothed her, helped with breastfeeding, regulated her body temperature when she was sick, but it also soothed ME and created a wonderful post-partum experience!  It was the greatest thing I've ever done, and I'm still wearing her at 2 and a half years old!!


That was the reason in my heart for babywearing.  The reason in my HEAD was due to working with young children, as a kindergarten teacher, and noticing the sensory needs that continue to grow more and more with each new class as the years pass.   It's scary how many of these young children are so sensory deprived and engage in seeking behaviors, not to mention lacking in empathy and feeling connected to others.  I wonder often if the containers are responsible for an entire generation of kids who cannot organize themselves in a sensory and social/emotional manner.  Babywearing is hope for the future!

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I started wearing my babies because I wanted to cut out the middle-man.  Why was my snuggly baby in carseat bucket and I was carrying that heavy bucket?  Why was she in a stroller and I was holding that and not her?  Parents should hold their babies not plastic, it just seemed natural.

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