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Does the cast-on row "count"?

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I know when you do the initial cast-on, and then it says "knit 10 rows", it means starting after the cast-on.  That row of cast-on stitches doesn't "count" in the count of 10 rows to knit.  It's usually said AFTER "CO 36 stitches" so it's clear.


I'm doing a pattern (cute stuffed sheep from a kid's knitting book, my son is doing it so I'm doing it with him for support and guidance) where there's a decrease and an increase to make the legs.  For the increase, it says "At the beginning of each of the next two rows cast on 8 stitches.  You should have 36 stitches on your needle... Knit 10 rows (5 rows of bumps on the front)."  (Since it's garter stitch)


Here's the thing.  My assumption is that the 10 rows is AFTER the 2 rows of casting on.  


But, because there are 2 rows with the cast-ons, there's already a 'row of bumps' in this section before even starting the 10.  So it will actually turn out to be 6 rows of bumps if my assumption is correct.  (I wasn't even sure that would be the case, but it is -- I've knitted 2 full rows and there are 2 clear "row of bumps", not just one).


But the front and back legs are supposed to match, it would seem.  The back legs were knit 10 rows after the initial cast-on.  And because it was the usual cast-on, it is indeed '5 rows of bumps.'


But because this section had a TWO-row cast-on required, it ends up being bigger than the first section.


I'm sure I'm overcomplicating things.  And it's just a toy sheep, it won't be a big problem if the front legs end up thicker than the back ones lol... BUT it's an important thing to make sure I understand properly, for more complicated projects in the future... where accurate # of rows is more important.

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It depends on how you are casting on. Some methods of casting on create a knit row automatically; others do not. What type of cast-on are you using?

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