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Pregnancy after C-section

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This will hopefully be my 3rd baby, but it's my first pregnancy after my c-section. I'm nervous from what I've heard about adhesions from my incision. Has anyone had any issues? Discomfort?


I'm mildly concerned about VBAC only because I feel like everyone will be concerned for something to go wrong. I'm worried that my placenta might be in a weird position again (especially since there is a scar) and lead to another breech baby.


As far as the birth - I'm confident that I can do it because I did it before. My first two kids were almost exactly the same size, too. I don't worry about a super big baby. (Both were approx 7lb.)



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This will be my 6th c/s. You may feel a few little twinges, it helps to massage the scar with your fingers and some oil, whatever you have on hand. Start at each end and move inward. This will help break up the adhesion's. It's best to start this as soon as your healed and comfortable, but starting at anytime is helpful. Overall though the scar has never been anything to worry about.

And...just stay positive. There is a great VBAC forum here that can help ease your worries. I get what you mean though, the scar did cause me issues (placenta attaching to it) with #3 who was supposed to be VBA2C. But things like that are so rare.

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I am not nervous as such but pretty determined to avoid another one. It really did make the first few weeks so hard. I am actually hoping for an HBAC and looking for a midwife who will take me. Haven't started talking to anyone yet but have some recommendations. I am training to be a childbirth educator and did a hospital tour the other day and I just hated it. So want to avoid going there.

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This will hopefully be VBAC #4 after my first was a c-section. I do not recall having any scar pain or issues with baby #2.


You will hear people's opinions both positive and negative of what they think you "should" do even if you do not ask for their opinion.


I am planning for my 2nd HBAC and the comments I got after having #4 at home were ridiculous. I only told immediate family that would be supportive of our plans to home birth with #4 and I think I will do the same with #5. I was recently having a conversation with an RN that is in L&D and when she found out I had had VBAC's (which she thought was crazy because of uterine rupture) and then found out my last was a home birth to boot she thought I was insane risking the life of our child and myself.


I have educated myself like crazy, had this amazing board to ask lots of questions to and had an amazing midwife and support team. I think its  important to surround yourself with only positive, uplifting and a supportive group of people. So when I was asked with #4 I would just say I am seeing a midwife and kept the whole home thing out of the conversation. In fact, 2 days after her birth only 1 neighbor put 2 and 2 together...lol


Good luck momma, there are some very knowledgeable and supportive women here!

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My friend in Berlin gave VBAC 2 days ago. She is fine and the pregnancy was okay for her.


I by myself am in the same position: First child sadly was a C-section and this time I´d like to give birth at home.


Let´s hope the best for us and cross fingers!


We´re so early in our pregnancy - wait until you´ve got a "tummy-feeling" (we say it like this in Germany) when the baby grows. Sometimes answers come by themselves...


All the best to you ! (and for me and every other Mommy-to-be after C-section, toothumb.gif)

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I will be a VBA2C mama.  I haven't experienced any pain around my scar during pregnancy.  I'm curious as to how this one will go.  The OB said he was cleaning up my scar with my last c-section - not sure what that meant.  I sometimes have little itching and twinges around my scar without pregnancy, so I wonder what it will be like during pregnancy.  

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My scar hurt, but it was after I had a belly.  I can't remember how far long I was.  I also had a really thick, red, rope-like scar.  I massaged it with lotion to try to break up the scar tissue, which worked a little.  I told my doctor it was hurting b/c I was starting to worry it was an internal dehiscence, but she thought everything was probably fine.  I went on to have a fairly "easy" VBAC without any interventions or complications.  


My belly was huge and I carried low, and just the size of it ended up breaking up the rest of the scar tissue.  Now it's flat and a white/light pink color.  I'm hoping that this time I won't have any pain since it's all been broken up now!  


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