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The Big Thank You Thread!!!  

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Please post here with your thanks!  Remember to use your FIN # so your helpers can identify you.


Thank you to all the helpers!! 

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exciting to see that this is up. I LOVE READING THE THANK YOU's they make me smile cry etc.

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From FIN#18


I'd like to send our holiday helper who sent us a convertible car seat my deepest and most sincere thanks! Knowing that my new little one is going to be safe and comfortable is one of the best gifts anyone can give our family. We appreciate it so, so, so, much, and it's a gift that will last for several years!


Thank you again from all of us- FIN #18

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From FIN #18


We received a huge box from Disney today packed full of Cars stuff for my boys! Oh my Goodness, they are going to be sooooo sooooo sooooo happy on Christmas morning! What a generous donation! Thank you so much to my holiday helper for making this Christmas possibly the best they've ever had! And thank you for the extra bonuses you surprised us with too! I really cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Happy Holidays from FIN #18

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From FIN #6:


Me and the kids arrived home this week to see a big box waiting for us on the porch.  After the kids went to bed I opened it to find a bunch of warm and brand new clothes for the kids!   I can not begin to explain what this means to me.  Having the clothes in general is an immense help.  But to see that they were brand new totally blew me away and brought tears to my eyes.  We normally get clothes from thrift stores so they do not get new clothes.  Thank you so very much to the Holiday Helper who sent these.  I'm greatly humbled and honored that you would open your heart to share with my family this holiday season.

thank you!

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From FIN #6:


I just arrived home not long ago to see a package waiting for my on my porch.  I opened the package to see NEW SHOES!!!  I do not remember the last time I had new shoes!  I have been wearing a pair of black work shoes that are very old and worn.  The non skid part is so worn they were no longer non-skid.  The one shoe had a hole in it by the toe.  I have only been wearing black socks so that I the hole would, hopefully, not be noticable.  And sitting right there in the package was a brand new pair of black non skid work shoes!!  I was a bit nervous about the fit, since my feet run about a 1/2 inch difference in size.  I tried them on and not only do they fit, but they are super comfortable.  The arches in the current shoes were completly gone and my feet were hurting daily.  I am so happy that my feet will no longer hurt after a day's work, that they are non skid, so I don't have to worry about slipping in water, and they don't have holes so that I do not have to only wear black socks!  Holiday helper, you truely make my holiday season!

Thank you, and my very happy feet thank you as well!

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FIN # 2

I came home today to find 2 boxes for us this afternoon.

1. To the holiday helper that sent my 2 daughters and son underwear and socks. I was in shock to see so much underwear and socks my kids will be so excited that they now have new underwear that fits and dont have to wear socks that to small or mismatched or stained becuase of hardwood floors anymore to school. (sorry I didnt see what state you are from on the package).


2. Thank you to the holiday helper from AZ that sent the toys to my children. My oldest is going to be so excited on christmas morning when she opens her gift and sees Uno Attack. She has been begging for this game since even before last christmas. My middle daughter is going to love her wooden food and tea set. She has never had any wooden toys and will be so excited. As for my son I cant wait to see his face and reaction when he is sees a wooden train and station.

Thank you for making christmas possible for my children.  FIN#2.

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From FIN # 25



                                   I'd like to send our holiday helper who sent my girls a kohls gift card and the hair pin our deepest and most sincere thanks! Knowing that my little girls are going to be warm and comfortable is one of the best gifts anyone can give our family. None of my children have had new clothes in years .they are going to be so excited.We appreciate it so, so, so, much, and it's a gift that will last for several years! Thank you and God bless!                                Family #25

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From FIN#1:


Dear Family that shared their little onsies,


Thank you!  The Onsies arrived from the Chicago area and they are so tiny, and cute!  I can't wait to put them on my little May baby.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 


It was very exciting to get the little package in the mail and dream of warmer days, when it is already so cold and dark here.  It really warmed my heart!


Thank you, and here is wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!




FIN #1

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FIN #18


Thank you so much to the mama in Chicago who sent me some newborn and small diaper covers! I've been so worried that with my due date very soon approaching I wasn't going to have anything for him, and these will help so much! (Not to mention help cut costs by not buying disposables!) I am really looking forward to being able to put them to use!


Thanks Again!

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FIN #5


Dear Ginger-

Thank you so much for all the boxes.  I've finally stopped crying long enough to post this Thank You.  When the HH first emailed me to tell me someone had 'adopted our family' I cried.  Then the helper emailed back about a cat issue and listed the things that were coming from Amazon and I cried again.  I have been getting boxes from Amazon for 3 days!  I've been hiding them away and opening them after my son goes to bed. The books are going to be such a huge hit.  The games are so wonderful. I can not believe the art supplies.  Oh my gosh.


Your generosity is truly amazing.  Thank you so much.


Fin #5

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2 thank yous from FIN#9


to the helper who sent the crown and cape from sarah's silks, thank you! my son will love it. he loves dress up, and knights and kings and stuff, but it is hard to find dress up stuff that will work for boys, so his "dress up box" is pretty limited. i know he will be thrilled. thank you.


to the family who sent all the soap and toothpaste- wow! he'll be set for a while :) he loves those johnsons buddies soaps because they dont slide all over the place. we were running low on both, and they will be a big help. thank you so much :)

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I unexpectedly received a package from Amazon this afternoon filled with Thirsties Wipes!!!! I am so excited that I have some beautiful, soft, wipes for this baby! THANK YOU SO MUCH to my Holiday Helper "A" for your generous donation to our family! Having cloth wipes will be so helpful cutting our baby expenses!


FIN #18

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Thanks so much  to a wonderful mom in Florida who sent a handmade baby sling for my DD to use on her dolls! I'm just so blown away that a complete stranger would care enough to spend the time to make such a beautiful sling and stand in line at a busy post office and pay shipping to send it across the country so my DD will be blessed on Christmas! My family has had a tough winter so far. My stepdad has cancer as well as my FIL who is so progressed they are no longer offering chemo and just trying to keep him comfortable until he dies. My coworker just passed away last week. My MIL has been in and out of the hospital. My Aunt just had surgery this morning. It;s been really hard to stay up beat but this morning when I got that package in the mail I just had a huge grin on my face! Thanks for making a difference in my life.





We received the gameboy games from an awesome Holiday Helper yesterday! Thanks so much. My son will totally love the games. He is really into his gameboy lately. You're awesome!




We just received a great big package from a wonderful holiday helper! It came complete with a hilarious christmas card that made me chuckle. There has been a lot of grief this holiday season as a close family member is terminally ill and two others have had some health complications. It is nice to have a break from the sorrow just to laugh a little and smile a big grin. My kids have been so excited seeing the packages come in the mail. One for each of them now. They have named the holiday helper packages "secret santa packages". The toys are awesome, the clothes are a life saver, and so is the hat and gloves. You have no idea what a difference this makes to my family this year. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!




Sending out a big hug and a big thank you to the family from Tampa that sent us a Target gift card and a Christmas card. I was just telling my DH that if it weren't for the holiday helpers we wouldn't have any Christmas cards. People used to send out Christmas cards more often I guess? The last few years we really haven't received many. My DD has expressed concern about stockings since losing our house and I decided that I will use the gift card to get some stocking stuffers and surprise her! Many blessings to all the holiday helpers. MDC is a great community and we feel really blessed.




thanks to Janelle and Melody (hope I got your names right) for sending an adorable bunny suit for Aubrey Rose. I love it, so cute and soft! Also I just wanted to tell you how helpful it was to send wrapping stuff. One less thing to buy! Also thanks Courtney for the spider man rain boots and umbrella. They are totally awesome. Haven't received the doll yet but thanks for that too. 


My kids have expressed interest in wanting to help another family the way we have been helped. I expect to be in the position next year to be a holiday helper myself and I know it will be a great experience for my kids. 


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HELPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FIN #20


I got home from a very trying day at work and found a package containing six beautiful fitted diapers for DD! It totally made my day (who am I kidding, it made my MONTH!). Now we can replace the hand-me-down velcro diapers that don't velcro anymore and leak like crazy. Thank you thank you thank you!

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I am just crying reading some of these responses! I love that there is still so much kindness and gratitude in the world. It's there if we seek it! Happy Holidays to everyone! 

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FIN# 21


Thank you so much to the wonderful Amandamarie for the Wiki Stix, the Disney Princess matching game and the extra something for my son! They will both be so excited to open your wonderful gifts to us on Christmas morning. This honestly could not have been better timed as yesterday, we buried my grandfather and there was some very angry words and family drama. This just restores my faith that there are wonderful people in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity and kindness are so appreciated. 

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Dear Sarah's Silks,


I am speechless!  Thank you for the lovely, lovely playsilks for my little guy!  He is going to be so happy when he opens these on Christmas.  And it warms my heart to give him such a treasure.


Thank you for your generosity and your help!  I was so surprised to see not one, but tree brand new play silks in the box! 


Again, thank you!  You will be in our thoughts and prayers this holiday season.


All our best,



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From FIN#1


Dear Glad Rags,


I am so excited to receive your package of mama cloth today!  I'm sure a lot of families are like me, where we often put our needs last.  It's so awesome that you have shared something so well made and of high quality with me! 


Thank you for the gift and the gift of restoring my spirits this Holiday Season. It feels nice to be cared for. 



Have a wonderful holiday, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season!


All our best,



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I found a package on my counter this afternoon that one of my daughters must have brought it at some point in the day.  A bit confused I opened it and found 5 nice new diaper covers in it!  Even more confused now I called around to see if anyone I knew had sent them.  Then it finally dawned on me that it must have been a HH!  Thank you so much, these are so very needed and appreciated!!!



~FIN #33

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