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Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine

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Anyone attended here or know someone who has? Im seriously considering moving out of country for training if I dont get in this year, Birthwise is the one Im looking at and am just looking for anyone who has attended.

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Also looking at Birthwise.. I live in AZ, so the flights would be killer, but it seems to be the only program that fits me. I'm doing Midwife-To-Be right now, but I feel so secluded from other students and I desperately need the clinical work that just isn't available around here right now.

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that would be a long flight! Id be moving to portland if I go there... no way I can commute from Ontario!

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I've visited Birthwise and am quite impressed; I also spoke with a student who is in her preceptorship and really feels well prepared and happy with the school so far. I'm seriously considering moving to Maine so I can do the on-campus program. It isn't all that long really, and I like that you start doing light clinical work your first year in rotations. They do have Canadian students, but I'm not sure about the particulars of the bridge program for you to be able to practice in your province; I'd check that out first if you haven't and are planning to move back to practice. Good luck and maybe we'll meet there! :)

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ooh yes I have looked into the bridging programs so its all good. Im glad to hear such positive things about it! It seems like a really good place, I would love to visit there but it just isnt in the budget right now.


Are you applying for sept 2012?

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i'm thinking of applying to 2012 i was also looking for others who have gone there.

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in my search I have heard nothing but good things about the school, they only complaint I heard was having a hard time finding a preceptor but I think the person may not have been willing to travel or move.

I wont be applying now, my bf has decided that he would rather not move :S So now im looking at distance ed options.

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from what i've read they find a Receptor for you. that is part of the program. they also have a distance program as well. yeah i haven't even talked to my BF about it yet but this has been my dream since i was 14 so right now nothing is going to stand in my way

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So bummed that I missed this thread last month!  I have been looking into Birthwise as well, specifically their community program.  I live in the Boston area, so it would be about a 2 hour commute.  They are holding a doula workshop at the end of February, I actually just sent a registration request.  Is anyone planning on attending that?  Would love to hear from you if you are!  

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