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FIN #37, MA
Please contact Okimom you have things for this family.
What is your family situation?
I've had a rough year. Last year was the year I was supposed to be trying to get back on my feet, but long story short, I had a new baby, my older son was hospitalized with severe depression and we moved to another state to get away from the baby's abusive father and live with family until we get back on our feet when I lost my apartment and had no place to go. Things are beginning to look up- I was allowed to legally move away with the baby, I'm on the Section 8 Domestic Violence housing list, my legal battle (custody/visitation) seems to be nearing the end, I'm getting TAFDC for now, I'm near family who is emotionally supporting me and my sons in ways that are helping us tremendously- but we're still on our journey to getting back on our feet. This last year has left me tapped. If I plan carefully, I have "just enough" money for our needs, down to the penny, but no "extra" money for anything beyond basic needs, like Christmas.
Any allergies or sensitivities in the family?
Cigarette smoke
Which holiday does your family celebrate?
Please list up to 2 items per person in your family and up to 2 items for your family as a whole below. (If you are requesting gift cards, please specify local or online stores that, if money is available, gift cards can be provided that you can conveniently use.)
Of the items requested below, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family (this can not include direct financial help such as bills paid):
* Baby carriage cover and/or toddler sized winter carriage sack.
* Size 12 Men's sneakers.
* Snowsuit, size 18 or 24 months
Child #1:
Age and gender: 16 year old male
Items requested:
1. Scary movies (dvds) or computer assesories (or a gift card to Best Buy or Walmart)
Yoda USB Desk Protector for the 16yo in this family
2. Size 12 Men's sneakers (he won't wear boots, I'm trying to find something warm enough and waterproof enough).
Child #2:
Age and gender: 9 month old male
Items requested:
1. toys with wheels or stacking and building toys
 things with wheels
2. Snowsuit (sleeping bag feel, not fleece, as we walk miles and it gets very cold in the winter in this area), size 18 or 24 months
$50 Amazon gift card for cold weather gear for the baby - through Hyland's program.
Adult #1 (YOU!):
Gender: female
Items requested:
1. long sleeved and/or short sleeved shirts (not men's, but not too girly, either). L or XL (not too snug through the chest)
2. Ugg boots, size 9 women's (or cheap knockoffs- it's the look and feel, not the brand that's needed).
Needs for Your Family As A Whole:
Items requested:
1. Waterproof and windproof gloves or mittens (men's and women's gloves, and toddler mittens)
2. Baby carriage cover and/or toddler sized winter carriage sack (they're kinds like a sleeping bag that straps into the carriage)- we sometimes have to walk miles and it will be winter soon.
*Please get the kids' gifts first, and then consider me.

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