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We moved into a brand new large apt complex, they were still doing the landscaping when we moved in. We have run into a few problems, 1st I was told we were in the non smoking section, wrong, were in the smoking section! Bad thing when you hate smoke and you have a house full of asthmatics. The big problem though is they laid down this bark ground cover and its from conifer trees after we moved in. My dd has a severe conifer allergy (think xmas trees). To the point we've only spent about 5 nights here out of the 3 weeks we supposedly have lived here. My dd has landed in the ER twice and I've lost count of the Dr visits. We just figured out its the bark this morning when I tracked down the landscaping company. Its organic, nothing added, just  conifer tree bark thats been ground down. If she's outside more then the time it takes to walk from the car into the house it sets off a reaction. Can I legually break my lease and get my deposit back? Its tax credit housing so my rent is really cheap for a nice 3 bedroom but this misery is NOT WORTH IT. This move has cost me everything and were now at the point where its costing me far more to live here then my last place which was almost $200 more!


Did I mention they are also telling me I can't install better filters in the HVAC to filter out down to .3 microns and have to live with the ones they put in that filter 3-10 microns. Without the better filter "I" can't breathe the air that goes though HVAC systems, sets off my allergies bad.