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Proventil and Pregnant

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Before I was even TTC I went to my regular doctor and he changed my medications to what would be safe during pregnancy.  I have asthma and stopped Advair and changed to Pulmicort which was no where near as effective in controlling it, but better than nothing.  I am about 10 weeks now and just read that Proventil is Cat. C.  So naturally I am worried...I assumed it was safe since he prescribed it at that time.  I do not have "attacks" per se, but have used it often in the past couple of weeks to relieve some chest tightness.


Anyone use it regularly without a problem to their babies?


I am calling the Dr. in the morning, but would appreciate your experiences.

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Yes...used it frequently w/one of my preg.  No problems...it can cause cleft lip/palate but I think that is rare.

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Thanks Adamsmama! Personal experience always makes me feel better!


Just in case anyone ever searches this topic -


From Calycanth - "Bel, this website is a great source for information on drug exposure during pregnancy: http://www.fetal-exposure.org/resources/index.php/2002/02/01/asthma-and-pregnancy/ This is what it says about albuterol (Provetil) use in pregnancy:


"Numerous studies found no adverse effect associated with using these medications during pregnancy. This medicine is usually inhaled, for fast-acting relief of asthmatic symptoms. Albuterol is the medication of choice in this category for use in pregnancy.""

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I used both proventil and pulmicort throughout my pregnancy, and also had no problems. If you are able to do so, you may want to see a pulmonologist for help in controlling your asthma while pregnant. Mine was much worse during pregnancy than normal, and we had to play with dosage and schedules a few times. My pulmonologist was far more knowledgeable about these issues than my primary care doctor, and had more knowledge about using respiratory drugs while pregnant and breastfeeding.
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Thank you semmel84130!  I think I will see a pulmonologist to be safe.  Its not awful, but I am still early.  I was on Advair before TTC and switched.  Advair was the best - I thought I was cured.  Then I switched to Pulmicort and was reminded I'm not.  smile.gif


Thanks again!

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