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Ribcage expanding?

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Have any of you noticed your ribcage expanding? Mine did with DD, and eventually went back down. It seems to be expanding again. I tried on some of my coats today, and none of them fit in the back. They were all too tight. I hadn't even tried to button them...I was just hoping to wear them open. redface.gif
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That's interesting!  I love how different bodies respond to pregnancy in such unique ways.  Part of my whole issue is that my joints and ligaments do not really stretch or move, so all of my organs and everything are just pushed right out in front.  My ribcage and hips haven't expanded at all.  But my belly is HUGE. 

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YES! I have lots of empire-waisted clothes so I haven't had to buy much maternity...or any really. But the other night I went to a party in a fancy empire-waisted dress and had to go home within an hour to change because it was so tight around the ribcage that I couldn't breathe, I nearly fainted. 

Silly me makes the same mistake again today with a satin shirt that fit in the ribcage two weeks ago...I just sneezed and burst a seam!!

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I actually tore a tendon or ligament when I was pregnant with DD. I have muscle spasms, so that doesn't help. I felt a big POP!, and then sharp pain. I think that's part of why it took longer for things to go back down after I had DD. This time, things just seem to know where to go.

I'm bummed about the jackets, and all of my fitted maternity shirts from last time not fitting. I'm making due with some long, non-maternity shirts from Old Navy that have lots of stretch. Things are getting too short this time, too. I'm only a little more than halfway...Eek!
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I'm starting to have a lot of ligament stretching, especially around my hips and lower abdomen.  It's kind of strange, because I get achy which didn't happen with DD... Plus, for some reason I got pregnancy boobs this time, and really could stand to get at least a couple of new bras - but am so hesitant since I know they won't fit after DS is born.  

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My boobs went up three cup sizes nearly overnight. I went to Walmart and got the three for $10 spaghetti strap and sports bras for now. I don't feel bad about the cost, and I can put off buying more expensive bras until I know what size I'll need for nursing. I wish I could *find* my bras from last time. I had some Bravado and Medela bras that I liked a lot, but they seemed to have gone missing somehow.

Btw - the spaghetti strap bras from Fruit of the Loom actually work pretty well for nursing. You always just pulled my breast out of the top of it. They stretch enough to accommodate.

Edit - I pulled my breast out...not you. wink1.gif
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Wow, thanks for the tip!  I never shop there, but will check it out.  

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Or get a couple of bra extenders at Jo Ann's. I'm still in my original bras :)

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Originally Posted by Dandy Lion View Post

Or get a couple of bra extenders at Jo Ann's. I'm still in my original bras :)

My problem is that the cups are too small - I'm usually an A cup, and now am wearing a C!  I'm really hoping I get to keep these!!!!

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