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FutureMamaHeather, somehow I missed your post.  That's a great shot!  You look so happy.love.gif

Amanda:  That 's an impressive 5 days PP!  Wow.

Azadehhast:  Those photos are wonderful.  I'm jealous that our photographers are so young and impatient.  (Though thankful that our DDs are willing to stand long enough to snap a photo once in a while.


I know it is an uncomfortable period in pregnancy, but you all are looking so radiant during these last weeks! 

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37+2! Can't believe I'm full term! I just compared this with my last pic (35 weeks) and yeah, Baby has definitely dropped.


And the rest of you are looking fantastic!



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39 weeks!!  I love the 2nd one even though the quality is crap.  My stomach looks like it's jumping out of the screen.




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love.gif  Looking great, everyone!


My belly is starting to develop brand-new stretch marks.greensad.gif  I'm hoping to meet this little one before they get much worse ...

39 weeks 5 days


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Benny-- I escaped the whole pregnancy with no stretchmarks on my belly. Even the two tiny ones that I thought were going to look worse afterwards-- now I can't find them. However after the birth, three large patches of dark stretchmarks showed up on my thighs. *sigh* I didn't even notice the worst patch until almost two weeks pp, so it was such a shock to catch it in the mirror after a shower one day. *sobs*

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Hehe, me too, JJ. Not a mark (so far, knock wood) on my belly, but a small patch of purple on my left thigh,just below the underwear line. Only the left one, though. Silly bodies!
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I just found some stretch marks starting along my inner thighs.  Aargh!  banghead.gif  I guess at this point it can't be avoided, though ... I want baby to be ready when he/she joins us on the outside, so I am a willing participant in this body-altering adventure.  shrug.gif

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Still pregnant, so I may as well document my "after-drop" baby belly:

39 Weeks 6 Days*The third photo, just for fun:  There is the flash reflecting from the window over my shoulder, then what looks like an orb at my hand under my belly.  Did the flash cause this, or do you think it is an orb???  We live in a circa-1800's house ...



And here is today:  40 Weeks 6 Days: (The third one I'm wearing the necklace I made from our birth bead exchange. : )



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Love your winter pics Benny!!!

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42 Weeks!



(eek! He's not crosseyed, it's just a funny face he's making)

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I love it Azadehhast! Too funny! Isn't it wierd that they actually fit inside us!?!?!?

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Copying Azad here. ;)

"42 weeks" Baby is 5 weeks old.





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Took forever to get back here...


39w5d (2 days before birth)



And post birth, 5 weeks... in comparison to 4w4d pregnant

IMGP2547.jpg  4w4b.JPG

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