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your wisdom and encouragement...

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DD is 6.5 months. We've been ECing from 2 weeks old and in general, I think it is great. Of course, we've had ups and downs but I'm finding this latest down discouraging. We were doing great - between 1-3 misses a day, and I was really proud. Felt like we were just  hitting our stride and it all felt natural and relaxed. But now, for about a week it has been way off. Too many wet diapers to count (though I know /i shouldn't count anyway!) and we can't seem to get back in the zone. I think what is most frustrating is when I try to pee her, she doesn't go, I put her diaper on, she goes... and then we are off like that all day. Nights are still good, which gives me comfort!

We just started BLW a few weeks ago, and it is going wonderfully - she's a real eater. So maybe things are just new for her. 

Now....I know this all comes with the territory.... I know it will probably change. It's a journey. But I feel like I need to hear from you other EC mothers. Any tips for getting through these times? (tell me you have times like this too...) We've been using prefolds and covers more because it is cold....(actually, I suppose because we started this a few weeks ago when she had a cold and there was more random pooping....) Maybe I thought using a diaper (I check frequently) would help me not be obsessed but maybe we should go back to bare bottom basics!

Ok, sorry for my ramble. I may just be talking this out with myself but feel free to chime in with your words of wisdom and encouragement. 

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Potty in someplace different EVERY time. I had this problem. I was all excited, "Potty time, Gavin!!!" and I'd put him on the potty..stiffen, arch away, cry. I'd set him down, put his diaper back on, looked at him a minute later and he was wet! I almost gave up. Then one day on a whim when I got that "He needs to pee" feeling, I took him outside. He peed without a fuss. Since then I pee him someplace different every time. He uses the bathroom sink, tub, toilet, and goes outside. Outside, the tub, and the sink are huge winners, and he'll use those 2-3 times in a row before wanting someplace different. Buying him a potty chair was a huge waste of money. He only uses it for his morning onslaught of pee and bowel movements. If I want him to use it more than that, it has to be in the evening, daddy has to be making goofy faces at him, and he'll still fuss a bit about it even then. *sigh!*


Oh! Also, is your baby mobile? I've read when they're mobile it's a good idea to have something to potty them in right close by. Otherwise picking them up andrushing them off to a stationary receptacle is likely to result in more misses because the baby just doesn't want to wait when they have places to be.

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Just started BLW? Have you considered a food sensitivity? My DS was sensitive to soy and milk- when I ate those things, he would pee constantly and we couldn't catch anything. When HE ate those things, it was even worse... It may even just be she is reacting to starting solids in general and will get better as her gut matures, but I would recommend keeping an eye out for foods that may be irritating to her...

Also  I agree with EchoSoul, at some point the regular old potty gets pretty boring for them and you have to offer different places, positions: sometimes a refusal doesn't mean I don't need to go, but just, Not here, not like this etc. Sink with water running was a good one for us. And outside. We also spiced up the potty areas around that age with favorite books and toys, sometimes things that he wasn't usually allowed to play with, just to get him distracted for a second to relax and go.

This too shall pass, Mama. Keep your chin up and remember if you are stressing about it, she knows! Back off and take a break if that is what will help you stay relaxed about pottying:) We always did best when I cared the least- then you get to like doing so well and it starts to matter again! Strive not to strive:)

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies.

I already potty all around - sink, toilet, potty and outside (though it's getting a bit cold!) but it was a good reminder to think about that and if she doesn't pee somewhere (assuming she is not annoyed) give her a try somewhere else.And I'll try the distraction. Still catching the poops, so that is good! 

I'm interested in the possible food reaction....I wonder how I would know? She has now had most things, including eggs and dairy without any other reaction. I wondering, do you think she could have an intolerance to something and the only symptom be peeing more? (I'm not positive she is peeing more, but I suppose she could be...) I should watch for that, though at the same time, try not to obsess... tricky! She doesn't nap a lot so she generally eats with us 3 times a day, and the time eating is very exciting for her and I don't take her out of the chair to pee and so there may be misses connected with that, you know? And it just seems like it's adding up. 

I'm also trying to have her bare a lot more, just to get back to basics.

Thanks for the encouragement!


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The only way to know if there is a food sensitivity is to try not eating/feeding the suspect and then if things get better, try feeding /eating it again as a re-test. Some people try only eating a very limited diet for a couple of weeks and then putting foods back one by one but that is a little extreme for me. There is a yahoo group called Food Lab that is all about EC and food sensitivities. Sometimes I think they overdo it a little- blame any set back on food, but sometimes it just makes sense. At 18 mo my DS appears to have grown out of his sensitivities- ice cream is back in my diet- yay!

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Originally Posted by AliceMay View Post
Still catching the poops, so that is good! 


I always consider this a win, even if we don't catch a pee for a week!


When my now 11 mo DS was that age, it seemed like once a month or 6 seeks we'd fall off the EC horse for a few days before regaining our rhythm. Teeth seemed to be a big culprit, as did colds. If he was feeling crummy there was nothing I could do to get him to pee (drove me nuts!).


Is your DD mobile? She's distracted by a developmental milestone.

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my dd1 did that as well at not quite 7 months. Instead of doing diaper back up like we had been I went to undies and bear bottom all the time even out and within 1 day she was right on track again. Don't know if it was a fluke but I figured she keeps waiting to pee  in the diaper I won't put on a diaper and it worked for us.

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Thanks for your responses! I went to more bare bottom, and trying to relax and then...before I knew it we were back on! I need to remember this for next time! ;) I'm still trying to figure out the clothing a bit - we live in a very old country house, with just a wood stove for heat. Needless to say we spend much time in front of the fire, and that is fine, but other rooms can be chilly, or in the morning. Why have I not made wool split pants yet?? I don't know...must get to that. I know I can buy things but trying to not spend too much money. I do leg warmers for bare bottom time, but you know when it is really chilly that doesn't seem enough. But I digress...the main point is that we've found our groove. Thanks for the support!

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