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Affirmations and Positive Thoughts

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I wanted to start this thread to share some of our positive affirmations. In the past I've used affirmations many times with great results, I can't be the only one! 



It's so easy to get caught up in some less than positive self talk around pregnancy and I'd love to hear the wonderful happy thoughts you all have playing in your heads.  joy.gif



I don't have many of my own right now, but I will add some when I get off work. 

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this may not be what you mean by affirmations!  But it seems like Bob Marley is my guru, because for years now, every time I start to worry or stress about anything, he comes into my head, singing "Baby, Don't Worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright."

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So, I feel like my positive affirmations always take place in my prayers. I try to pray (casually) whenever I lay down or whenever my mind wanders... I say things like - Thank you for this healthy pregnancy, my healthy son and my healthy husband. Thank you for choosing me to carry this life inside of me. Every sign that I have that may not make me feel well, this is You showing me that my baby is happy and healthy inside of me. Please help me to remember this and have more patience with how I'm feeling, with my son and with my husband, and also with myself for not being able to be as productive as I'd like to be. Amen


I feel like something like this would work even if you're not a spiritual person - you could be thanking nature and the support system you have.


Has anyone ever read what Waldorf teaches to the children about how they came earthside? I love this picture in my own head... [I'm paraphrasing from how I understand it] All of our babies are angels up in heaven where they are having this beautiful time. Then, it comes time for them to leave heaven, but the choice is theirs on who they want to be their mama and papa. So, they watch us from above and when they find the perfect match, then their mother becomes pregnant with that special spirit. When the kids have a birthday in a Waldorf school, they get to walk on the rainbow silks and tell the story from their perspective about how they chose their parents (at least from my friend's whose children have attended Waldorf have had this experience). I think this is beautiful - and what we should all be reminded of even on our worst days, when we feel like a bad mother, a bad partner, a struggling homemaker/friend (fill in the blank) - we were chosen to have this miracle of life inside of us. That spirit inside of you knew that you were the best possible person that he/she could ever be blessed with to have as a parent. So, we should try not to be too hard on ourselves!


Wow - a lot of rambling... However, I am a HUGE believer in positive thoughts = positive outcomes. (It can't hurt, right?!) winky.gif

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wow, wendyjo- the waldorf story is so beautiful.  thanks for sharing that- brings a smile to my face!!! smile.gif i will remember that whenever i'm feeling blue.

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This is the status update of an awesome doula near me:

"as always, is thinking of the best thing that could happen and assuming it will! You should too!"

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I like saying to myself


"I know my body and know it is perfectly designed to grow, sustain, and birth my baby."


"I can trust my instincts and judgement about my baby and my body" (I find this helpful when dealing with medical decisions and possible testing and interventions.)


"I am enjoying my pregnancy and my journey today" (to stop the what ifs and constant thinking about the future.)


"All I can live in is the present". (this helps when I start thinking about life with a newborn and my daughter and fears about anxiety and depression appear.)


"I know what I need and meeting my own needs enables me to grow our baby. I can ask for what I need."  (this helps me remember to be assertive and not just be the "good" girl and that it is important to rest and take care of myself because that is how I am already mothering this new baby.)

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Wow these are all do great, exactly what I needed!  Thanks Ladies, keep um coming.  thumb.gif

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Always Hope - those were GREAT!  Thanks!

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I'm trying to come up with a mantra. Any ideas? Any ones people have used?

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I keep repeating to myself 


"My body is a happy, healthy, loving, nurturing environment for a baby to grow."


I also like to tell the little one how loved and wanted s/he already is.

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I keep saying, if my body couldn't handle this pregnancy, I wouldn't be pregnant. (I know it's not always the case, but thinking positively is important to me).

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