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Sick Baby?

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Oh baby is sick greensad.gif
No fever, but he is so congested, mostly nasal, that he wakes up choking and crying. I have done the steamy bathroom thing a few times a day (and night), and have become quite proficient at using the bulb syringe. Breast milk seems to with really well as a nasal irrigator and seems to really break up the boogies so I can get them out. He got a eucalyptus bath last night, and I have invested in the most intense humidifier I've ever seen after we rushed him to the ER two nights ago our of sheer terror that he couldn't breath (yeah, I know...new parent freak out, don't judge me, judge my dh...he has two other kids already!!).
I've never been mommy to a sick baby before, just wondering what you mamas do or have done in the past to ease babys discomfort? Anything I should try? Look for? Be concerned about?

Sigh...and I have a big job interview tomorrow morning, timing really is everything huh?
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How's baby doing?  It is so hard when they are so so little.  Small noses and big snots don't mix!

Hope baby's feeling better ASAP!  FWIW, my baby had a cold from day 5-12 ish. :(  BTDT and it sucks. The only goof thing is the all the noise they make trying to breath make it easy to hear that they are! lol (Maybe it's just me who is a freak about listening for them breathing!)

Mothering › Groups › September 2011 Birth Club › Discussions › Sick Baby?