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External Version?

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Anyone with a breech baby scheduled for a version?  Anyone have any experience with one?


I am going to try it next week--will be 36 weeks.


Been doing inversions, acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractic, hypnobabies, Mayan abdominal massage, cold peas/warm compress, flashlight, Bach's Brandenburg Concertos 1-4, you name it for last 2 weeks.  Will continue until appointment...


but am curious about your experience with ECV.


Thanks, mamas!



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Don't have any experience with it, but I did ask my OB about it because baby here was breach for a long time, but she seems to have flipped and (hopefully) stayed that way.


The one thing my OB said which I didn't really know was that it tends to be more effective if you've had previous babies and that it's much safer if your placenta is not located in the front.

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i’m sorry, i don’t have personal experience.  but, my sister-in-law attempted two external cephalic versions in the past two weeks, at 37 and 38 weeks.  sadly, they didn’t work and now she’s scheduled for a c-section on monday morning.  her midwife believes the reason the baby didn’t flip is due to low amniotic fluid, and that otherwise they would have been successful.  my sister-in-law mentioned that the procedure was more uncomfortable than she expected  (even with medication!) and that her abdomen is extremely bruised.

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Moxa and acupuncture worked for me, every time. DD kept flipping back, though. Little stinker. It did stick, eventually. 


Hydrate well before the procedure and listen to something relaxing during.

I've also heard Hypnobabies Turn! Baby Turn! download has a 81% success rate and it's only $15. That's lots cheaper than the co-pay for version. I like the rest of their products but haven't used that track. 

If the external version doesn't work, I still wouldn't schedule your C. Some babies flip in labor, and at least then you know your baby was ready to come, unlike with a scheduled C. If this is your first baby, I'd seriously advise against the surgery. It pretty much wrecks future birthing options. Maybe try to find an older doctor or a midwife who is comfortable with breech births? 


Best of luck. 

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Sorry, I didn't see you are already doing the HypnoBabies track!

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So just wanted to update by saying that we did the version on Wednesday at the hospital and it went well.  Baby flipped, is still head down and the procedure was quite easy.  I couldn't really say that I even thought it was uncomfortable.  Doc said I was a pretty easy case, so I'm thankful for that!

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yay! Fingers crossed she stays that way! I'm glad it was so easy for you, that's a good sign. 

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