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HSG advice

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Hi Ladies,

I'm just entering the world of fertility tests/treatments - trying not to panic/cry when I think about it too much (or talk to my dr.). Anyway, she wants to do an HSG. Anyone have any experience of these? What's the procedure like?


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Just had my HSG last month. Honestly, for me it was pain free. I took advice I'd heard and took 3 advil before I went.

Basically, they insert a speculum, paint your cervix with iodine (cold but not painful) and insert a small tube into your cervical opening. I found positioning on the table kind of awkward, and the machine over you. I only felt pressure as they inserted the fluid. Then it was over, she told me my tubes were open. There's a bit of discharge/cleanup afterwards.

I know that some women experience a lot more pain and cramping, but my tubes were open and I didn't feel any pain, the doctor indicated that that was why it didn't hurt.




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Hi:  I had HSG 4 years ago, and I had heard it was just terrible from a friend of mine, but mine was painfree.  I also took 2 motrin before I went, but my tubes were clear.  My friend, on the other hand, had a blocked tube, so that's probably why hers hurt.  So you don't know going into it if your tubes are open or not, so it may or may not be uncomfortable for you.  But the good news is that HSG can clean out your tubes, too!  So in spite of the pain my friend had, she got pregnant naturally 2 months later, and the HSG may have helped her. 


Your urine will be orange for a day afterwards as the dye is absorbed into your body and excreted in the urine. 

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I had a saline ultrasound, which I think is very similar in terms of what they do to your body to the HSG. For me, my tubes were clear, but I found it very uncomfortable.  A little pain, but mostly this strong emotional reaction to the feeling itself, it was very uncomfortable and it felt violating to me. For me it was a super gross feeling, but not painful in the way like a kick is.

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