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need info on lactation careers

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Im am looking into becoming a lactation consultant and would like info from those who have gotten certified.


is the term lactation consultant correct?  llc? are there other avenues of lactation as far as careers go?


i know it is a lot of schooling and hours, would this be something i could chip away at while caring for my young children at home?  


is there 1 main certification program for the US or are there multiple? what are they?


after certification, where did you find yourself working?  was it difficult to find work?


i really am very serious about this, i nursed my son for 3 years and fully believe in breastfeeding.  i am just doing all of my research ahead of time and would greatly appreciate any information!

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Lactation consulting is one of those titles that are not protected, someone could take a bfing class and then call themselves an LC. The gold standard is to be an IBCLC, international board certified LC, and really one calling themselves an LC should be this. You can google IBCLC and it will take you to their website where it goes through the different pathways depending on your educational level and experience. 


Other options are CLC and CLE which are bfing counselor or educator. There are a couple courses where you can get both at the same time. Counselor would be helping moms bf, educator would be more of teaching bfing classes. 


Non-nurse IBCLC are out there and some do manage to get employed by hospitals but there is a bias towards  RN IBCLCs in that setting. There are other places to work, birthing center, offices, clinics, private practice, etc... 

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