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Baby is transverse!

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How is everybody? Only (hopefully) 4 more weeks for me - yeah - that´ll be long weeks though. 


Yesterday I had an midwife check, and my baby is lying transverse! And she does at least most of the time, she kind of folds herself up sometimes, and than it´s difficult to tell. It fits with all my problems (I did a bit of google research) like the walking and the constant (painful) contractions and the pain when she is moving. 


My midwife says, that there is so much space in my belly, she is kind of not in really in the belly, it looks more as if I am already carrying her in a (way too low) sling in front of me. Which is really uncomfortable. She (my MW) does not think that she´ll turn on her own. That would mean c-section or trying to turn her and than induction. (to prevent her from turning again)

I must say, I am kind of freaked. That was not what I have planned! 


Does anybody know about babies that turned from a constant transverse position at the 37th week?


Good vibes to you all!goodvibes.gif

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I don't know specifically about a transverse baby, but maybe it'd be worth trying the webster technique or looking on the spinningbabies website? 

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thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I am so not flexible at the moment, I am happy if it takes me less than five minutes to get out of bed. The things they are suggesting for turning the baby (like a headstand in a pool - yeah , right) are totally out of my abilities. 


I will try this smokey thing and stuff like that, though! 

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Mine was transverse up until 33 weeks and it was very very uncomfortable.  I feel your pain.  I did the inversions from spinningbabies, knees on the couch and forarms on the floor with DH to spot me.  You only hold it for 30 seconds at a time.  I would lay on the couch for a bit to make sure I didn't get light headed then very slowly make my way down and very slowly make my way back up.  The midwives talked about sending me in to the chiro for the webster technique but he had gone head down.  I was also going to PT for pelvic floor stuff and she checked my pelvis and did a couple things to line it back up.


I googled a lot and did see stories of people where the baby flipped very late.  One was here on MDC and I think she was 41 weeks!

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Thomlynn, good for you, that your baby turned! That´s great! 


The problem appears to be, that she actually can turn, she does turn at night, just in breech position, though (I think!) redface.gif. But than she turns just back. 

My MW says there is too much space in the belly, it is huuuge. she can just turn as she likes. I guess. Therefor she thinks that even turning her will not help in the long run, because she´ll just turn back. I have the next appointment on wednesday, maybe we´ll see than!

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Jumping in from another thread. My baby turned transverse during labor at 40+4 and we did end up having a c/s. he was head down right up til that day. Hope your baby turns, and stays that way, for you!

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