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My daughter is 4yrs old.  Since she was a baby of just a view months, she responded to things that I cannot see.  My father died 6 weeks before her birth, and I am almost certain that he played with her as a toddler, and sometimes still does. 


The reason I am saying this, is for instance:  her pupels were as if she was seing/looking at something close, eventhough there was nothing there.  She once, while we were palying (about 9months old), suddenly turned around and waved goodbuy to grandpa and told him she will see him later.


She will also start running e.g. to her room, and stop in her tracks. She turns around and run to my crying.  I can see the fright in her eyes.  She says that she sees dogs in the doorway, and are scared of them.


Today still, she is affraid to death of my brother in law.  And he has never harmed or done anything that will cause her to do this.  She cries and runs away and just want to be in my arms when he is around.  She doesn't want to even look at him.


There are more stories like this...  Is this normal or is she seing more than we can? 



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she may be seeing things and be very sensitive/intuitive. you may want to talk to an intuitive about this, he/she will be able to tell you more

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To the very best of your ability, I would try to honor her fear. It's real to her. Particularly if she's afraid of a person, she may very well be perceiving something you're not.


It will be interesting as she gets older and can explain to you what she is seeing and feeling.

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Please honor what she is experiencing. You can soothe and ease her when she is upset, but please believe it's real and valid for her. I was extremely intuitive as a child, but my mother discounted it all, which was very disorienting. It has been a challenge for me as an adult to get back to trusting myself. I have raised all my children with complete acceptance of these types of occurrences in their own lives, they are completely normal in our family.

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DS has done this as well. He sees things that I cannot see unless I "turn on" my "aura sight". And sometimes I see something leaving, as it only wants to appear to him.


Fortunately, the primary spirits around him are very protective. I just help him understand that what he sees may not be what others can understand and that it may upset other people. (He's 5 yo now, and in Kindergarten.)


DD doesn't have many spirits around her, but she has several totem animals that have already manifested (she's 19 mo).


As for your DD, I would give her a charm to protect her from the "dogs", and not leave her alone with the BIL. Other than that, just let her experience and grow with what she has, encourage her to communicate with the friendly ones, and teach her that while "normal" people may not understand what she sees it doesn't make it wrong or fake.


Good luck!

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I believe that at least two of my children have been able to see spirits as babies and toddlers. My oldest son and my younger daughter even talked about it. Definitely honor your daughter's gut instinct about brother-in-law.  :)

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Sounds real to me. My daughter can also see things that we can't see. Children just came from the spiritual world, so they are more in tune to spirits. Regarding your brother-in-law, perhaps she is remembering something from a past life of hers where she had a negative encounter with him, and its carrying forward to this life. Sometimes in life, we get certain vibes from people. We can feel such comfort and familiarity with someone right from the start of meeting them (which can be due to have close positive encounters with them from past lives), or we can get negative energy vibes from someone right from meeting them (which can be due to have negative encounters with them from past lives).

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My son used to have "air friends" that would help him during his day.  My mother urged me to honor the idea and accept that there are many things we don't understand, and that it is very possible he can perceive something I cannot.  I have talked to several others about this, who have shared with me their own experiences as a child perceiving unusual things or as a parent of such a child.  One person told me that if his air friends ever turn mean, I should send them away.  I should do it by directly talking to them, "Go away!"  And I should teach my son it is okay to send them away.  So that is worth a try on the dogs.  


Also about the BIL, I would definitely honor her feeling.  But realize that it may not be a bad or evil thing she sees.  Maybe just something she doesn't understand.  So maybe there is something different about him, but you just don't know what.  I wouldn't necessarily conclude there is something terrible about him that only your daughter can see. 

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