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Just not hungry...

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Is anyone else finding that they're just not hungry anymore? I am normally always hungry, but right now, I can barely bring myself to cook meals let alone eat them.

It's not even nausea, I am just not wanting to eat.

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i feel this way too. hopefully i can lose some much needed weight. i am 15 weeks and still wearing the same clothes.

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Yup.  This is how it went last time, too.  I wound up with about a net gain of 15 lbs by the end of the pg.  Which on my fluffy frame was plenty.  Make sure what you do eat is nutrient dense and not empty, take your prenatals and get plenty to drink. 

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I am the exact opposite! I am hungry all. the. time. I remember having no appetite for a few weeks with my 1st pregnancy though. :-)

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I'm experiencing a total lack of hunger, too; I feel like I have to force myself to eat each thing. Eating feels like a huge, unpleasant chore about 80% of the time.


I've never been a big eater; before I was pregnant, I would regularly go through periods of time when I would just eat some toast & fruit for breakfast, maybe some yogurt and a carrot for lunch, and then a regular dinner (some kind of grain, veggie & protein). I feel like I can't do that now, because I know the baby needs more than that. It's weird, though; I feel like I'm going against my intuition, and certainly by what my body is telling me, by eating as much as I am "supposed" to.

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I was STARVING all the time when I first got pregnant, but everything was gross. Then I was hungry and could eat most things. Now I can eat almost anything I want and I don't really care.... I don't much want to cook it or eat it, but once I put it in my mouth and realize how delicious it is I could eat and eat and eat- not because I'm hungry (definitely not hungry) but because it tastes so good.


So my hunger is gone, but my taste for things has gotten...bigger? Does that make any sense? It's very weird. My other pregnancies I was mostly hungry all the time, and gained 35+ lbs with each of them, this one I'm not hungry but I might be eating even more. Eek!

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Right there with you. I just don't feel like eating...I usually love to cook and now...eh. 

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Me neither.  I thought I was going to have to work so hard to pay attention to intake (my carrots vs. cookies plan), but actually it's the other way around.  I keep getting to the end of the day and realizing I've only eaten just over 1200 calories or so.  And then having to force myself to eat something.  I don't want to eat either.  I'm not hungry, and nothing sounds good.  It's not that anything sounds particualrly bad, though. 


It's really strange to me how I can't handle carbs/sweets this time.  With the girls...wow...I ate SO much junk.  Yesterday was a junk day because we were running tons of errands, and I totally paid for it last night.  And this morning I am SO dizzy from the resulting dehydration from being sick.  I think it's not over yet either.  My belly feels really, well, not right. 


Makes me a little nervous that this baby won't be able to handle it either.  When I was pg with ds I was sort of like this, but not as bad.  Breads and fats/grease were the worst.  He couldn't tolerate wheat at all.  I couldn't eat a single bite of anything without it causing terrible issues for him.  Do I have another like that?  Ack.


(The upside, though, is that I feel SO much better when not eating wheat, too.  And I lost all the baby weight really fast with ds.  I was back down...50 pounds or so...in 2-3 months.)

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I wish.... everything looks gross but I get hungry and have to eat to not feel sick.  Ugh.

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