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Inexpensive Boudoir Photography

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I wanted to give my husband some boudoir photos for Xmas this year.  I've been trying to DIY the project, but using a tripod and the timer isn't working out so well.  I know there are professional photographers around that do this sort of thing, but they charge an arm and a leg.  I can do all the editing and printing and whatnot, I just need someone to hold the camera.  :)


Any ideas of someone who would do this without charging a fortune?


I'm on the North Shore, but don't mind traveling.

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My friend Nivea is a photographer and has done some boudoir photography. 


She just my daughters birthday party and the pictures came out great!  She is in Manchester NH.



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Jim Olivier does portraits.  You can check his website or email him to see if he does that kind of photography.  Tell him Liz sent you!

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