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Did yoga last pg and had a high needs!!!! child. Went to zumba the other day.. hubby jokes that I should do zumba this whole pg and maybe we will be rewarded with a mellow baby this time!
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Hi cygknit wave.gif  Good to see you here!  If you start a Fit Mamas thread, I'm in.  I'm hardly fit anymore, and walking is about as intense as my midwife would let me do, but hopefully it will get me a bit more motivated...  lol.gif

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My doctor won't let me do anything except walk around the block until after my 1st ultrasound. It's rather frustrating as I'm used to walking regularly and doing martial arts. Once I get the okay, I think I will swim.  My only concern about swimming is how the chemical chlorine might be problematic for baby. I will have to ask about that at my appointment. I also want to do prenatal yoga. I have done some yoga (not much), but what I've done I've really liked.

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I have done yoga with the other two and lots of squats to tone the pelvic floor (and have the endurance for that birth position). I would like to do kettle bells also....

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I exercise often and haven't really altered my routine.


Before pregnancy, on monday I did step, tuesday Zumba, Wednesday Basketball, Thursday Zumba, Friday Basketball, Saturday Zumba and Sunday rest.  Anyday  I couldn't get to my scheduled activity, I just did the elliptical for 45 minutes or so.


After being pregnant, on Monday I do Step, Tuesday Zumba, Wednesday Basketball, Thursday Zumba, Friday Basketball, Saturday rest or Zumba, Sunday rest.  Same here with the elliptical or treadmill.


I get waves during the exercise, but I work through them.


Besides feeling sick, I'm pretty tired, but I go with it and rest when necessary.

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Still not allowed to exercise. Not even stretch! Driving me up a wall, but I know it's for my safety as I have large cysts that could cause a torsion if I twist or bounce. That would not be good.

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Deborah - that would be hard, not being able to stretch.  :(  I have been so nauseous / tired that all my plans for fitness went out the window to be honest, lol.  I can't wait until a couple weeks from now when things are easier!

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I don't do anything structured (and it shows) but looking after 5 kids all day keeps me active! We try to go swimming once a week and I do woodworking which is seriously a workout! I'm in agony today from spending 9 hours in the shop on Sat - using muscles I didn't know I had. I have chronic pain issues and have to strike a balance - if I overdo it I'll be out of action for a week, but if I am sedentary it makes things much worse too. So easy, slow paced is best for me. 

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Finally approved for exercise! 20 minute walks 3x/week with the admonition that if it hurts I need to stop/scale back.

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