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Need a Doppler

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Hello All,

I am a student midwife and I need to get my own doppler. With Christmas coming up, it seems like a good time to put my request in with Santa. My preceptor warns me against buying any doppler that is inexpensive. She recommends the models that run from $500-$700. I have been doing some searching online and have found a few brands that are under $300 that are "pro" models. My question for you:Have you bought an inexpensive doppler? Has it worked well for you? Would you recommend that brand?


TIA for your input!!



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I don't recommend those cheaper ones, they are usually made in China and just not the same quality IMO.  If you are looking for good, but cheaper, Ollie has Nicolet dopplers for a reasonable price with instant rebates.  Contact her!

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