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January DDC Birth Bead Exchange? - Page 2

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Sounds like fun! I'd like to do it!

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i'm interested but where do you buy the beads?  Michaels?  Help!



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Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post

i'm interested but where do you buy the beads?  Michaels?  Help!



You can buy them at any place that has a craft department - Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, etc.  There are also specialty bead stores - they're a bit more expensive, but the options are endless.  Additionally, you can make them.


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thanks!!  i'm in then - there's a michaels close to work that i can visit at lunchtime.  :)



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Still haven't gotten my email for the group....

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I'm in, I love this idea. Thank you for starting it!!

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I'm in!  I like the idea of sending a 'why I chose this bead'.  Would it be too much work for the mailer if I happen to spot a bead that I think might be meaningful for a particular participant to have one or two intended for someone specific?  Are we aiming for any particular size?

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@Psmythe you've been added to the group! Best to ask montessorimama1 about how much time she's able to devote to organizing/mailing... and we have a thread up in the group talking about bead types/sizes (I think, if not, feel free to add one)

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@sarah_bella1050,  @imakecutebabies ... I've tried adding you to the group again! Let me know if it hasn't gone through.

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We have quite a list... so exciting! 


The organizer of the Dec. bead swap took a picture of each bead she received and posted it with the name of the sender, then gave them an opportunity to write a little about the bead in the posting.... that just one other option for finding out a little something about why each bead was chosen, if our wonderful organizer is so inclined..... 

I think writing about the bead you send for each participant is also a great idea, and maybe more personal.... as long as it's evident which bead goes with which description. 


This is so fun..... It is so neat to think about getting so many tiny surprises from women so far away, yet going through the same thing.

I have ideas for my beads already!

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I know nothing about beads, but I would love to join!

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I just sent an e-mail with this information but I thought I'd post it here as well.  My mailing address is on the e-mail; I'd rather not include it on this post so check your e-mail when you're ready to send out your beads!



Hi everyone, your friendly bead organizer here!

I've received a couple of questions regarding bead selection, so I wanted to clarify a few things to hopefully help you out:

- Please use screen names when labeling beads and referring to the moms.  Otherwise I'm going to go nuts trying to figure out who is who (pregnant brain, please humor me!).

Two options for bead selection:

A. You can choose a different bead for each mom, and I will make sure it gets to the right person as long as the bead is clearly labeled with your screen name and the receiving mom's screen name.  Please make sure the label reads: From/To (good way to use up those extra Christmas gift tags!!).  You can insert a little string and a little tag through the bead, or a piece of labeled tape around the bead.  Note: If you send the bead in a labeled envelope or baggie, I will not be able to string it (see below) because the recipient won't know who the giver was and it would take me forever to write a description of each bead.

B. If you prefer to send the same bead to all moms, that's fine too, as long as you make sure you have the right number.  I will send a note to all the moms pointing out who that particular bead was from.

- Regardless of what option you chose for sending the beads, you can write a few sentences explaining why you chose that particular bead (not required, though!!).  Just make sure that your name and the mom's screen name are included on the paper so that I and the recipient can match it to the bead.

- I am going to string together each mom's beads onto an elastic before sending (leaving the labels on each bead so you can know who sent what).  This is so that you can wear your beads right away if you so wish.  As one mom pointed out, it would be a shame if some moms didn't wear their beads because they had no time to string them!  However, feel free to remove the elastic and make whatever you want with the beads!  Get creative and let us know what you made!!

OK, if you have any suggestions that would make this process easier, please send them my way.

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I am totally in! Very excited :)

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Hi ladies!  I just wanted to remind you that the deadline for signing up for the bead exchange is Nov. 25th (Friday).  If you would like to sign up, please send a PM with your personal e-mail to cedarwoman so she can include you in the Google group.  Thanks!

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If you haven't picked up your Google Group invite, please do so! I have a few listed as outstanding... make sure you take a peek in your spam folders just in case. If, for some reason the Google Group is just NOT working out for you, I can communicate important info (eg. addresses!) to you via email and you can still be included. PM me and let me know :) There is a discussion re: bead sending deadline on the group as well, do take a look and let us know what's reasonable for you. Our list will be finalized this Saturday morning... and I'll be away all day tomorrow so if I don't get back to you right away, there is still Friday!

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Last day to sign up for the bead exchange! Check the first post in this thread for instructions :) List will be finalized tomorrow.

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