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Is cost a factor for you?

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Im someplace between a UC and a midwife home birth. Well really what I want is the midwife in the other room, or next door incase I need emergency help, but no exams, no "support" no anything except a fall back plan.....


so to hire a midwife is out of our budget $5300 cost to us if our insurance pays what they said they will. So we cant get a midwife. So its hospital or UC. And Hospital is WAY out of my comfort zone, and will end up costing us allot of cash too....


So is anyone else in this position? Being pushed towards a UC do to money? Its not that I don't already flirt with the idea  of UC ALLOT but this seems to be the straw to break the camels back...




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Yes - this is where we're at too.

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I think it definitely played a role for our decision too.  Overall I was happy with my second birth which was with a paid midwife.  But we still felt that there were unnecessary medical 'interventions' that we will be avoiding this time around by having a UC:) 

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It is and it isn't, for me.  I could have a completely paid hospital birth, pay for a midwife completely out of my pocket ($2700), or I could have a free UC.  I could probably find a way to afford a midwife (but it would hurt), but the truth is, I just don't WANT a midwife.  Particularly because I can't find one like the one you want - one that is willing to just sit next door or something.  Lol.

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This is close to where we're at as well. I want a UC like my last birth, but we live really far from the hospital and I don't feel comfortable going it alone this time. Our only hospital is absolutely horrific beyond words and NOTHING short of an emergency or a high-risk pregnancy will send me there. I "hired" the midwife I had to my prenatal care for my last birth. She works for nothing at all and assists women who have no money to pay. Unfortunately, her daughter-in-law is having a baby and she's going overseas to be with her and help out. I'll be all alone after all. I want to hire another midwife, but at $3000-5000, it's impossible for us. I couldn't afford $100, let alone thousands. We simply don't have a dime. I'm pretty upset about it, but I know it's so much safer than going to our one hospital. (I live on an island and have NO money, so no, going anywhere else is absolutely not even an option.) Pretty ticked about it, but I know we'll be okay. Still, I'm miffed about losing my backup plan.

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We're TTC baby #4 and hospital experiences haven't been great, the last being the absolute worst as far as care/treatment. I feel really grateful that DH is fully on board for a homebirth. Only $3000-$6000 is way out of our price range, even with a payment plan, I can't imagine being able to pay it off in a reasonable amount of time for myself or the midwife. The last thing I want is that stress hanging over my head during pregnancy, so we're preparing for a UBAC.

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For my family it was never something that came into the picture. I live in Canada though so a hospital birth would have been free anyways. My main reasons for going unassisted was because of the terrible experiences that I had with my first two hospital births. I've have three unassisted so far and it's been worth it. I loved it.

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It's not really a factor for me, as the only other option I would consider is homebirth with a midwife and we could afford the costs of that (although it would mean dipping into our savings). I just don't feel that I need or want a midwife, except maybe the type who would do nothing unless it was a serious emergency/complication and then we'd most likely be off to the hospital anyway. So even though I could afford to have one (assuming I could find one of these in the relatively small place I live), I don't see the point of paying someone thousands of dollars as a 'just in case' backup. I certainly don't want anyone monitoring me or going anywhere near my vagina during labour.


There is still a small voice of doubt about having an UC because it's my first baby, but the overwhelming intuition is to do it because it just feels right.

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I REALLY would have preferred a midwife. But, money was an issue since Medicaid doesn't cover homebirth and obviously, it's not all paid for, only a percentage. But, since I was too uncomfortable with having another hospital birth, I chose to have an unassisted homebirth and learned to trust birth even more than I would have thought possible.

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No, our healthcare fully covers hospital or midwifery care, in hospital or at home.  An undisturbed birth was very important to me as *I* believe thats what would ensure the best chances of a safe and gentle birth for baby And mom :)  I hadnt found a midwife that I believed would let me birth undisturbed...SO..

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I think for many families it is..... in my state homebirth is very expensive (4500-6000+ inc. labs locally) if you do not have medicaid or insurance that covers it, so for many families I've met, that is a reason. Typically they are also motivated for other reasons to UP/UC as well.

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There is still a small voice of doubt about having an UC because it's my first baby, but the overwhelming intuition is to do it because it just feels right.

I always felt that way too.  That it is just right for me.  Don't be afraid because it's your first baby.  My first were twins and we had a lovely, easy labor and birth and both babies were extremely healthy. :)

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No, our healthcare fully covers hospital or midwifery care, in hospital or at home.  An undisturbed birth was very important to me as *I* believe thats what would ensure the best chances of a safe and gentle birth for baby And mom :)  I hadnt found a midwife that I believed would let me birth undisturbed...SO..

This, exactly.  If I could find a midwife that respected that I was the expert on my body and was willing to leave me completely alone, I might go with a midwife.  But at the same time I would kind of feel like it was a waste of money in the end.  Lol.

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No cost is not the issue for me its the "Rules" they would expect me to comply (canula "just in case I PPH, insisting they would also give me penicillin as I refuse a GB test ect) all because I have gone over their magic number of safe births. Homebirth midwives are nowhere near as expensive here but I don't think I'd find one hands off either. Our first UC was because we were not comfotable with our previous midwifes controlling attitude so we figured hey why can't we do this ourselves we went in totally ignorant about everything except trusting that we would know if we needed help & we could always ring an ambulance & ask if we were not sure.

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I've toyed with the idea of the cost factor, but refuse to allow it to be one.  This is a decision I need to make on principle, not not fear or money.


I do have a midwife, but she is very hands off.  And, I don't feel like it is a waste of money.  Firstly, I like having the opportunity to support someone who is willing to be backup for women who don't do tests, etc.  You know her liability is higher than a midwife who does.  Secondly, I like having someone to call if I feel the need to call someone.  It's nice to have an experienced ear if I want one.  I hardly ever do call, but I feel better about making my own decisions because I have that mental backup.  Like carrying gloves when it's cold outside.  You can endure the cold longer because you know you could always put on your gloves.  And, thirdly, I like being able to say, "oh yes, I have a midwife" to other people, or in the need of transfer. 


You know, I've had 3 midwives now who totally did what I wanted/needed them to do.  Very laid back, and respectful of me.  I've really appreciated them.  That doesn't change that I really hope this baby comes when I'm all alone, though.  I just want to be alone, but not because I don't trust my midwife.

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Cost has become the deciding factor for us, unfortunately. I relocated back to NM part way through my pregnancy...Home birth here is covered by Medicaid! I thought that was so great, until I started calling around and the few midwives here who do actually accept Medicaid were no longer accepting clients. I felt so blessed though because after many calls, I was able to get through to a midwife who was willing to get on Medicaid and who is very much on the same page as us philosophically. I am now 30 weeks and just found out that she hasn't been able to get on Medicaid and won't be able to for quite some time because of some bureaucratic BS. She gave us a very low figure for a home birth, considering I came to her past half way through my pregnancy and said that we could barter/trade for part of the price. But as it is right now, we are barely covering the costs of our bills, have bought very little of the stuff that we will need for the baby, so many other reasons we are stretched financially...My fiance and I discussed it and decided we will have an unassisted birth. I basically had a uc with my 2nd ds. At the time it was what I wanted, but my midwife arrived 30 minutes after the birth which was nice for me, I had some heavy bleeding after the placenta was birthed. This time I feel I am being forced into it, because I had my 1st ds at one of the hospitals here and am not willing to do a repeat of that but cannot afford a midwife attended birth that I will have to pay out of pocket for.  greensad.gif

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We have no ins. SO alittle. but we really feel the Lord is leading us this way to show others a better way then being lab rates for Med science.

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It is not the main reason for my decision to do my 3rd UC. But I would say it may have an itty bitty amount to do with it. But MAINLY I just don't like all of the interference that professionals (drs or midwives) provide. I am a hands off birther and don't like being bothered by ANYONE! The only time I even want a person in the room with me is to get me a drink or something I need....outside of that all are banished to the room next door and they are a yell away. I like it that way and honestly, even if I was the richest person in the world, I am not sure I would change a thing!

Here is my birth history-
First child was hospital birth and was paid for by medicaid.

Second child was born in a birthing center in which I paid $2000 (it would have been more but I lived 6 hrs away and did not do most of my prenatal visits so they cut me deal of half price). We paid this out of pocket and at the time it hurt us....we were literally poor for a little while. But now, it wouldn't hurt us....but I don't feel like I need that security like I did then. We had considered homebirth (with midwife) at that point but I just couldn't swing that security and my husband was totally against it then. So we chose an in between of a birthing center. I hated that I paid $2000 for my midwife to not really do much throughout my pg and delivery. Although she still did more than I would have liked....but most of those were in decisions she made against my will but that is a different story. Basically I paid $2000 for a security blanket =S

Third child I finally felt fine with doing a homebirth and hubby agreed (surprisingly). But all of this was after I talked to my previous midwife and asked if she thought I could do it. She gave me that final boost of confidence that I needed to make that decision. So we interviewed midwives (the few that were available in my area) and they were not what I wanted. So I started to think about UC and did my research and by the time the baby came I was full of confidence. Everything went smoothly =)

With  my 4th child I without a doubt planned a UC ....this too went great.

Now I am pg with my 5th and am planning a UC providing the u/s I get towards the end of my pg shows everything a go. =) 

I personally wouldn't base my decision off of money...but off of what I truly wanted to do.


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I'm so very glad I'm not the only one facing this.  My first two were hospital c sections.  I could be featured on a TV show they were so nightmaric.  My third was an at home birth with a midwife and doula.  I stood up and pushed out a 9lb 14oz baby in 4 pushes.  My midwife was upset that I'd ever had a c section.  She said I was just one of those women blessed with a body for giving birth.  That being said I didn't like how with all three of those births the medical professional I was dealing with would say one thing and then when it came down to the wire do another.  Even my midwife during my at home birth with 30 years experience panicked at the last minute because two of her midwife friends had lost babies in other states. One of which was because the midwife induced the mother with pitocian at home.  o.O  I had to RUSH to give birth to Maddy before the EMS got there.  I feel like it would have been much better if I had been allowed to labor more relaxed.  Since her birth almost 3 years ago, the cost of an at home birth has doubled.  I am now a single parent and simply can not afford it.  But if I go to a hospital, not only will it be a nightmare, but I will be forced to have a c section. :(  And then someone pointed out to me that all my midwife did was catch...........  Catch and make things more stressful with HER panicking.  So with our Christmas money I ordered a birth pool.  I also ordered a fetascope and the strips you swirl in a cup of pee to look for protein.  Why? Because I have medicaid, in Texas, and they have recently went all computer and split everything into "plans" which means Ive been trying to get prenatal care for 6 months and medicaid keeps screwing everything up.  sigh.  Glad I can check my own blood pressure.  :)  I didnt want ultrasounds anyway. :)

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I do UC but I still do u/s too. We have free standing u/s studios here that will do an u/s without drs orders. Of course it cost......as of three years ago the base package was about 75 dollars...but that gave you the same thing you got from the hospital....a few black and white print outs and of course hear the heart beat and see the baby. Also depending on who you get sometimes they will give you peek of the other dimentions even though you didn't pay for it.  I do u/s primarily to make sure baby is in the right position (so I do it in the last month of pg) and that the cord is not around the neck. It just gives me an extra sense of security. In the past year, I have known 3 people that have still birthed (none of which homebirth btw)....and if I went back farther than a year...then I could add to that number. So I like to play the cards safely.

I don't do prenatals with a professional
1) there are not many homebirth friendly drs in the area and the midwives want the package deal....which I don't care to pay and I don't really want anyway
2) I hate most of the tests professionals perform. So I would opt out of most of them anyway.

I just make sure to take care of myself and listen to my body. Really it is not rocket science..lol. Our bodies were made to do this!

And to the OP, I don't know any sites off the top of my head....as it has been 4 years since I researched it and I don't have my print outs available currently. But I will be getting all of that info soon as I am due in a few months. =S
My best advice is to google any of the things that your husband may be fearing. And find a solution for each of them. Also, perhaps do a search for general birth complications. I know when I had researched, I found a great site that listed them all on one site and I just printed it all off. It made it easier, but I would have to check to see what site that was and I don't even know if it is still available or not as it has been years since I used it. If I come across any good sites or info, I will let you know =)

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